HP and Sakura Wars SLML Crossover

By: Sayaalv

A/N I don't own what would happen to the Sakura Wars and HP universes if a two year old FEM!Harry was beaten and abandoned in an alley on Harlem by the Dursleys during a trip to New York and she was found, saved, and blood adopted by none other than an American witch named Cheiron Archer and then raised by all the workers of the Little Lip Theater? Read to find out.

Harlem raised lawyer Cheiron Archer was walking down the streets of Harlem when a rental car came barreling from down one of the alleys near her law firm and rushed right at her. Cheiron caught a glimpse of a fat European man driving with a woman who was obviously his skinny blond haired wife in the passenger seat and a glimpse of a baby seat in the back before the Harlem raised lawyer had to jump to the side to avoid being run over like road kill. Cheiron spun around to get the license plate on the car and noted down the rental company and car number before she decided to investigate the alleyway the car had come from. When the black haired woman got to the alley way she was met by a sight she couldn't believe.

The alleyway was covered in blood splatters and puddles and there was a small child, no older than two, sitting in the blood and clapping its hands happily as it played in its own blood and drew simple flowers on the few spots that didn't have blood on them. Cheiron couldn't help her reaction at this point in time. She screamed a loud horror filled scream that woke up everyone in Harlem and a few people in the nearby residential areas outside of Harlem, and even her friends and coworkers who could hear her sigh from three miles away for some reason. In the jazz bar nearby Subaru Kujous head snapped upwards at the scream, her eyes widening as she recognized who was screaming.

"Cheiron!" Subaru yelled immediately rushing from the bar to her friends' aid while in the nearby residential area a blond woman named Ratchet Altair was running towards the scream as well, forgetting about her car.

"That sounded like Cheiron! Let's go Larry! One of our friends is in trouble!" Gemini Sunrise said jumping on her horse, Larry, when she heard her friends scream from her place within Central Park.

"That was Cheiron! Let's go check it out Anri! She could need help." Cherry Crocker said as she and her friend Anri heard the Lawyers scream from their shared apartment as they were eating some dinner. It took hardly two minutes of the girls, and one horse, running full tilt towards the scream before they found the Lawyer/Actress in the bloody back alley fussing over a young European toddler with hair as red as its blood and eyes the color of emeralds, the young child playing in a puddle of its own blood splashing it everywhere and not noticing that it was still bleeding heavily from wounds all over its tiny frail body, the blood and wounds on the childs body preventing them from telling whether the child was a girl or a boy.

"Oh golly! What happened to the little cowgirl!?" Gemini asks in her Texan accent as she and Larry stared at the alley and child in shock and horror.

"Don't just stand there! Call an ambulance! Ratchet! Cherry! Help me try and close some of these wounds before the kid bleeds to death!" Cheiron yelled noticing her co-workers and friends presence when Gemini asked her question. This caused her friends to snap out of their funk fairly quickly as Subaru quickly pulled out her Camatron and called for a paramedic while Cherry and Ratchet ran to help Cheiron as Gemini and Anri ran to the nearby restaurant to grab some rags and towels to help stop the bleeding. While the three older women tended to the child who merely blinked up at them before grinning happily and splashing the blood in the puddle it was in again, causing some of the blood to get on the womens clothes not that they noticed, Gemini, Subaru, Anri, and Larry were keeping everyone else who came to investigate away from the alley until the paramedics arrived.

"Larry! Show them to where Cheiron and the others are while we keep these nosey cowpokes out of the way!" Gemini ordered her horse who snorted his understanding and trotted towards where he could smell the two Actresses and one waitress scent originating from. Looking a little doubtful and startled the two medics rolled the stretcher as they followed the horse towards the alley were the three women were wrapping up a particularly nasty gash on the childs stomach, the little kid still happily playing in the blood.

"Hey kiddo, see those guys over there with the rolling thing?" Cheiron asks the small child gently as she pointed at medics and their stretcher. The kid looked over at the two medics with her, as they had figured out the child was in fact female, brilliant emerald eyes and nodded as she smiled happily up at the woman, drawing the Centaur symbol from a nearby wall onto the very small spot of non-bloody cement near her.

"Well if you go with those guys they'll stop your bleeding and treat your injuries. Then when you're better you can draw and color and play with toys and read books and everything, okay? You can even pick someone to go with you while you go with them. Just point to someone if you want them to go with you or shake your head no if you don't want anyone with you." Cheiron gently explained to the small child who nodded her head happily in understanding before lifting a small blood covered finger and painting a small heart on Cheirons cheek then pointed at the lawyer mutely. Cheirons face softened as she gently picked the young girl up in a hug, careful not to damage her even worse by accident.

"Alright kiddo. I'll go with you. Er Ratchet, Cherry. Think one of you could tell Sunnyside what happened and that I might not be in tomorrow since I'll be with the kid?" Cheiron asks gently laying the girl on the stretcher and glancing at her two friends who had blood splatters on their cloths from treating the kids' wounds and from said kids splashing.

"We'll handle it Cheiron. You just make sure that kid gets all the medical attention she needs alright?" Ratchet asks smiling tiredly at her friend who merely nodded in determination and in thanks as she climbed into the back of the ambulance.