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Long ago, the world was governed by the power of the Cosmic energy known as Mantra. The Mantra consisted of eight pure forms: Pride, Greed, Lust, Sloth, Vanity, Violence, Melancholy, and Wrath. This power originated from the souls of mortals, and from their prayers.

During this time, there lived Seven Deities who sought to use this power to save the planet Gaea from the monstrous Gohma. However, to harness this energy, human lives had to be sacrificed. For twelve-thousand years, the self-proclaimed gods slayed over seven trillion mortals.

There was one Demi-God, however, who took a stand against these gods. He was a former comrade of the Deities, but was betrayed and labeled a traitor by his former brothers in arms, who left him for dead. His rage was not quelled, however. Having seen his wife murdered and his daughter kidnapped by his former comrades, he returned from the land of the dead, and went on a journey to save his daughter.

Through willpower and strength, as well as the aid of one of the Deities, who saw the error of himself and the others, the Demi-God defeated the power-mad Deities, as well as the Gohma menace that terrorized the planet.

The danger was still present, however, as the God of the World, Chakravartin, revealed himself to the two warriors, and revealed that it was he who created the Gohma, and caused the planet's suffering.

Overpowered, the Demi-God and the Deity fell back to the planet, while the God of the World prepared to destroy Gaea, so that he may rebuild it anew. Seeing no other way to stop him, the Deity bestowed upon the Demi-God the power to save Gaea, and challenged him in a final duel to the death, where the Demi-God was victorious, and his new power unleashed.

It is here, where the Demi-God of Wrath, Asura, now readies himself, for the last battle.

Gaea. The planet that held both humans and Demi-Gods. Many a time has the world been fractured, blasted, and wounded, but due to the power of Mantra, it has recovered easily.

The sun shone brightly as it began to rise. The perfect prelude to the battle to decide Gaea's fate.

Asura's Wrath Reborn

The clouds dispersed themselves, as a golden ship emerged from them. Jets of green energy spewed out of the engines as the ship flew towards outer space.

At the stow the ship, stood a warrior, whose arms were crossed, and thoughts focused on the task ahead. He had markings all over his body, and around his eyes. His arms were covered in metal armor. He had spiky white hair, white eyebrows, and tanned skin. His eyes, strangely, were glowing white. He wore a black hakama with an ornate red design that resembled flames. He had two golden grieves on his legs. The left grieve was hidden underneath the left sleeve of the hakama, while the right sleeve of the hakama was tucked underneath the right grieve. This was the Demi-God of Wrath, Asura.

He stood there patiently, as his ship exited Gaea's atmosphere, and entered outer space. Despite being in the vacuum of space, Asura could survive due to his being a Demi-God.

His eyes were focused on the structure in front of him. It was a large golden statue of a man with multiple arms on his back, meditating on a pedestal. Behind it, was an enormous halo that had hands on it with other components.

The statue then began to move its arms, where on both hands, the thumbs and index fingers met each other. A yellow energy began charging in the hand of the being.

In an instant, a colossal beam fired directly at Gaea. Multiple planets were caught in the blast, and were obliterated instantly.

Asura's ship flew directly at the beam. He knew that the God was aware of his coming, but he didn't care. A simple beam would not stop his wrath.

Asura got into his fighting stance, and then crossed his arms. When he opened them, a part of his chest opened up as well. In the middle of his chest, a small mechanism began to glow. It then emitted rainbow energy. His arms opened wide, as the beam enveloped both he and his ship.

A few moments after, a giant burst of energy stopped the blast's charge toward Gaea. A gigantic, muscular metal arm emerged from the light of the blast. Then, another arm emerged, followed by another, and another. A total of six arms emerged from the light.

A battle cry emerged from the blast, which then became an explosion. The force of it caused the beam to disperse.

From the light emerged Asura, but with much changes. His entire body, save for his hair and eyes, was colored platinum, and the linings on his body emitted a rainbow glow. His most notable change, was that his size had reached enormous heights; he was large enough to be bigger than Gaea itself. His arms flexed to the sides, as he took his stance. An enormous halo, that consisted of three rings, appeared behind him. He had transformed into his most powerful form: Asura, The Destructor.

He glared at the being before him, but then glanced back at the planet. Even though he was away from the planet, he could see them. They were there, waiting for him. The spirits of his family, and his former comrades.

His wife smiled at him, while his brother-in-law smirked at him. His master grinned at him, crossing his arms as well. Surprisingly, the others, save for the leader, smiled at him.

He knew they were waiting for him. But first, he needed to save his daughter, and secure her safety. He needed to quell his anger.

He then looked back at his opponent with ferocity, and flew forward. The three rings on his halo then merged into one, and flew away at high speeds with Destructor Mantra jutting out. It spun in mid-space, and then flew back to Asura, and reattached itself to him. Most of the ring disappeared, and left a wing attachment.

Asura growled as he zoomed towards Chakravartin's Fortress.

The being sent energy blasts and planets towards the Ascended Demi-God. He fired multiple Mantra blasts at the planets and suns. He maneuvered left and right, as they flew past him.

Chakravartin then brought his hands together, and created a moon out of energy. He then launched it towards Asura. The warrior sent multiple blasts towards the oncoming moon. Many of them penetrated the surface of the moon, but it showed no signs of slowing down.

Knowing that contact was imminent, Asura then crossed his arms, and then reared his right middle arm backwards. The jets on his forearm shot forward as his fist cracked the surface of the moon, and he broke into it. His fist forced him deeper, and past the core of the moon. Eventually, he emerged at the other side of it, glancing back as it flew away. He then continued on with his flight.

The God sent more planets and blasts towards Asura, but he was able to destroy them with his own Mantra blasts. Then, Chakravartin sent suns towards the Demi-God. Asura's arms lunged backwards, and then shot them forward continuously. Blasts of various colors penetrated the suns and dispersed them into nothing.

Chakravartin raised his hand, and waved it to the side. Asura raised his eyebrow at the manuever, but saw what had happened. The being had caused a nearby sun to begin expanding. If left alone, it would create a supernova.

Asura readied his arms and lunged them forward, shooting out multiple energy blasts at the sun. His arms sent them rapidly, as if it was a machine gun firing. Asura charged all of his fists, before sending out six powerful blasts at the sun. The energy of the Mantra then burst in the center of the sun, causing it to shine in a bright light. Thankfully, it only exploded with small force, not like a supernova.

Chakravartin then began firing beams at Asura again. He dove underneath the oncoming horizontal beam, and flew upwards at the multi-directional beam. The Spinner of Mantra did his hand gesture again, and fired multiple beam cannons. Seeing them coming forwards, Asura dodged to the left, and then moved to the right to avoid another one. He flew upwards to avoid the oncoming lasers, and then downwards. The Destructor then zoomed forward, facing his foe.

"Let us put your skills to the test!" announced the being, as he shot suns and lasers at Asura.

"Let us not!" shot back Asura, as he swatted the suns to the side, and fired at the God.

"Surely, you can overcome a trial as simple as this," taunted Chakravartin.

"DAMN YOUR TRIALS!" shouted Asura, as he punched through two suns.

Chakravartin then summoned a large blue star towards Asura, sending blasts of blue fire at him. "Everything is as I have foreseen," he stated.

Asura punched the oncoming fire blasts, and dashed towards the star. "Did you see THIS coming?"

He punched through the star, dispersing it into bits, and flew for Chakravartin's face. "I WILL DESTROY THE WORLD, AND YOU WITH IT!"

The Creator then summoned more suns, and sent them flying towards Asura. "Foolish child! You do not speak sense!"

Asura managed to dodge the first ones that approached him, and destroyed the rest if them with Charged Mantra Blasts, giving him a straight path towards Chakravartin's face. As he got closer, he reared his arm backwards, screaming as he did a three-sixty spin to gain momentum, and connected on the forehead of the structure. A huge explosion went off in the impact area. The gold structure then began to break apart as Asura pushed his fist through, letting him enter the giant statue.

-The Event Horizon-

Inside was a large expanse of space, with the ocean below, and the sky sky was colored purple, with white clouds covering the sun. The water below was both a liquid, and solid, meaning people could walk on it.

Asura walked forward, the wind blowing in his face, as he examining his surroundings. He lost his silver color, and returned to his original form. He still had his six enormous Mantra arms.

"You have exceeded my expectations... I praise you."

Asura stopped walking and looked forward. A few feet away, a long pillar of gold energy appeared. When the energy stopped flowing, a new figure stood there. The man was covered in golden robes, and pink skin. His lips were red, and had multiple arms, with a gigantic halo on his back. Two of the arms held a long stave on each one. This was the creator of the universe, Chakravartin.

Chakravartin floated towards Asura, and stopped before him.

"You are indeed the one to inherit this world," he proclaimed, smiling at the warrior as he gestured at him with his right hand. "Gaea... Must be lead by one of its own. And now that you have become a perfect being, I may now leave this world, and save other worlds in need of my guidance."

He held out his left hand, where a small black sphere appeared. It then floated out of his hand, and made its way toward Asura. As it approached, it got bigger.

"Come... And join your daughter," he said, as it finally stopped in front of him.

The sphere disappeared, and revealed a young girl. She had long purple hair, that had two pigtails, the left being longer than the right one. She had purple eyes, and wore the robe of a priestess. This was Asura's daughter, Mithra.

She looked up, and to her relief, met the eyes of her father. "Father!" she called, as she ran up to him, and hugged him tightly.

He returned the hug with both of his middle arms, relieved to know that his daughter was safe.

Asura then glanced at the God. The being a gave him a smile. He then knelt and held his hand out to the Demi-God. "I'm counting on you."

Asura stared at the hand before him, and then looked at Chakravartin's face. He gave a smile that was so genuine. Strangely, it was so... friendly, almost as if he had known Asura all of his life. It was so convincingly kind.

Asura looked at his daughter. She looked up at him, and smiled. That smile always made him happy, because it let him know that she was safe. This served to reassure him on what he already knew he had to do. He looked back at the Creator, keeping his gaze on him, before returning the smile.

He extended his arm.

Right into Chakravartin's face.

"I refuse!" answered Asura.

Chakravartin clutched his nose as he stumbled rubbing it tenderly, he turned his frustrated gaze back to the Demi-God.

"How DARE you defy me!" bellowed the Spinner of Mantra.

"I will destroy you, and your so-called world!" stated the former general.

"That is unlikely!" retorted Chakravartin.

Mithra glanced at her protector. "Father!"

The God held out his hand with gold energy, and then shot the invisible force towards his enemy's child. "Get back here!"

Asura reacted quickly, and held his daughter tightly close to him. He tried his best to fight the force surrounding her, but it proved too strong, and the spell sent him flying away from her. Then, the black sphere surrounded her again, and floated back towards the Creator. It shrunk again when it reached Chakravartin, and disappeared when it hovered over his hand.

Asura rose up from the ground, and screamed in anger as he got into his fighting stance.

Chakravartin forced Asura backwards with a powerful Mantra-powered wind. Near the surface of the ground, two golden sphere of energy shot lasers, intending to sever the Demi-God in half.

"It seems I may have overestimated you," said the God. He then began firing Mantra Bombs at him.

"Shut your face!" shouted Asura as he jumped over the lasers, and avoided the bombs. He fired Mantra blasts at Chakravartin in mid-air.

"I hope you don't disappoint me, any further!"

"SHUT UP!" he shouted, as he landed back to the ground and rushed towards Chakravartin.

With a gesture of his hands, the God laughed, as he fired Mantra Bombs towards Asura, watching him in amusement. "Good! Very good!"

Four Bombs where heading towards him in a diamond formation. Asura saw this, and decided to dodge them when he got close enough. He then hopped to the side of the first one, and rolled underneath the one on the left side. A floor beam neared him, and he jumped into the air to avoid it. Seeing the God before him, Asura then reared his right arms backward, performed a diving punch to Chakravartin.

"You won't be laughing for long!" he shouted, as his punch connected.

After the hit, however, the God raised his right stave, and aimed it towards Asura. He dodged the oncoming pole, but it struck the ground. The floor broke into pieces, and Asura fell down with it.


Asura found himself falling down in Naraka. The realm of death was empty, save for the dark abyss below, and the multiple pillars that had statuettes of Chakravartin.

As he fell downwards, he saw that the floating golden form of Chakravartin awaited him, firing blasts and beams at him.

Asura dove downwards, and fired multiple Mantra blasts.

"If you will not inherit this world... RETURN TO NOTHING!"

"SHUT UP!" shouted Asura, as his Mantra jets went off, and he flew towards the golden being.

The lasers then merged together to form one giant Mantra Bomb, and flew towards Asura. He reared his three right arms backwards, and punched the Bomb to send it back at Chakravartin. The jets went off as he continued closer to the being. He slammed all of his fists and socked Chakravartin.

However, the being broke apart like glass, reveaking the large golden statue to be nothing more than an illusion.

-The Event Horizon-

Asura landed on his feet, glancing upwards at the God who looked down on him.

Charkravartin pushed Asura backwards with his aura again, and summoned forth five God Mantra Spheres, shooting them at Asura.

"You are the Redeemer!" shouted the being. "You must become the god of this world!"

Asura dashed forward, swatting the blasts to the side.

"Not everything bends to your will!"

"IT MUST! You will accept your fate! For if you do not, this world will come to an end!"

One more sphere was heading toward Asura. He pulled his arms backwards, and punched the sphere back at Chakravartin, where it hit him head on.

Asura jumped high into the air. Mantra surrounded him, as his halo appeared behind him.

"SAAAAAHHHH!" Asura threw his arms backwards, and fired multiple Destructor Mantra Blasts towards Chakravartin. He finished it off with six Charged Mantra Blasts that exploded in front of the God.

A pillar of God Mantra pushed Asura backwards. Chakravartin continued to have the pillar over him to shield him. He sent multiple Mantra Bombs at Asura. He rolled away from them, as well as jumped over the lasers on the ground.

Charkravartin then summoned small floating spheres that sent blasts towards the Demi-God.

"The suffering this world has seen was all to choose my heir! And the one who overcomes my trials, shall be the Redeemer of this world!"

Asura shot Charged Blasts at the spheres, and blew the God back. He dove at Chakravartin, and made contact. However, he was blown back by the force of the Creator's barrier.

"Weak. Very weak!" He then charged a laser and aimed at Asura. "DIE!"

In the last second, Asura jetted upwards with his Mantra Jets. Chakravartin fired upwards at him. Asura jetted forward, spinning as he dove at the Mantra Spinner. Asura extended his arms forward, and slammed his fists on the God's head.

Asura then ran forward and jumped up to the face of Chakravartin. He slammed his middle right fist on the being's face, followed by his bottom right one. Chakravartin's eyes widened as the top right fist slammed into his face, and pushed him backwards.

The God grabbed his face in pain. He clutched his fists in anger, growling. His calm exterior finally broken, he cried in anger, throwing away his two staves to the side.

He rushed forward as his many right arms and slugged Asura, pushing him backwards. The Demi-God planted his feet back to stop his momentum.

Both Asura and Chakravartin rushed towards the other with rage-filled eyes, intending to do harm to the other. Both beings met each other and sent thousands of punches towards the other. Each Mantra powered fist met with the other, not even stopping from the pain.

Then, Asura's top left fist met with one of Chakravartin's. The force of both punches caused his arm break apart, while Chakravartin's arm cracked from the impact. Soon, the top right, bottom left, and bottom right arms broke apart when they also hit Chakravartin's fists, all of which cracked upon making continct with the other fists.

Despite this, Asura held his balance. He charged his right Mantra Arm with energy, and reared back to send a heavy, flying uppercut to the Creator's chin. Chakravartin felt the punch dig into his jaw, before he was sent flying upwards. Asura landed and the ground, and dashed upwards to chase the God. He cried out in anger, as he shortened distance between him and Chakravartin. When he met him, he pummeled him with a furious flurry of fists.


With one last punch to the stomach, Asura took the air out of Chakravartin's lungs. The force of the hit sent the God flying back, skidding and rolling on the ground far away from Asura.

Chakravartin painfully got up to his rear, glaring daggers at the Demi-God. Even then, Asura was waiting for him to get up, ready for another bout.

The God stumbled forward dizzily, but regained his balance. He clenched his fists in anger. His ire was at its peak. No more would he let this fool have his way. His plan would not be changed.


The Creator covered himself in a circular barrier as Mantra flowed into him.


The being was then covered in a black energy sphere, pulling everything into it like a black hole. Asura kept his balance, as the force threatened to suck him in.

The void then disappeared, but only for a moment. A bright black light with a shining white light in the center appeared shortly afterwards. The white light then outshone the blackness, and nearly blinded Asura. When the light was gone, a being emerged from it.

The being was covered in silver armor. His hands had spikes on the joints of his fingers, as well as on the toes of his feet. A part of the torso had black muscle tissue showing, as well as red light glowing between the layers. The neck tissue, and the mouth of a skull were exposed, while the eyes were covered with a mask.

Asura gasped as the being descended to the floor. When he touched the ground, the entire Event Horizon was blanched in white. This was the true form of the Spinner of Mantra: Chakravartin, The Creator.

Asura's Wrath Reborn

Both beings stood across from each other. Asura stared at the being in awe. With the mere movement of his arms, Creator Mantra followed Chakravartin's hands.

Nonetheless, Asura only gritted his teeth. It did not matter how many forms he took, Asura would not stop until he was destroyed.

His Right Mantra Jet went off, and propelled him forward. The force of the jet caused him to spin horizontally, until he gained enough momentum. With a loud cry, he reared his arm backwards, and swung it at Chakravartin.

The God was unfazed by this, and merely lifted his right index finger.

Asura's fist met the finger, which surprisingly, stopped his punch. The feat caught him by surprise.

"Weak... Very weak." A bright light shone in his finger. "DIE!"

Asura then felt extreme pain fill his entire body. His Mantra Arms then broke apart, revealing some of his tan arms, with metal still covering his forearms.

The force of Chakravartin's power sent Asura flying backwards. He rolled on his back a few feet, but managed to catch his footing by digging his right hand into the ground. He panted to himself for a moment, before glancing back at the God. Chakravartin merely looked down at the Demi-God, as if he were pitying him.

Asura looked like a mess. There were various bruises and burns throughout his body. Almost every joint in his body felt ready to break. But he didn't care. This being was the only thing standing between him and his daughter.

Getting over his pain, he planted his right foot on the ground and threw his arms to the side, getting into his fighting stance and covering himself in Wrath Mantra.

Chakravartin hovered above the ground, and crossed his arms. "You shall not... Defy me!"

Asura then ran towards the Creator. He swung at him, but the being sped away from him. This caused Asura to stumble forward, and fall to the ground. He quickly got to his feet, but saw that Chakravartin stood before him with his hand covered with Creator Mantra. The God whipped it to the side, causing a horizontal circular wave of Mantra to send Asura upwards.

The Demi-God of Wrath flipped vertically in the air, unable to recover from the blast. Unbeknownst to him, Chakravartin sped behind him, and charged his hand once again. This time, he whipped it upwards, and sent a vertical circular wave to send him flying forward again.

Chakravartin sped in front of him again, but charged a clenched fist this time. The force of the previous attack caused Asura to flip forward when he descended towards the ground. In the last second, Chakravartin sent a Charged Uppercut at Asura. What followed after, was that a large pillar of Creator Mantra pushed the Destructor upwards into the air.

Asura managed to recover from the attack, but the Creator then activated his ability to slow down time. The Demi-God moved around slowly, while the Spinner of Mantra could move freely. He raised his index finger, and summoned forth multiple Silver Spears around Asura. With a single snap from Chakravartin, the flow of time returned to normal. The Spears flew towards Asura, and impaled him at the same moment. Orange blood came out of Asura's wounds, as he tried to pull them out. However, every single one detonated simultaneously, thus hurting him even more.

Chakravartin merely looked on as Asura fell face-first on the ground. If he still had skin around his mouth, the Creator would have grinned in triumph. However, he growled to himself when he saw Asura get on his left knee. The Destructor wiped the blood off of his lip, and stood up again, getting into his fighting stance.

Chakravartin glanced at him disapprovingly. "You are a fool!" He sped toward Asura, with Creator Mantra in his fist. "The reckoning has come!"

Chakravartin tried to uppercut the Destructor. However, Asura swung his left fist to counter it, where it was pushed back by the Mantra. The Creator grabbed Asura's arms, as the Demi-God tried to pull away. With a good grip, Chakravartin threw his opponent over his shoulders, and transported himself a few feet away. Asura looked over his shoulder to see his enemy ready to impale him with his hands. Thinking quickly, he flipped over the God, and grabbed his left arm. In mid-air, Asura slammed the being into the ground.

Pinning him down, Asura sent a punch toward his enemy. But in the last second, Chakravartin teleported away. Surprised by the act, the Demi-God looked over his shoulder, to see where he went. When he looked forward, he was startled to see his enemy a few inches away from his face, looking at him curiously. He rolled backwards to gain some space.

"Why so angry?" taunted the Creator.

Growling at him, Asura rushed forward, swinging left and right. Chakravartin slid left and right to avoid the punches.

"You've done enough!" shouted Asura. He sent his right fist toward the God, but he transported away. Chakravartin reappeared several feet away. "The world is not yours to control!"

"On the contrary," corrected Chakravartin. "I CREATED it!"

He then floated in mid-air, and sat as if he were meditating. He pointed his finger upwards. In seconds, an enormous ball of Creator Mantra appeared above him. He then pointed it forward, and sent it towards Asura.

When it got there, Asura grabbed it to stop its motion. The death ball pushed him backwards. With a mighty lift, Asura threw it behind him, and watched as the energy exploded.

The Creator used this to his advantage, and sped towards Asura. He swung his right fist at him, which the latter countered with his left.

"Resistance is futile..." The God grabbed his arms, and jumped upwards, dragging Asura with him. Chakravartin threw him to the ground, and dove for him. In mid-air, he spun as if he were a drill, aiming towards the fallen Demi-God.

Asura saw him coming, and quickly dove out of the way. The Creator stopped his spinning, but saw the Destructor running towards him. Asura landed a hard jab toward the being's stomach, sending him flying.

"I'm not through yet..." stated Asura, although wearily.

The Demi-God ran towards Chakravartin again, but rolled under his Horizontal Wave. He then managed to get close, and used his Heavy Attack, attacking him with a spinning attack of Wrath Mantra.

"That is unlikely!" The Creator contested, as he pushed him backwards with a barrier.

Asura stumbled backwards, almost losing his footing. He did manage to see that the God was trying to knee his stomach. He caught Chakravartin's thigh with his arms, holding it still. The being pulled back, and tried to kick Asura with the bottom of his foot. The Destructor brought his arms together, and blocked the kick. However, the force of the kick pushed him backwards into the air.

Asura skidded on the ground but planted his feet to stop. His view shot upwards to see that his opponent had summoned more spears.

"The suffering this world has seen-" He shot them towards the Demi-God.

Asura side-jumped to the right to avoid one. Then to the left to avoid two. He ducked under another, before jumping backwards to escape the last one.

He landed on his left knee and looked forward. Chakravartin had already created another ball of Creator Mantra over him.

"-was all to choose my heir!" He pointed at Asura, and the energy bomb flew at him.

Asura slowly stood up. He was reaching his limit. His body ached in pain, screaming for him to stand down. Luckily for him, he took advice from no one.

"It's not over..." he muttered wearily, as he got into his fighting stance. "I'M NOT FINISHED!"

With an angry scream, he dashed towards the oncoming sphere. When he met with it, he instantly sent a flurry of punches. His fists were as fast as machine gun bullets. Left and right, he penetrated the sphere. With a final punch, he blasted through the ball, and ran straight towards Chakravartin.

His eyes looked feral as he got closer. The God pulled his arm backward. When they were both close to each other, they sent their left fist towards the other. Asura had more momentum, therefore his fist met with the Creator's face. The force of Asura's Wrath Mantra sent him flying.

Asura screamed in anger, covering himself in Mantra. At high-speed, he ran towards the being, before jumping forward. He cocked right arm backward, ready to deliver the final blow. Chakravartin merely stood up calmly, patiently waiting for Asura.

Asura punched the Creator in his stomach. However, he just stared at him in response. Despite this, Asura charged his fist with more Wrath Mantra. When he was ready, he pushed his fist in even more, and took a step forward. Mantra blasted through the God.

Chakravartin's eyes widened. He could feel the force of the punch. Knowing that it could get worse, he grabbed Asura's arm and face, intending to push them away.

The spikes in his opponent's hand made it difficult, but Asura slowly managed to push his head against the hand. He took another step forward, and more Mantra blasted through Chakravartin.

The Creator struggled to keep the Demi-God back, as he was losing more ground. With a final push, Asura's punch sent Chakravrtin flying. The punch then launched an enormous beam of Wrath Mantra that scorched the God. The silver armor that covered him began to crack all over, as well as his skull jaw. He took the full force of the attack.

When it finished, Chakravartin stumbled backwards in shock. His entire body began to tremble. "Wh-What?" The battered Creator reeled his head back, failing to breath due to the shher force of the punch. Finally catching a breath, the God snapped his head back to his powerfull opponent. "I- IMPOSSIBLE!"

Asura clenched his fists as he approached him. "This ends now!" he declared.

If there had ever been a time where Chakravartin was angry, that moment would not be it. At this point, he was beyond furious.

No longer willing to let the Demi-God have his way, the God rushed forward to him. Asura did so as well, and connected a hook on the being's face. He stumbled back, but regained his footing. Chakravartin sent a punch of his own at Asura, but he retaliated with a kick to the ribs.

Chakravartin then punched Asura in the gut, followed with a kick to the ribs. The Demi-God grabbed the Creator's leg, and hurled it over him to slam Chakravartin on the floor. Chakravartin managed the roll away from the oncoming stomp. He kicked his opponent's foot from the ground and tackled him forward.

Both held onto the other as they rolled on the ground, but Asura kicked Chakravartin into the air. He jumped up, and grabbed the Spinner of Mantra's head, only to slam it into the ground. Asura jumped up, and slammed it again, but they skidded to a stop.

"I understand it all, now!" He cried, as he sent a right punch to Chakravartin's face. He then went on to continuously slam his fist into the God's face. "The true reason for my wrath!" he elaborated, with another left punch to the face.

After another series of punches, Chakravartin saw an opening, and used it to socked Asura in the face. He then followed it up with a knee to the crotch. The Creator then dragged Asura to the left, and pinned him to the ground.

"You are not worthy!" he shouted, as he began to pummel Asura, just as the Demi-God had done previously.

But Asura found his opening sooner, and capitalized by grabbing onto his face. The God did the same, hoping to counter his opponent's advances. Nonetheless, Asura was gaining ground, as he began to stand up.

"I could not stand it!"

Chakravartin then kicked Asura in his right ribs. He clutched his face briefly, but then kicked Asura in the left ribs.

The Destructor, however, got a grip on the God's leg, and pulled it. Asura gave a strong right hook to him as he came towards him.

Chakravartin flew backwards, but regained his balance. He then flew forward with his left fist raised. Asura headbutted the fist as it made contact; the force of the headbutt caused for the entire arm crack even more, giving Chakravartin more pain.

"Gah... N- No!" Chakravartin readied himself for another charge, but his legs suddenly failed him, starting to become weak from the damage of the battle.


The Creator could do nothing but watch helplessly, as Asura landed a hard punch to the face, sending him flying back a few feet.


Chakravartin tried desperately to charge forward with his legs failed him again, and he fell on his knees.

"Ugh... H-How... How can he... Be so powerful?"

Asura then landed a hard uppercut to his chin, and sent him flying backwards again.

"N-No... I am... The only... GOD!"

The Creator slowly got off of the ground, and painfully stood as tall as he could, which was not up to his full height. His ire at his peak, he channeled Mantra into himself as he rose. Now ready to charge again, he flew towards Asura with a fully charged Mantra Punch.

The Demi-God did not even bother to move as his opponent came to him. He took the full force of the punch, that went to his face. Mantra went through him, and he was pushed back slightly. Despite the force of the hit, he planted his feet on the ground to stop.

Asura then grabbed Chakravartin's arm. His grip tightened on the arm, as he pulled it away from his face. As he did so, the markings on his body began to glow with an orange hue, as he was slowly transforming into his Unlimited Mode. His grip tightened to the point where the God felt his wrist being crushed. Chakravartin immediately pulled his arm away.

"That's why... I PRAY TO NO ONE!" Asura then sent Mantra-powered uppercut to the being's stomach. It took out all the air in Chakravartin's lungs.

"NOR WILL I BE PRAYED TO!" He then sent another uppercut to the Creator's chin.

"But... Above all else..." He planted his foot on the ground. His entire body was covered in Wrath Mantra, as the markings in his body glowed with an orange hue.

"I will never... FORGIVE YOU..." His fist was covered with Mantra. "FOR MAKING MY DAUGHTER CRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!"

Asura dashed towards Chakravartin, and socked him right in the middle of his face. With Mantra fully charged into the punch, Chakravartin was sent flying into his back.

In mid-air, a golden sphere escaped from his chest. Chakravartin rolled on his back before stopping at his knees. He stood up, but was completely unbalanced. He, surprisingly, had nothing left.

"This is not my destiny..." he whimpered.

The small sphere rolled on the ground for a few feet. When it stopped, it became larger, and disappeared. From it came out Mithra, surprised to see herself free. She then looked up to see what was happening.

Asura glared at the being before him. The time had finally come to end it.


The Demi-God flew forward. His fists were charged with Mantra, ready to exact revenge on the mastermind behind it all.

Then suddenly, the unexpected happened.

"WAIT!" shouted Mithra, as she got in her father's way.

Asura's eyes widened at the sight of his daughter. Instantly, he planted his feet on the ground, and stopped himself. The girl had closed briefly. But when she felt no pain, she opened her eyes to see the confused look on her father's face.

"If you kill him, all the Mantra will be lost!" she revealed.

He glanced over at the being. He was so dazed, it was pathetic. But looking at his daughter's eyes, he could tell that she was afraid. Not of the God, but of losing her father.

"Without Mantra, you cannot survive..."

Asura's eyes slightly widened hearing this, and thought to himself. What would he do? Would he let this "God" live and do as he pleases with the lives of the innocent? Would he stay with his daughter to ensure her safety? In the end, he knew the truth. As long as this being was alive, she would always be in danger. Deep down, he already knew what he was going to do.

Asura smiled warmly at her. "But..."

What happened next went by very quickly. Mithra's eyes widened as her father dashed past her.

"You will still live."

Realizing what was about to occur, she turned to see the back of the fighter. "FATHER!"

Asura closed his eyes. He knew that he would die. But so long as the world was ruled by this manipulative god, she would not live her life in peace. He wanted her to live happily. And if he had to die to do it, then so be it.

He opened his eyes, filled with rage, and let out one final battle cry. He was a few inches away from Chakravartin, before finally punching the being's face. He charged his fist with more Mantra, and pushed it deeper into his face. With one last burst, Asura punched through Chakravartin's face, breaking it apart.


The Creator stumbled backwards, as rays of red escaped from the hole in his face. When he leaned backwards, and stopped screaming, he exploded into nothing. Chakravartin, The Creator, was no more.

Asura stood there silently as the Event Horizon broke apart.

Mithra caught up to her father, and hugged him, with tears in her eyes. "Why do you always act so recklessly?" she sobbed.

(Asura's Wrath OST- Furueru Kokoro (Instrumental))

Asura only let out a sigh, before beginning to be covered with light. Particles of different colors came out of him.

Mithra knew what was happening. Now that Charkravartin was gone, Mantra was beginning to disappear. And because her father's body was susttained by Mantra after his first death, he would disappear with it. He was fading away.

"N-No! I-I didn't want this to happen!" she cried. "That's why I... I..."

Asura turned around, and gazed at his daughter. "I... I couldn't bear to see you suffer anymore..." he explained.

Tears began to slide down her cheeks. "Stupid!..."

She then felt a warm hand on her cheek. She looked up to see her father's smile. Her hands held onto his arm.

"No more crying... Smile," he told.

The fading Demi-God closed his eyes. "My Wrath... Is finally..."

He remained silent for a moment, sighing in relief. That one breath felt as if all of his anger went with it. When he opened his eyes again, they were no longer glowing white. Red irises replaced the whiteness.


Mithra looked into her father's eyes, and smiled. He held tightly to her father's arm. She then frowned, when she realized that the arm had disappeared.

Despite this, Asura continued to smile. He looked up, before closing his eyes for the last time. "Durga... I'll be home... Soon..."

And in a bright flash of light, Asura was gone.

Mithra reached out for the dust that came from her father, but they flew off into the distance. Out of reach.

She stood by herself, in the decaying land. She tried to hold back her tears, but it was difficult.

Then suddenly, she felt a strange energy around her. She opened her eyes to see rainbow particles floating around her. After examining them, she realized who it was.

Her father.

She then gasped to herself, as she realized she was floating. Smiling to herself, she allowed the dust to take her out of the Event Horizon.


Mithra flew away from Chakravartin's Fortress, now slowly destroying itself.

After gaining some distance, she turned around to see a bright light in the distance. The Fortress had finally exploded.

Mithra covered her eyes from the brightness, but slowly uncovered them after a short moment. Millions of lights flew past her, creating new planets, stars, and life. All in one Big Bang.

She smiled as she wiped the tears from her eyes. She then flew onward, millions of lights passing her by.

Mithra was approaching the Moon. When she was above it, she saw what awaited her.

Gaea. Where her new life and future was waiting. The future, that her father had given her.

"And that... Was how my father lived."


-Brooklyn, New York-

-Eight-Hundred and Seventy Million Years Later-

The streets were extremely busy today for some reason. Businessmen, delivery boys, civilians of all kinds paraded up and down the sidewalks.

In between the crowds, a young man was pushing everyone in his path aside. He had white spiky hair and eyebrows. red eyes, and a tanned complexion. His attire consisted of blue jeans with a black leather belt, brown leather shoes, and a green short-sleeve t-shirt, with a blue hooded sweater.

The fifteen-year-old dashed across the intersection, despite the signal saying not to. He had to make it in time. What was meant to be an ordinary day, quickly became The Day.

"Excuse me, lady."

"Move it, pal!"

"Outta my way!"

The lad had finally made it to the University Hospital of Brooklyn. He dashed through the glass doors and went straight to the counter.

"Hey! Where do you people do your baby stuff?"

The attendant eyed him with a confused look.

The man growled in annoyance. "Where do you guys do pregnancies?"

"Oooooh. I see. Yeah, sorry. I barely started today."

The man took a step backwards, and began pulling his hair in anger. Sighing, he approached her again. "Alright... Can you at least help me look for someone that's in here? Y'know, a patient?"

The woman nodded. "Oh, of course." She began typing on the computer. "What is the patient's name?"

"Uh... Durga," he answered.

"Ahaaa..." She typed the name in, and remained silent. "Last name, please?"

"What?" he asked. "Really? I mean, how many other Durga's are there?"

"I'm sorry. It's basic procedure." The man slid his hand down his face in irritation. "If you don't mind me asking, sir, what did you say your name was, again?"

He was about to answer, but a voice called to him. "ASURA!"

The young man, Asura, looked to his right to see another man, who looked to be about a year older than him, waving at him. He had black, shoulder-length hair, with bun in the back. He wore a gray, long-sleeve vest, with a white short-sleeve t-shirt underneath, black khaki pants, and black leather shoes. The man had glasses on his face.

Asura thanked the attendant, and went to the man. "Yasha, where is she? How's she doing-"

The man, Yasha, dragged Asura with him. "She's giving birth, now! We have to hurry!"

Asura took in deep breaths as he walk-runned. "Man... I'm a little nervous."

"We've been through this, Asura. Whatever happens, happens. I just hope that you're ready for the responsibility that comes with it."

Asura glanced at his friend. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"I'm just saying, that if I had been you, I would have waited a little while longer, preferably when I was an adult, before doind something generally frowned upon people our age... Like having sex with my sister!" he exclaimed.

"Again with this! Look, Yasha, we messed up, alright?! We admitted that to you a million times, already! But you're not changing our decision. We're keeping the baby, alright!"

Yasha groaned. "I know! I knowt hat! I'm not trying to talk both of you out of this! It's just... I just want to know if my sister will be able to live a good, happy life..."

Asura glanced at Yasha, and clenched his shoulder. "I will make her happy. I promise."

A nurse ran to them. "Are you the father?" she asked. Asura nodded at her, making her look at him with apprehension at first. "Kids these days... Please! come this way!"

Both men entered a room, where a woman's screaming could be heard. There many doctors in side, caring to the woman in the bed. She had long purple hair, and purple eyes. She was screaming in pain.

"DURGA!" shouted Asura, as he ran to his loved one. He held her hand. "It's alright. I'm here."

She slowly looked to her left. "A... AsuraaaAAAAAAAHHH!" He held tightly to her hand.

Yasha held onto her left hand. "It's alright, sister! You're almost there! I know it!"

Durga grabbed pulled his collar tightly. "DON'T... REMIND ME!" She then loosened her grip while letting out a pained sob.

The Doctor looked at the trio. "Keep pushing. We're almost there."

Durga screamed again, and began hyperventilating.

Asura looked at his girlfriend in worry. "It-It's alright, Durge! You can do this. You're a strong girl-"

Durga grabbed his collar, and pulled him inches from her face. "Asura, baby... SHUT UP!"

She began screaming again. "That's it. Push... Push... There we go..."

The two men looked up with eyes wide, while the woman leaned backwards on her bed, exhausted. They saw that the doctor took out a pair of scissors, and used it to cut the umbilical cord. A nurse brought a blanket, and handed it to another nurse. A small slap was heard.

Suddenly, a small cry followed.

The nurse covered the baby with the blanket, and carried it over to them. "She's very cute."

Durga extended her arms, and held the baby in her arms. She looked at Asura, with teary eyes. "Look... She's here... Our little girl."

Yasha let out a heavy sigh, and sat on a nearby chair.

Durga gave the baby to Asura, and he held her closely. He looked at her face. She had small purple hair. Her eyes were closed, but they opened slowly. They revealed purple irises.

"She's... So small," he muttered. He handed the baby back to her.

Yasha removed his glasses, and looked at his sister. "So... Have you two decided yet?"

The new father looked at him. "Decided what?"

"Well... What will you name her?"

Asura looked blankly at him, before turning away. "I... Well... Me and Durga had a bet. If the baby was a boy, I would name it. If it was a girl, then she would. And since it's a girl, you should ask her."

Yasha turned to his sister. "Well? What is it?"

The baby's mother looked at her child. "Well, I was reading a Mythology book earlier in the year, and... Well, I was thinking... Why not call her Mithra?"

"Mithra?" asked Asura. "What kind of name is that?"

"Mithra, in Indian mythology, is the Goddess of Light, Friendship, and Honesty. Obviously, Durga wants her daughter to represent that," explained Yasha.

Asura scoffed to himself quietly. "Smartass..."

"True. I want us to raise our daughter with care. I want her to uphold those values, so that she can grow up to become a good person. So that when she's an adult, she can pass this on to her children, and so on. Don't you think so, Asura?"

"Hopefully, your daughter will decide to wait until adulthood to have children," he lightly chided. "But something bothers me, sister. I know you want your baby to represent all of those things you just said. However, I was under the impression that Asura reflected the opposite of all that?"

"Shut up!" shouted Asura.

"Speaking of which, are you still going to be street fighting Asura?"

"Grrr... No... Maybe... Only when I don't have a job... Or when I'm not working..."


"What? And since when did this conversation go from my daughter's name, to your constant worrying?"

"What I'm trying to say," Yasha started, "Is don't endanger yourself. You have a new family, Asura. So please. Watch yourself. For Durga's sake, at least."

"Don't worry, brother," assured Durga. "Even if something happened, Asura would save us. Isn't that right, Mithra?"

Asura looked at both his wife, and newborn daughter. "Right," he assured with a small smile.

His wife handed him the baby, and he walked to the window. Her eyes closed from the brightness, and after a minute, opened them to see the city.

"Welcome to the world... Mithra."

Episode 1: A Life Begun Anew

-to be continued-

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Episode 2: The Man who Cannot be Moved

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