HP and Sakura Wars SLML Crossover

By: FunahoMisaki

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"Think you can help me with that while your mama and papas handle all the boring stuff?" Sunnyside asked Hana causing her to nod happily, a grin lighting up her whole face. The Little Lip Theater workers sighed in relief as they realized what Sunnyside was doing, not only was he getting out of handling all the 'boring stuff' but he was also keeping Hana from getting caught in the middle of it more so than she already was.

"Thanks Sunnyside." Cheiron whispered to her boss before slamming on her Lawyer face as a bell rang, showing that Court was now in session.


It had been two years since the day in court where the Potters had been heavily fined and had a restraining order placed on them to keep them from going within twenty yards of Hana. Right now Cheiron was giggling as she and Hana walked down the street to pick up Commander Ogami from the docks where they were supposed to meet him.

Six year old Hana was just as carefree and innocent as she was two years ago, only she had better speaking skills and had begun her training in her demon blood as well as using her Scythe based STAR that Wong had created for her. Gods Cheiron and her mates hoped their baby never grew up although they were planning to give her a little sister as soon as the enemies attacks had calmed down and stopped coming so frequently.

"Um excuse me ma'am? Can you tell me where the Little Lip Theatre is?" A rather polite Japanese boy that looked no older than fourteen at the most asked smiling nervously at Cheiron while she held Hana's tiny hand tighter in her own. The small six year old though observed the young man before them and grinned.

"Piggy back ride?" Hana said holding her arms up to the young man as she slipped her hand out of her mama's grip and beamed up at him, he was surrounded by the warm pretty colors so he wasn't a bad guy. That was another thing that Hana learned she could do. She could see 'colors' around people and had found out that if someone had warm and pretty colors then they were good while bad guys had the cold ugly colors.

"Hana you shouldn't ask complete strangers for piggy back rides." Cheiron scolded slightly, unaware of her daughters ability to see 'colors'.

"It's alright ma'am. I certainly don't mind giving the little flower a piggy back ride." The polite boy said smiling slightly at the Japanese name and grinning down at the little girl that was so darn cute!

"Fine but make one wrong move and I'll snap your neck where you stand." Cheiron growled at him warningly. The boy paled but nodded in understanding at this.

"No problem." Shinjiro said kneeling so that the kid could climb onto his back, which she did happily.

"Now why do you want to go to the Little Lip Theater, you don't look like you're from around here?" Cheiron asked smiling slightly as she kept a close eye on him even as she directed him towards the theater.

"Oh Uncle Ogami assigned me to the Star Division here and I was told to look for the Little Lip Theater."