Izzy's Lost Memories

"Izzy, you're freezing! Here!" Trip exclaimed, shrugging out of his favorite black leather jacket, after he had got out of the band van, and into the down pour that had begun an hour ago.

"T-t-t-t-hanks, T-T-Trip," Her teeth chattering as she spoke in a quiet voice that was so unlike her. Even though the jacket was now soaked (As well as its owner) it was still warm and comforting (Again as well as its owner), as she slipped it on. Her long haired best friend then pulled her off the sidewalk she had been sitting on, waiting for him to come get her after a date took a turn for the worst.

"What happened?" Trip questioned Izzy, as he put the van into drive, because he would like to know why he had to come get his best friend at eleven o'clock at night.

Did she have a date? No, she would've told me, Trip's mind mused, so what did-

"Nothing," She stated firmly, also a little too quickly for Trip to sense that something did happen.

But why is she keeping it from me? I'm her best friend. I have been since the first grade, His mind pondered angrily, as his knuckles turned white from gripping the steering wheel to hard. After that Trip didn't push Izzy on subject… At least not yet, but when they got to his house she was going to tell him whether she liked it or not.

Izzy noticed in the silent drive to who knows where, (Probably to Trip's house) that the rain was starting to get harder and faster almost too fast for the windshield wipers to keep up.

He isn't going to let this go, her mind nagged at her, as she twirled her thumbs looking down.

Don't you think I know that, she snapped.

Then something caught her attention, she looked up something bright was heading her way. She couldn't decide if Trip saw it or not, but it coming at them really fast, and didn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

If it doesn't stop then Trip will be hurt, because I called him to come get me, her mind flashed. So she did the only thing she could think of, because her date was right… She was in love with Trip Campbell…

"Izzy what," Trip started, as Izzy unbuckled herself, but didn't get to finish as she hugged him like she was shielding him from something, blocking his view of the road. But that didn't matter after he heard her whisper, "I love you, Trip." Then kissing him on the mouth… Then…Crash!

Do you know what it's like to move in slow motion, like you're there, but also not? Like you're watching a movie and the main character is you? Well, that's how Trip felt when he saw the paramedics lift Izzy onto a stretcher and into the ambulance.

"Please, let me ride with her." Trip pleaded with the paramedic that was checking him over.

"I'm sorry only fam-"The paramedic started to say, but Trip cut him off, "Please she's my best friend." He pleaded once again, but this time he was sounding desperate, with his voice cracking and breaking…Almost like his heart would break even more than it already had, if he didn't get to ride with her. Then paramedic looked him straight in the eye then sighed, "I guess we could make an exception…" Then the paramedic finished looking him over. He was basically fine except for a few a scrapes and bruises. Izzy had taken most of the hit. Izzy had saved his life…

"Come on kid, it's time to go," The paramedic called over his shoulder. Trip nodded his head in response walking over to the ambulance, and getting in.

Please don't die Izzy, please. You're my best friend, His mind was raced as he clutched her hand tightly.

"Excuse me can you please tell me what her name is?" One of the other paramedics asked.

"Isabelle Caitlyn Fuentes," He said, his eyes never leaving her face.

"Do you know her parents numbers?" The same guy asked.

"Yes, but her mom is out of town on business." He answered.

"And her farther," He questioned again.

"Not around!" Trip barked much too harsh then needed, because like him, her father was also a sensitive subject.

"So who has been staying with?" He asked again.

"She's sixteen; she's old enough to take care of herself, without anyone to watch her like a babysitter would." Trip said trying to calm down. For the rest of the ride to the hospital it was silent. The only thing that Trip could hear was his heart racing a mile a minute.

When they arrived Trip was ushered into the wide waiting room, while Izzy was taken to the emergency room. Trip decided was time to call his mom so she shouldn't worry if not more if she was.

"Hey Mom," Trip said after his mom had answered.

"Trip, where are you?" His mom cried.

"The hospital," Trip said cautiously.

"Oh god, what happened?" His mother asked in her 'worried mom' tone. Trip then told his mom about the car wreck leaving the 'Izzy kissing and telling him she loved him' part out.

"Is Izzy going to be okay?" His mother asked when he finished telling her the story.

"I'm pretty sure." Trip answered, "But I'm afraid they won't let her go home, because no one's there to take care of her." He added.

"Well she can stay with us; I'll be there in a bit." Beth said.

"Really, thanks Mom, bye." Trip said then, he hung up.

Trip then took a seat on one of the hard plastic chairs, that weren't all that comfortable. But all he was thinking about right now was what, Izzy had said and did just moments before the car crash. He kept replaying it in his mind like a movie…

"Izzy what," Trip started, as Izzy unbuckled herself, but didn't get to finish as she hugged him like she was shielding him from something, blocking his view of the road. But that didn't matter after he heard her whisper, "I love you, Trip." Then kissing him on the mouth… Then…Crash!

"Isabelle Fuentes?" A guy in a white lab coat called out, looking around. There wasn't many people there, just an elderly couple, two girls, one other guy, and last but not least, Trip. Trip stood up his 'memory movie' thought breaking.

"Yes," He asked coming up to the doctor, "Is Izzy going to be okay?"

"She will be in time, She had a very hard hit on the back of her head, and a sprained ankle, but other than that she's should be okay." The doctor told Trip in a gentle soothing voice.

"There's something you're not telling me." Trip stated bluntly.

The doctor sighed, "The part where she hit her head was a very crucial part of her brain."

"What do you mean 'crucial part', what is it about that part that makes it so crucial?" Trip asked becoming worried.

"That part where she hit her head is where the brain stores its memories." The doctor said, "And it, like all things that get hit or thrown, is damaged." He continued.

"Meaning," Although Trip was pretty sure he already knew the answer.

"There is a very high chance that Miss. Fuentes could wake up with amnesia." The doctor sighed again; this was the part he hated most about his job.

"How high of a chance," He asked although he didn't want to know the answer, he needed to know.

"Eighty percent,"

Why did you have to protect me Izzy, Why? I love you; I'm the one that should have protected you. Wait did I just say LOVE?

Have you ever walked around at night outside or walked around your house at night in the dark and can barely see anything without a source of light? Well when Izzy was knocked out, she fell into a dark abbess worse than that. The last thing she could remember was someone calling out 'Izzy'. Who was Izzy, was that her? Was that her name?

What's going on? Why can't I remember anything? More importantly, what happened to make me like this?

"I need you to wake up, please; you're the most important person in my life." A guy's voice came through, but it sounded distant and… familiar? Then she heard singing.

Maybe he'll know what happened; maybe he knows who I am? Come on! Open your eyes!

Trip again sat in a cold hard chair, again in a room where everything was white. But this time he sat next to a bed that held a girl, and Trip sat clutching her hand in his. Then he began to sing softly,

"You were so clever

You kept it together today,

By the way, I'll no longer ignore you,

I wanted to show you again, I'm your friend.

Sometimes we just pretend.

And all I can say is you saved me."(1)

He stopped there. The song was true, Izzy did save his life. And he's was going to make it up to her no matter what. He was so deep into his thoughts that he didn't notice the girl, in the bed had opened her eyes…

"Who are you?" The girl asked in a weak voice, almost inaudible, but Trip still heard her loud in clear.

"Izzy, you're awake," Trip exclaimed softly, "Just let me go tell the doctor." He said, before she could stop him he was already out the door.

So I was right, 'Izzy' is me.

A few minutes later the same boy as before came back along with a guy in a white lab coat. Izzy was guessing this was the doctor.

"Hello Miss. Fuentes, I'm Dr. Parker," Dr. Parker said in the same soothing voice he used on Trip, "How do you feel?"

"Like my head's been run over by a truck," She said raising a hand to feel the back of it. That's when she felt it… Just below her the back of her line her on the back of neck, an inch and a half long. It was tender and jagged as she ran an un-pressured finger across it; she shivered involuntarily as she did so.

Trip was watching her intently. For a moment she sat there, and then she looked up at him and Dr. Parker.

"What exactly happened to me?" She spoke quietly.

The doctor cleared his voice, "I think I'll leave Mr. Campbell to answer that." He said then left though the white door. Trip sighed sitting down in the chair that he had sat in before.

"I'll tell you anything you want to know." He offered, grabbing her hand hesitantly.

"Who am I?" Were the first words out of her mouth.

"Isabelle Caitlyn Fuentes," He said gripping her hand more tightly, "'Izzy' for short." He continued.

"Who are you?" That question shouldn't have surprised him, but it did. Because he couldn't get over her saying she loved him then kissing him. Since the doctor had told him she could (And did) wake up with amnesia, he had been thinking about how he was going to introduce himself. Whether or not he was her boyfriend or just her best friend, and now was the moment of truth…

"Trip Campbell, I've been your best friend since we were in first grade, and very recently turned boyfriend… very recent."

The second longest chapter, I've ever posted. Now I know Trip is OCC in this chapter, but wouldn't you be to if all this happened to you? It may be a while before my next update, I'm just warning you… Anyways, follow me on tumblr (Same username as fanfic) for spoilers and exerts of chapters? And now for the question of truth… Was it good, bad, okay, or down right horrible- Goodgirl21

(1) Down We Fall- Written and by Drake Bell. I don't own it in anyway... Though I wish I did it's a great song! If you get the chance, you should listen.