Mia Owens

I saw something in the woods that night. It was nearly over a month ago but I`m determined to find out what it was or what they were. I couldn`t tell if it was human or not but I know I`ve heard that voice before and I can still hear it echoing throughout my mind. It`s hypnotizing and beautiful and dark all at the same time. I keep trying to remember what it looked like but I can`t it`s still all a blur. One things for sure though, I`m going back.

I`ve been laying in bed waiting and listening to make sure mom and dad are asleep before leaving. I wait about five more minutes and that`s when I make my move. I grab my jacket and climb through the window. When I`m almost a block from my house I slow down my pace and take in my surroundings, I love the smell of fall and the way everything looks at night. Like there's so much waiting in the world to be discovered, like what I found in the woods.

I walk down the street and past the old park. The night is cold and the moon is full as I make my way to where I believe is the exact spot where I saw these things before. I slowly walk into the woods and hide behind one of the boulder sized rocks to see if I hear them. I`m about to give up when I hear something, this time it`s not really what I was hoping for. I could hear the prowl of something lurking in the woods, not just one something but a couple around four or five of them. Whatever it was it was quiet, almost completely silent.

Making me to afraid to move in case it was closer than I imagined, suddenly I`m pinned to the ground with claws digging into my arms and no way for me to move. I look into the creatures eyes see the prettiest colors that change into different swirls as I look deeper into them, they`re hypnotizing. I shake out of the trance and look at he rest of the creatures body to try and figure out what won`t let me go, it looks like a wolf but bigger, way bigger damn it`s a wolf the size of a bear and I`m guessing it doesn't want to be friends. Then it does the unspeakable, it speaks. "What should we do with it Captain?" it asks cocking its head to the side. "Well" another speaks up "I am hungry." It says with a laugh. I want to speak up and defend myself but I`ve lost all words and can` t speak. "I vote destroying it, she has obviously seen what we are we cant possibly let her go." The one pinning me to the ground thinks killing me is the best option, is it crazy? "Dude I was um kidding when I voted on eating her." Another chimes in. "Yeah dudes I totally just destroyed a deer back there and she wont go down well with that so I vote no eating the chick." "I didn't mean lets eat her I just meant that she wont be leaving the same way she came back, which is alive." "Harsh man, don't ya think?" They all fall into a fit of fighting when there "Captain" breaks them up. "Wait guys," he says as he prowls closer and sniffs the very tip of my head. "Killing her wont do us any good." "What do you mean it wont do us any good it`ll do us tons of good. We kill the mere mortal that now knows are secret in order to not be exposed." "Justin, you don't understand" he says to the creature that has a wish for my death. " she`s more than you think, She`s one of us."