Thirty minutes later, Beth showed up. You could tell she had been worrying before Trip called her. (And even more after) Her blonde hair looked like it was tousled like she had just woken up, from running her hand though her hair so much. There were dark circles under her eyes and they blood shot as well.

"Hi Izzy, are you feeling okay honey?" She asked in a soft tone as her motherly instinct took over, her hand brushing her bangs out of her eyes before Trip could stop her. Izzy muscles stiffened as Beth's hand touched the surface of her face and kept caressing her face, like a mother would. Her brown eyes flickered over to her supposed, 'best friend/boyfriend' silently asking who this person was.

"Mom," Trip said going over to his mother, "You're scarring her." He gently tried to pry his mother away from Izzy.

"How would I be scarring her?" Beth asked turning a little so she could see her son better. He nodded his head indicating that he wanted to talk outside of the hospital room. The blonde headed mother went outside the room, but not before hearing Trip say he'd be right back and she saw him kissing the Latina girl's forehead. Beth brushed it off thinking that her son was just merely caring for his best friend like he always had.

Trip stared blankly at a flickering white light on the hospital's trying to think of how to start this conversation. It was going to be hard to explain…

"You know that wreck we were just in before I called you?" He asked as he thought, Better start from the beginning.

Beth nodded staying silent.

"Well in that accident Iz, got hit on a crucial part of her head," He explained just like the doctor did, "Well because of that hit, she now has amnesia."

Beth gasped and put a hand to her mouth in horror.

"That poor girl," She says sadly shaking head. Then she starts to walk back into the room, but Trip's hand on her shoulder stops her.

"I need some advice." He explained in a hushed tone. Maybe it was how quietly he said it, or that his face held a tense expression, or it could've been her mother's intuition, but something told Beth that Trip didn't want Izzy to hear them.

"Okay," She nodded then moved to have a seat across the hall. Trip mirrored his mother's actions, taking the seat on her right. Then Beth listened as her long haired son told her the whole situation.

"I just don't know what how I feel now," He concluded his story, "I mean I can't get what she said out of my mind, no matter how hard I try."

Beth pondered over the thought for a moment then she spoke, "Trip, can I ask you some questions?"

Trip nodded his eye brows raised.

"What did you feel after the car wreck, after Izzy got hurt?"

"Like I had had the air knocked out of me for a second." He said truthfully.

"And after she woke up?"

"I felt my heart crack into two." He said just as truthful. Trip's mother nodded before asking one last question.

"Why did you tell her you were boyfriend after she woke up?"

"Because I love her," The words were out of his mouth before his mind could process what he was saying. Beth grinned widely in return, "I think you know how you feel now."

Beth stood up, "Now, since that's settled I'm going to go home and let the guys know Izzy's okay." With that she left. Trip grinned and shook his head amused by his mother's excuse to leave Izzy and him alone. Then he went back into Izzy's room.

When he walked back in, Izzy looked at him with a blank stare.

"I hate it here! I'm sooo BORED!" She whined, and for the first time she sounded like her old self. Trip chuckled as he sat down, taking her hand. It was silent for a moment then, "Is your mom mad at me?" She asked sounding like a frightened small child.

"What? Why would think that," He asks, his other hand reaching to run his fingers though her dark brown, messy hair.

"Because I didn't remember her," She said, "I can't remember anything…" She ended sadly. Before Trip could respond, Dr. Parker walked in.

"How is Miss. Izzy, feeling?"

"Bored," Izzy exclaimed.

Dr. Parker chuckled, "Well, after tonight you won't be bored for much longer, unless you don't have anywhere to stay."

"She'll be staying with me and my mom." Trip said, before Izzy could even think about that.

"Well I'll be coming around every few hours to check up." The doctor said, and then he left leaving Izzy and Trip alone once again.

"It isn't your fault, you know." He says suddenly.

"Huh?" The Latina girl turned her head to the side so she could see her boyfriend more clearly.

"The wreck, what happened. It wasn't your fault. It's not your fault you can't remember anything, but don't worry I'm going to help you…" Trip vowed, bending down to kiss her cheek.

So yeah, I haven't updated in a while, because school's been keeping me super busy! But since school has kinda settled down I might be able to update every couple of weeks. Unless of course, Writer's block comes-Goodgirl21