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My senses slowly came back to me and the coldness of the floor beneath my body hit me before the realisation that I was somewhere unfamiliar did. My head was spinning, but I tried to ignore the dizziness as I pushed myself up from the ground. My hands slapped the wall for support and my fingers curled against it, needing to lean against the cold wall for a moment before I was pulled together. I exhaled and followed the cloud of breath as it disappeared in the darkness. It was cold and my body was covering itself in goose bumps, and instantly I knew I was in danger.

It was an effort to turn my head so I could look around at the room I was in, too afraid of what I would find. The atmosphere was too spine chilling to not be frightening. And my, was I right. I don't know how I didn't scream at the sight. Sprawled across different parts of the room where old corpses, just skull and bones so I knew they had been dead a long time. There were chains by the corpses as well, from what I assumed had kept the prisoners trapped, and I was oddly surprised that I wasn't chained up to the wall.

Across the other side of the room there was a wooden door and as I glanced frantically around, that seemed to be the only way to leave. I hurried over to the door and my hands scanned the wood for a handle, but there wasn't one. Swallowing, I began to push at it, but it wouldn't open. Even though I had been silent so far, I screamed and banged my fists against the door, wishing it to open. I even tried kicked it open; I didn't want to stay in the room for any longer. Though no matter how hard I banged on the door, it would not open and no one came to open it.

I began to feel tears build up in my eyes as I slowly came to the realisation that I wasn't going to be getting out of here anytime soon. I would be stuck in the dungeon with rotten corpses for a while until someone came to my aid. If anyone did come to my aid.

My fists stopped banging against the wooden door and I leaned against it for a few moments, sobbing quietly, then I pulled away and took steps back to the wall where I was beside before. I sank back against the wall and curled up on the floor, but my crying soon stopped and I fell silent, eventually falling to sleep.

I awoke to the sound of the door swinging open. I sat up immediately and tried to ignore the dizziness that it brought so I could focus on those that had came into the dungeon. Before I could even push myself to stand up, one of the stronger men pulled me up and sent his fist into my stomach. The wind was knocked out of me and I almost collapsed back onto the ground, but he grabbed me by my hair and shoved me against the wall.

Two other men crowded around me and began to send their fists wherever they could all over me, beating me. As much as I wanted to fight back, I couldn't, their fists returned to my body not one second after pulling away again and their nails slashed at my skin. Just as I became limp and unable to move, they dropped me down to the ground without any care and turned away from me.

I still had enough energy to look around the room and as I stared up in the direction that the men were facing, I noticed an older man approach me. He knelt down beside me and stared down at me. Our eyes met and what I saw surprised me - hope. I had always been sceptical about people saying that you could see emotion in other people's eyes, but at that moment, I realised what it was like.

Hope was what I saw in his eyes, but I had no idea what the hope was for. Maybe he was going to kill me and he was hoping that I wouldn't scream, or that he wouldn't be caught.

The man grabbed my wrists and raised my arms above my head, motioning for another to hold my wrists down. I couldn't really feel the movement and my eyes kept flickering open and closed. I felt a gentle prick on the tips of my fingers and then… Hell.

My eyes shot open and my body almost curled up into a ball, but the other who was pinning down my wrists placed his leg onto my stomach to stop me from moving too much. Not that I could. Pain was rushing through my body and the fact that I was already weak wasn't helping me at all.

After a while, the pain slowly died down but I was still numb. I had taken quite a beating and even though the pain had stopped, I still felt quite weak. The man above me raised my hands and ran his tongue along each of my fingertips, which I would have pulled a face at if I had the energy to move any muscles.

"Sleep." The man whispered into my ear then stood up and everyone left the room. I was alone once again, only fragile… and tired.

So just like I was told, I closed my eyes to fall asleep. It wasn't hard to fall into unconsciousness, I was really weak and sleep seemed like my best friend right now.

Though I did not sleep peacefully.

My dreams were evaded by horrible scenes. Death, destruction, violence and a lot of blood. I felt very much alive and present in my dream, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't wake up. Stomach churning screeches echoed around me and my heartbeat increased. It was just a dream, but something terrible was happen, I felt like I was going to die. I screamed. The scream woke me up.

I pushed myself up so I was sitting immediately, closing my eyes tightly as my head began to spin. Breathing quickly and heavily, I opened my eyes and glanced around the room. At first I didn't notice how detailed everything looked in the dark, but when I spotted a small spider crawl along the floor, I realised how well I could see it. Frowning, I reached over to try and touch it just to see if it was actually real, but when I placed my finger down on it, I crushed it. I hadn't even tried to! I took me a couple of moments before I eventually sat back and brought my knees up close to me.

In silence I sat, curled up in the corner of the dungeon. The only noise circulating the room was my breath and my heartbeat. Every time I exhaled, my breath would form into a sort of cloud as it was so cold. I was alone, for how long I couldn't tell, but it seemed like days. I wasn't counting, and my assumptions were probably wrong, but being alone and cold for so long was starting to take its toll on me. My eyes were glued to floor and I began to slowly rock back and forth to try and keep myself warm, but it also gave me assurance that I wasn't dead. I was still moving, still breathing, but still alone.

Then the door creaked open and finally someone came in. Without even glancing up I assumed that they were going to hurt me some more, but no. When I did eventually look up, he carried a dead body - a human body. As I looked over at the corpse, I saw scratches and bruises covering the flesh. I then turned my focus to the vampaneze in front of me. He sat down beside me and left the body in the middle of the floor. Immediately I began to shuffle along to be away from him, but when I heard him sigh I stopped. I focused back on him and recognised him; he had been with the group that had tried to kill me, but he was the one who had stopped it. He was Trevor.

"You're cold." He pointed out, his voice only a whisper and a lot more gentle than it had been when I had first hear him speak, but that had only been one word. Saying nothing, I stared up at him and he stared right back at me for a few minutes until he raised an arm. I closed my eyes, bracing myself for an attack. But instead, he wrapped his arm around me and pulled him close. I tensed up, wanting to pull away but he was warm… I needed warmth.

"I'm not going to hurt you, no one else is going to hurt you. Just relax and you'll be fine." Trevor told me, though for some reason I didn't believe him. So I spoke.

"Why was I hurt? Why am I here? What did that man do to me to cause me so much pain?" I asked quietly, almost inaudible but he heard.

Sighing quietly, he began to explain what had happened, but first he started off with who they were. I felt like laughing at the things he was coming out with as they were completely barbaric. What on earth was a vampaneze? Vampires didn't even exist, never mind these… Vampaneze. But then I began to piece it all together. The night I was attacked and taken, I was going to be a meal to them. They were willing to kill a child, well I was technically a teenager, but they were still willing to kill me! Mercilessly by the way it was going to go. I was still trying to come to terms with the fact that they kill to drink blood to survive. Why would anyone want to kill, or need as he said, to survive? Sure, humans kill animals, but vampaneze kill humans. Humans!

When Trevor reached the part about what the man whose actions caused me so much pain (I was told his name was Gannen) had done to me, I froze up.

"He… Turned me into… a one of you? A vampaneze?" I raised both of my brows, then shook my head. "I can't be a vampaneze, I…"

Realisation hit me and I sank back against the wall, silencing myself for a minute. I looked over at the dead body. Suddenly, I worked out why that was there.

"You want me to drink the blood, don't you?" I asked quietly, my tone much darker than I had been before. There was no way that I was going to drink blood. No way.

"You'll need to, you're weak because you've been hurt and you'll be dehydrated and hungry. You probably won't be able to walk for five minutes without collapsing. The blooding will have taken a lot out of you, so you can either drink the blood and get it over with or wear out even more. Gannen wants you to drink blood before you have anything else." Trevor frowned slightly, but I only scoffed.

"What had it got to do with Gannen, eh? He's not in charge of me." I crossed my arms over my stomach, though Trevor still had an arm around my shoulders which was warming me up.

"Actually, he is, kind of. He's your mentor now, hence why he was the one to blood you." He nodded as he looked down at me. "Look, you won't be killing the person, they're already dead. I took care of that part. Drink, please. There's no going back to being human, and if you don't drink blood you're going to die. I don't think you want to do that."

I sighed and raised a hand to run back through my hair before I moved out of Trevor's arm. I had no choice, it was either drink blood or die. And I wasn't going to die. I had been spared so I could become a vampaneze. No one had told me why I was spared, but that didn't matter right now. All I needed to know for now was that I was alive, but I needed to drink blood. So that was what I proceeded to do.

I knelt down beside the body, Trevor joined me and showed me which way was best to drink the blood. He made a cut in the neck and quickly raised the body up to me. I wrapped my lips around the flesh hesitantly and the moment the blood touched my lips I almost pulled away. It was horrible, but I had to drink it. So I drank, and I drank until the body was drained. Somehow, I felt a whole lot better.

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