Just as Arthur had plated up the food Merlin walked throw the front doors smiling

"Something smells wonderful" Merlin said entering the kitchen

"DADDY" Gwaine screamed jumping down from his sit and ran right into Merlin's waiting arms

"Hi baby, did you have fun with Arthur?" Merlin asked standing up and walking towards the table and sat down

"Yes daddy, he played with me and got me blue ice cream, Jack didn't believe me" Gwaine said pointing to the boy in question

"I said sorry" Jack pouted

Merlin put Gwaine down who quickly ran back to his sit next to Jack and started to eat his dinner

"Gwaine what do we say to Arthur?" Merlin asked as Arthur placed a plate full of food in front of him

"Tank you Arthur" Gwaine smiled

"You're welcome" Arthur smiled back and took his sit next to Merlin

"Yes Arthur this is wonderful, thank you so much" Merlin smiled and placed his hand on Arthur's before going back to eat.

To Arthur it was just like a family dinner, something he had dreamed so much about it and now somehow he had gotten it and he planned on keeping it.

Towards the end of the Meal Arthur turned to Gwaine and smiled at the boy

"Did you enjoy that?" Arthur asked smiling at the mess's boy

"Yes it was lovely" Gwaine smiled

Arthur picked up his napkin and wiped Gwaine's mouth and fingers, cleaning up the BBQ sauce unknown to him Merlin, Morgana and Leon were watching with a smile.

"Seeing as you have eaten all your dinner, do you know what you get?" Arthur smiled and Gwaine started to jump up and down in his sit

"A cookie?" Gwaine asked smiling

"Cookie?" Jack asked looking up from his plate

"That's right" Arthur smiled and got up and walked over to the cupboard and took out the cookie jar and handed Gwaine a smarties cookie

"YAY" Gwaine cheered as he thanked Arthur and started to break his cookie up into pieces

"Uncle Arthur" Jack asked looking up and him with puppy eyes

But before Arthur had a chance to cave Gwaine spoke

"You not finish, Arthur only give me cookie cuz my plate clean" Gwaine said proudly

"That's right baby" Merlin smiled

Jack pouted but looked down at his plate seeing that he still had a few forkfuls of rice and some chicken left on his plate while looking back at Gwaine's Plate the young boy saw that Gwaine didn't even left anything, the plate was clean.

Of course Jack got his cookie in the end but that was just as him and his parent got ready to left, Jack wanted to come back and play some more with Gwaine and Gwaine wanted to have Percy over the next time.

"Merlin thank you for having us in your home, I hope to see you again" Morgana said giving him a hug

"Well you should have Jack come in for a check -up, but really you should thank your brother who knew he could cook so well" Merlin joked

"I will, we better be getting home" Morgana smiled

"I'll take you" Arthur said getting up and walking over to the pair

"Thank you it would save us paying for a cab" Morgana replied smiling

Leon picked up his sleepy son and walked out the door with Morgana following them just as Arthur was about to walk out the door Merlin grabbed his arm to stop him.

"Can you come back so we can talk?" Merlin asked

Arthur nodded hoping Merlin would ask him to return, while Arthur was taking his sister and her family back to their home Merlin got his son ready for bed, it took Merlin 10 minutes to get Gwaine into the bath 5 minutes to get him dressed and ready for bed and another 5 minutes to get him into the bed.

Went Arthur finally got back to Merlin's, Gwaine had just fallen asleep and Merlin was in the kitchen making them a nice cup of tea, Arthur stood in the doorway watching Merlin for a moment thinking of how nice and homely it all felt being here with Merlin and Gwaine.

Arthur didn't want it to end and hopefully after they had their talk they could finally start over and become a family.

"Here you go Arthur" Merlin smiled placing the cups on the table

"Thanks Merlin, did you get Gwaine down alright?" Arthur asked sitting down at the table

"Yes it took 20 minutes but he finally fell asleep" Merlin smiled as he sat down in front of Arthur and started to play with his wedding ring.

"I'm sorry I was stupid" Arthur said before his brain could come up with something far smarter.

"I broke both our hearts six years ago and I was too young and stupid to realize that I had just lost the best thing that would ever happen to me, over the years I thought about how life would have been like for us, would we have gotten married while in uni or after, how many children would we have. Every night for the past six years I have dreamed of nothing else but having a future with you Merlin." Arthur reached over and took Merlin's hands in his own

"Merlin spending this time with you and Gwaine, well it's made me realise that yes I was stupid but Merlin I wouldn't change a thing. All these years of dreaming have nothing on the real thing, on being here with you and Gwaine. I love that little boy Merlin just like it would if he was my own son, hell I see him that way. I feel at home here with the both of you and I haven't felt that way in six years. And every time I have to leave, have to say good bye it breaks my heart Merlin, I have no right to ask, no right to want to be a part of your life after I throw it all away. But please give me a second chance, let me love you like I should have done all those years ago?" Arthur asked looking up at Merlin with tears in his eyes

"You broke my heart six years ago Arthur, it took me a while to get it fixed and even then it still hurt for you, my heart has always belonged to you. But I moved on, I continued to live and then I went to med school and I meet the most wonderful woman ever and even those I was gay I tried to give her my heart just like she gave me a son. But I couldn't do that, my heart is yours. Having you back I sometimes feel like were children again, that you didn't dump me and that we got married and had Gwaine together, but that's not what happened. Hearing you say all those things I want them Arthur I want you to love my baby as your own, to have a life with you, have more children but I fear that you will leave just like … Freya left us and I don't think my heart could take you leaving me again" Merlin whispered staring down at his wedding ring

"Merlin…" Arthur whispered

"Freya was coming home one night, 3 years ago, when she got in a car accident, Gwaine was at my mother's and I was working the emergency room when they wheeled her in, I couldn't stop myself from crying, there on the table was my wife and when the doctor said those three letters I felt my heart shatter, DOA, there was my wife and she didn't get to say good bye or even a chance to fight because some asshole drove right into her side of the car. I snapped Arthur I went over to that drunken fool and I punched him, I wanted him died and if it wasn't for Gaius I'm sure I would have gotten my wish." Merlin wiped away his falling tears

"Gwaine doesn't remember her, I try to keep her alive for him, but it gets harder with each passing year. I want to take you back Arthur, I would love nothing more than to be a family with you but…"

"Merlin please" Arthur begged

"It's not just me anymore Arthur and Yes I know you love Gwaine but I need to talk to him about this and see what he wants. I can't just think of myself anymore Arthur I have to put him first" Merlin whispered

Arthur moved his chair so that he was closer to Merlin and pulled the sobbing man into his arms

"I understand Merlin, and believe me I wouldn't want you to not think about Gwaine." Arthur whispered wiping away the other man's tears

They sat in silent for a while until Gwaine came running into the kitchen tears running down his cheeks

"Daddy" Gwaine cried climbing into Merlin's lap and hugging the older male

"Baby boy what's wrong?" Merlin asked his own problems forgotten

"Bad bream" Gwaine sobbed

Merlin started to rock his little boy back and forth trying to calm him, Merlin was surprised when Gwaine took Arthur hand and held onto it as his daddy rocked him

Once Gwaine was clam and wide awake Merlin thought that there was no time like the present to ask his little boy about Arthur

"Are you sleeping over Arthur?" Gwaine asked before his father could speak

"Umm not sure bubby" Arthur replied shocked

"You can sleep in my room, I have a bunk bed" Gwaine smiled

"Baby, Can I ask you something?" Merlin asked

"Yes daddy" Gwaine said looking away from Arthur and back at his daddy

"Well what do you think of Arthur baby?" Merlin asked not really sure on how to do this

"I like him daddy, he brings cookies and got me blue ice cream and played Disney with me" Gwaine smiled

"That's wonderful baby" Merlin kissed the top of Gwaine head

"You see baby boy, Daddy and Arthur use to be in love." Merlin started slowly

"Like soul mates? Like me and my Percy?" Gwaine asked

"Yes bubby like you and your Percy" Arthur smiled

"You see bubby I still love your daddy and I love you, I want us to be a family but only if you want that" Arthur smiled sadly

"Daddy do you love Arthur?" Gwaine asked looking back at his daddy

"Yes baby boy I do" Merlin smiled at Arthur

"I love Arthur to daddy" Gwaine smiled and then jumped of his father's lap

"I can't wait to see My Percy tomorrow and tell him I have two daddies" Gwaine yelled doing his little happy dance

Merlin laughed at his little boy before resting his head on Arthur shoulder

"Ok baby boy let's get you back to bed" Merlin smiled and started to get up

"Can daddy Arthur put me to bed" Gwaine smiled

Merlin smiled even as his eyes watered

"Of course baby, papa would love to" Merlin replied

Merlin wiped his tears and smiled down at his ring before he started to walk towards his bedroom as he pass Gwaine's room he could hear Gwaine tell Arthur all about his toys and teddies while Arthur tried to get him in to bed.

Merlin watched from the open door and smiled at the scene, they looked like a family, like it was the norm of their lives.

Merlin walked away from the scene and into his bedroom and got ready for bed, by the time Arthur had token Gwaine to bed Merlin was already laying down .

"Got room in that bed" Arthur asked

Merlin smiled and pulled back the covers of the bed and Arthur quickly stripped down to his boxes and climbed in

"I love you Merlin" Arthur whispered into the night

Merlin moved so that his head was on Arthur's chest

"I love you to Arthur"

4 years later at their high school reunion

The past four years have been like a dream come true for Arthur, he gets the family he had always dreamed of, the man he loved with all his heart and a wonderful young boy to call his son.

Arthur and Merlin started out slowly, date nights and family nights, trips to the zoo and of course movie nights.

After a year Arthur had sold his home and him and Merlin were moving into to house that they home to make their home, Gwaine loved it, his new room was twice as big and after begging both his parent he finally got the puppy he wanted.

Arthur had officially adopted Gwaine making him a Pendragon, Arthur's parent were happy to finally have a grandchild and that Arthur had gotten back together with Merlin, Merlin's parent were finally happy to see their son truly happy and in love

A year after living together Arthur got down on one knee right in front of their family and friends and asked Merlin to marry him; they didn't have a big wedding just something small and perfect for them.

And right after they came home from their honeymoon they started to add to their little family with a beauty baby girl called Hope.

"Hey Arthur" Arthur was pulled out of his thoughts

Turning to see who had called him Arthurs tried to keep his face blank as Cenred walk towards him

"Hey, how's things been?" Cenred asked

"Great Married a wonderful man and have to wonderful children" Arthur replied

"That's great, I got married to Morgause and ending up having a nightmare of a child, good thing she got him in the divorce." Cenred laughed

"So mate what do you do for a living?" Cenred asked wanting to see just how sucky his life was without Merlin

"I'm an author; I Wrote the best seller called Legends Of Emrys. The BBC actually called me up yesterday while I was out with my family. They want to turn it into a show called Merlin" Arthur smirked

"Wow that's great." Cenred replied

"If you will excuse me Cenred it would seem my husband is back" Arthur smiled and walked off

Cenred walked as he walked right up to Merlin and pulled the other man over to the dance floor and kissed him.

"Fuck Pendragon" Cenred muttered


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