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Warnings: Contains yaoi, sexual acts/situations, and some foul language. If you cannot handle that, then do not read.

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Pairing: SasuNaruSasu

Summary: Uchiha Sasuke, a famous Japanese rocker and closeted gay, has to live a lie for the sake of his career. What he ended up getting, however, was an obsession for an American stripper and a yearning for freedom. AU, Romance, Hurt/Comfort.



Touch Me

Part I



Sasuke sat down gingerly in a chair, removing his black sunglasses. His eyes instantly took to the dimly lit surrounding area. He let himself sink into the plush seat, wearily sighing, as he felt the day's stress catch up with him. Around him, numerous decorative tables were filled with mostly male occupants. The scent of fine cigar smoke permeated through the air and the sounds of music, laughter, and the clinking of glasses could be heard from the well-stocked bars that surrounded both sides of the large floor.

He was at the 69 Club in Shinjuku Ni-chōme. Owned in part by a gaijin, the famous, high-end, strip club and bar had opened well over two years ago, and offered a variety of interesting services, such as semi-nude dancers, stage shows, lap dances, peep shows, and bed dances. Modeled largely after American strip clubs, depending on how much an individual was willing to shelve out, one could have their needs met with the utmost discretion respected—at least, that's what Sasuke understood. This was his first time here. He wasn't usually the sort to go to strip joints, but this time, he really needed the diversion. He wasn't very worried about being discovered either, since he was one of the low-key members of his band, and was not, what he would consider, a variety-style star that was easily recognized. He was always able to go out without being hassled or followed if he was on his own.

A male waiter suddenly arrived at his table near the left stage—which Sasuke had reserved hours earlier—smiling politely at him, as he handed him the glass of whiskey he'd ordered beforehand. Sasuke merely nodded in thanks, promptly dismissing the man in favor of his drink. He welcomed the familiar burn, as the liquor smoothly glided down his throat. Gradually sitting back in his seat again, he ran his hand back and forth over the cold, wet glass, the cool feel of his leather pants rubbing against his legs, as he shifted. While most of the patrons present were dressed in dress-shirts and their best wear, he was wearing a designer leather jacket with matching pants, and a plain, low-necked, black shirt. He wore two black studs in his pierced ears, and two silver rings on his right hand.

It was standard wear for someone like him, as he was a guitarist in a considerably well-known, visual kei rock band. He'd flown in from South Korea along with his band mates earlier in the afternoon, after finishing the Asian leg of their world tour. They'd done fourteen cities across twelve countries in the past two months, doing numerous press conferences, fan events, and television show appearances along the way. The performances had been a phenomenal experience, as they always were, but after two months of often not even knowing what day it was, he was glad for the week-long break they'd been given. It was partly because of this that he'd wanted to escape on his own for once, without heeding the calls of any managers, reporters, or fans.

The other reason was that he couldn't really indulge in the activities that were keenly relevant to him when he was constantly surrounded by his band mates and throngs of people—those activities being of the homosexual variety. He'd realized for certain, three years ago, that his tastes leaned more towards his own gender after a few failed relationships with women and a chance encounter with a male groupie after a concert in Kanagawa. It had been a heady and shocking revelation that at twenty-five had rocked his foundation. After the period of denial had passed, he'd managed to find it utterly ironic that millions of girls often launched themselves at him just for the chance to touch him, when he'd much rather have a hot piece of male ass wrapped around him instead.

About a year ago, he'd finally gotten the courage to come out to his band mates, who'd been surprisingly supportive of him. However, they'd all agreed that for the band's sake, they would keep his sexual orientation a secret for now, until they felt it was the appropriate time to make the announcement. Sasuke was more than fine with the choice, considering that he'd always been a private person, and was not ready to reveal something so personal. He was still trying to figure out how to live as a legitimately gay man in the Japanese rock world. Still, the pressure of maintaining that secret was occasionally burdensome. He had to feign interest in girls and answer questions about what his female type was, when in actuality, he had no female type—not anymore. Unfortunately, it was something that he'd have to live with for some time longer, and somehow, he'd have to find the strength to endure it.

The stage lights in front of Sasuke suddenly lit up, making him blink. He idly noted that the stage on the other side of the room, some ten feet away, did the same. It was show time.

The club DJ's voice was heard through the high quality speakers. "Gentlemen, a round of applause as the hour's entertainment begins!" Whistles, applause, and hoots were heard, as up-tempo dance music began to blare through the speakers. Sasuke sat back, his gaze revealing nothing, as a dark-haired man with pale skin came onto the stage, wearing white pants and a black shirt. At the other stage, a red-haired man came on the stage. Both men began to do individual routines to the music.

Sasuke clinically eyed the man in front of him, as he took off his shirt, revealing smooth, pale skin. He looked good enough, Sasuke thought disinterestedly. Unfortunately, however, the guy wasn't really his type, as nice as his body was. The rocker remained unmoved, admiring with cool detachment every bit of toned flesh that was revealed. Stripped down to a purple thong, the man swung around the pole attached to the stage, and the crowd around him applauded.

Sasuke's dark eyes merely followed the dancer as he pranced about on the stage, only moving to drink from his glass of whiskey. When the dance was over with less than ten minutes later, the man leaned against the pole, smiled, and lifted the side of his thong, revealing a trim hipbone. A few desperate-looking men rushed forward and promptly stuffed the empty space with yen bills.

Sasuke, in turn, sat there, casually nursing his drink. He was more than willing to give money generously, but only if he liked the dancer. Granted, with the lifestyle he led, it was hard to impress him these days. Earn your damned coins, he thought wryly, taking another drink, as the dancer slinked away. He sat there for another round, as another dark-haired dancer took the stage. He wasn't really to Sasuke's liking either, but the man was remarkably flexible, he observed, watching as the stripper did a split on the floor that had the nearby patrons cheering. By the time the dancer left the stage a short while later, Sasuke was on his third glass of whiskey.

He sighed heavily, suddenly feeling that perhaps going home wasn't a bad he liked to linger, but tonight he just wasn't into it. Perhaps tonight just isn't the night for me, he thought morosely. I have too much on my mind, and it's been quite some time since I—

Suddenly another stripper was announced by the DJ, interrupting his train of thought. "He's become legendary here in such short time. Gentlemen, please meet our proud American import, Naruto!"

American? Yeah, right. Sasuke sucked his teeth, taking one last sip of his drink before he stood up. He stilled, however, when he saw the new arrival take the stage. He was wearing a black suit and hat. He was also considerably taller than the other men that had previously been on before him. Sasuke noted that the men—and the few women present—around him clapped wildly now, yelling the man's name in near frantic adulation.

The man named Naruto ignored this and kept his head low until the music changed to a mid-tempo, hip-hop based song, with a driving beat. Suddenly red and white lights were whirling around on stage and the man began to move on stage. He flung his hat in a practiced move, the item settling a few feet behind him.

Sasuke blinked, as a full head of brilliant, blond hair was revealed, and a startling handsome face was exposed. He was definitely in his twenties. A strong jaw, slim nose, and wide eyes that flashed with a wicked gleam beneath a heavy fringe, made up a face that Sasuke found all too intriguing. There was no doubt that the man was a gaijin, he thought. He had a secret weakness for foreigners. He suddenly found himself curious to see just what color those eyes were.

The man then moved his left leg, rolling his hip sensually, as he yanked his tie free and unbuttoned the first few buttons of his white, dress shirt. He sent an entrancing, devilish smile at the crowd.

"Take it off, Naruto baby!" yelled a tipsy man around Sasuke's age.

The blond-haired stripper seemed to chuckle before finally yanking the shirt off his body on beat, revealing a very impressive upper body. Sasuke's dark eyes ran over the wealth of tanned skin that stretched over lean, taught muscles. Wide shoulders, firm pectorals, and the outline of toned abs could be made out clearly even beneath the muted lightning.

Sasuke suddenly became aware that his hand was hurting. Glancing down momentarily, he realized that he was holding his whiskey glass far too tightly. He eased his grip and returned to look at the dancer that now stood about two feet away in front of him.

He watched as the man tossed the shirt aside. Then suddenly, curious eyes were gazing back at him. The man seemed to blink at him before gradually smiling a teasing grin that made Sasuke shift in his seat a little. The foreigner's face lit up strikingly when he smiled, he thought.

The man named Naruto suddenly took a few steps closer. Swaying his hips on beat, he slowly began to lower the zipper of his pants. Sasuke was completely absorbed in the other's act, as the blond-haired male smiled at him again before looking at the crowd.

"Don't tease us anymore, Naruto! Take it off!" a woman screamed now, making others nearby cheer with her. She and her companions were practically drooling, Sasuke thought idly, before focusing his attention back on the object of his interest.

Naruto merely wiggled his brows in a teasing gesture before smoothly turning around. Then, on cue with a crescendo in the music, he yanked the remainder of the pants off. The result was an enthusiastic applause and an enormous increase in hooting and whistles. Some of the men even stood up.

Sasuke wasn't paying close mind to that, however. Not when his vision was filled with the most perfectly full, tanned ass cheeks, he'd ever seen in his life. They practically overwhelmed the small black thong the other wore, unlike with the other dancers that came out before him. The broad, bare back and naked cheeks had an instant effect on him, as his leather pants suddenly seemed too tight on him.

The blond-haired man suddenly turned back around and began to move provocatively to the rhythm. Sasuke's eyes, meanwhile, honed in on the impressive package that bobbed back and forth, covered by the flimsy cloth of his thong. The man seemed to be in a half-erect state, and even covered, Sasuke could tell that the man was certainly well endowed. Sasuke could just barely make out the tantalizing rod of flesh through the material. The rocker then tore his eyes away, watching intently the clenching and releasing of beautifully toned thighs and muscular calves. The muscles of the dancer's abdomen rippled with every elongated sway of his hips, and Sasuke watched, perfectly entranced. He unconsciously licked his lips.

The blond-haired man slowly dropped to the floor on his hands and knees, and crawled forward, sending an almost ferally seductive look his way. Sasuke smirked a little. He's focusing on me.

The performer then lowered the upper portion of his body to the platform floor, as his ass suddenly rose and dropped again. He repeated the motion slowly, three times, before speeding up the motion. Then, he rose fluidly onto his knees only a foot or so away in front of Sasuke. The dark-haired rocker held his gaze steadily. The man then spun around on his knees, showing Sasuke his backside again, as if knowing exactly what he wanted. The dancer then placed his hands on the stage floor and began to undulate his hips, closing his eyes as his head fell back.

Sasuke eyed the motion intensely, his eyes hooded. The enticing globes of tanned flesh clenched and jiggled with the man's movement's, and Sasuke found himself thinking, that if he could have his way—if he were alone with this man at this very moment—he would push the other's face down onto the floor and worship that ass properly.

The guy then lowered the upper portion of his body again, until his face was lying flat on the platform, and continued to undulate his backside. He then brought his hands beneath him, between his legs, to caress the inside of his thighs before slowly gliding upwards over the scantily clad area of his perineum. Sasuke nearly swallowed his tongue then. He dumbly watched as the other glided over the area with his fingers a few times, before gradually rising from his position.

Sasuke sat there for another five minutes as the other showed off his talents on the pole, rubbing his body against it, lifting himself, and performing a solid upside down split on it, much to the jubilation of others present. When the man's set was done, he crawled around, as everyone proceeded to practically rain bills over him. The man collected all the notes with a smile, letting several of the patrons stuff the sides of his thong with them. Then, he reached Sasuke. With a mischievous smile, the golden stripper leaned backwards momentarily, retrieving the hat he'd discarded. Then in a surprising gesture, he lifted a muscular arm and put the fashionable hat on Sasuke's head, to the amusement of the others present.

Sasuke blinked in surprise before smirking. He looked up languidly into those smiling, very blue eyes, and reached into his pocket. A moment later, Sasuke held the money between two elegant fingers, and watched with vague amusement, as the other's eyes widened slightly at seeing the amount he held. With a pleased smile, the blond-haired man scooted forward and spread his knees some. Then, with one hand, he lifted the front of his thong a bit with a saucy smile.

Sasuke smirked back at him and licked his lips, casually placing the bills in the small space provided. Sasuke could just make out the top of the neatly trimmed curls of the other's pubic hair. From this vantage point, he could now also clearly see the defined outline of the other's veined-member through the ultra-sheer garment. Then the thong snapped back into place.

"Thank you," the blond-hair man told him in Japanese with a smile. He then rose and picked up his belongings, leaving the stage, with an alluring sway of his ass.

Sasuke watched him go from his table, reaching up to remove the hat from his head. Deftly spinning the fine black hat in his hands, he decided on one thing.

He would be seeing this Naruto again sometime soon.

The following night, Sasuke sat on his leather sofa in his living room. He'd managed to spend the day with his two friends in Shinagawa. When he arrived home to his apartment in Roppongi Hills, he'd wandered around for two hours, not knowing what to do with himself. He'd lifted some weights and had browsed the internet on his laptop for a while before settling for watching television. Sitting around and watching television for hours wasn't something he was used to these days, however. He was usually a nocturnal person. As he was a musician that was used to playing nighttime gigs, he often stayed up until the wee hours of the morning either relaxing in the hotel room, at after parties, or writing songs.

Now, however, as he mindlessly switched channels, his mind kept drifting back towards the American stripper from the night before. Sasuke found himself absurdly curious about him. The large blue eyes, blond hair, and those impressive physical assets had stayed within his mind's eye. There was that voice of his too, Sasuke thought. It had been a surprisingly husky baritone. He was admittedly curious to hear what that voice would sound like in a full conversation.

Heaving a sigh, Sasuke decided that he was fed up with wondering. He'd been planning on waiting until the weekend to return to the club but…

Fuck it. I'm going.

About a half hour later, dressed in his leather jacket, dark jeans, a black shirt, and boots, he arrived at the club by taxi. As it was a Sunday night, not many people were present within the large, dimly lit room. There were two dancers on the respective stages doing routines, but Sasuke paid no mind, instead heading for the main desk.

"Ah, good evening! How can I help you, sir?" said the smiling grey-haired clerk. Dressed in a dress-shirt, with his hair spiked strangely to the side, he wore a red contact in one eye, whereas the other one was dark. Must be an otaku nerd, Sasuke thought.

"I'd like to request for a room service."

"Fantastic! Would that be a champagne room service? And would you prefer the large room suitable for several guests or the smaller, private room?"

"Um, sure. And private."

The clerk began to type on the flat-screen computer in front of him. "How long would you like it for?"

"Half-hour, I guess," Sasuke replied after a moment of pause.

The man typed in the price. "Is there a particular brand of champagne you'd like, sir?"

Sasuke shrugged. "Just give me the best you've got."

The clerk nodded. "This comes with the lap dance service. Is there a certain dancer you have in mind or would you like us to provide you with one based on your preference?"

Before Sasuke could open his mouth, the clerk leaned in a little. "If you want to watch your favorite perform a little show of self-pleasure, we do offer nozoki beya, or you can buyextra services, you know," he said with a wink.

"No thanks," Sasuke replied, beginning to get annoyed. "I just want the gaijin for the lap dance."

The clerk's eyes widened with recognition. "Ah, Naruto! Very well then. You're lucky. He's on his last hour shift for the night. We'll let him know so he can get prepared."

The man then tallied the total on his computer and generated the receipt. Sasuke readily paid for it with his credit card, having more than enough funds to pay for a lap dance every hour of every day, if he wished for it.

"Now, you are aware of the rules? No touching unless the dancer allows you to, and any sign of unwarranted harassment will be dealt with by immediate removal from the premises," the clerk said in an almost absent monotone. Sasuke could only imagine how many times a day he repeated the same warning.

Sasuke nodded.

The man smiled. "Good." The clerk then picked up his headset from where it lay near the computer keyboard and spoke into the mic. "Ino, my dear, go inform Naruto that he has a lap dance in champagne room A secured, starting in ten minutes. Thank you."

The clerk then smiled at Sasuke. "Very well then. One of our hosts will be escorting you to your room in just a moment, Uchiha-san. If you need anything, my name is Kakashi."

The man was quick, Sasuke thought to himself. Sasuke hadn't told him what his name was, but the man had apparently garnered his name from his card. The rocker nodded, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

A moment later, a slender looking young man with short brown hair guided him from the lobby towards the back. Two hallways split off towards the left and right. The host led him to the first room on the left, which had a large, red velvet curtain instead of a door. Then he pushed aside the curtain and instructed Sasuke to make himself comfortable on the large red couch in the corner of the room. The room was about the size of a bedroom with adjustable lighting that was currently set on low, to provide an intimate atmosphere, and there was soft, seductive music playing from the speakers located in the upper corners of the room. The floor was well carpeted and there was a large rectangular mirror on the wall, opposite the couch, that was almost the width of the wall itself.

Sasuke did as the host said, idly eyeing his surroundings. He was admiring the pleated, velvet-lined walls when a minute later, the host came back with a tray that had Dom Perignon chilling in a bucket of ice and two glasses. He then set it on the lacquered mini-bar near the couch. Sasuke then politely declined the host's offer to pour him champagne.

"Just press the button on the wall if you need any further assistance. Your dancer will be with you in just a few minutes," he said, before leaving. The curtain closed with a 'swoosh' behind him.

Sasuke sat there, propping an elbow on the arm of the couch, anxious with anticipation. A few times he'd gone to some strip clubs with the band—heterosexual strip clubs. Logically, due to that issue alone, Sasuke found the outings more annoying than fun. The only thing that made those experiences worse was when the strippers offered to sleep with him, and free of charge—it was beyond awkward for him.

Sasuke was gingerly picking at the lint on the arm of the couch when the curtain was suddenly pulled back, and in walked the man that had been on Sasuke's mind for most of the day.

The blond-haired American was wearing a short-sleeved, v-necked, black shirt that stood out against his unusual coloring. He also wore form-fitting shorts of the same color that barely reached mid-thigh and ankle-length boots. He then smiled. It was a confident smile that Sasuke warmed up to instantly.

"Hello there," Naruto said, letting the curtain close behind him. "My name's Naruto. I'm pleased to meet you," he said with a slight bow.

Sasuke nodded, standing up. He has no accent, he thought, vaguely impressed. He also noted that they stood at practically the same height. Sasuke was taller than the average Japanese man—something he found out when visiting an informative variety television show with the band not long ago.

"I know your name," Sasuke returned smoothly, with a slight smirk. "My name's Sasuke. You might not remember me, but—"

"You were the one from last night. The guy near the stage, right? I remember," Naruto said with a lopsided grin. "I like to focus on a face in the crowd. You have a very nice face that one can't easily forget. And, I especially can't forget someone who offers money so generously," he teased.

Sasuke's smirk grew. "You're very upfront." He liked that.

Naruto chuckled. "It's a very American quality, isn't it?

Sasuke nodded. "It is. By the way, you may speak English around me. I understand it perfectly," he added, switching to the language at the last.

Naruto's eyes widened. "Really now?" he murmured in English, looking surprised and pleased.

"Yes, really," he replied easily.

Naruto smiled. "Well, then I think we'll be getting along great. I'll take good care of you, Sasuke-san."

"You can call me Sasuke, and please do," the dark-haired rocker murmured, his eyes skimming over Naruto's face.

Naruto gave a grin before nodding, gesturing towards the couch. "Please sit down. Would you like some champagne?"

Sasuke sat down, nodding. "Yes, please." In actuality, he could do without it, but he'd agree to the offer to have an excuse to see the other in motion. Naruto was too interesting to look at.

"You know, I'll admit, I was surprised when I heard that someone had secured the champagne room and asked for me," the other said, using his thumbs to open the bottle. It opened with a faint 'pop'.

"Why is that?" Sasuke asked, watching as the champagne was poured into the two glasses.

"Usually the men that want private services ask for…" Naruto paused as he thought of the appropriate phrase.

"The weirder shit?" Sasuke supplied with a raised brow.

Naruto laughed. It was a warm, husky chuckle that Sasuke liked very much. "Yeah, that says it nicely," he handed Sasuke a glass and set the bottle back into the bucket. He raised his own glass. "Bottoms up," he said with a wink.

Sasuke let out a snort. He took a nice, long sip, the fizzy liquid bubbling on the tip of his tongue before making its way down his throat. It was cool and crisp. He still preferred a Scotch on the rocks, however.

Naruto, made his way around Sasuke, glass in hand. As he did so, Sasuke was granted a close view of the other's ample rear-end, which looked pleasing in those shorts. To say the least, he thought slyly.

The blond-haired stripper sat next to him, with only an inch or two separating them. "So, wanna tell me how you know English? It's very good. Your accent is light," he said, raking perceptive blue eyes over Sasuke's face.

Sasuke hummed. He turned slightly towards the other to better look at him. "I went to bilingual schools here in the city. Graduated from Aoba."

"Aoba International?"

Sasuke nodded.

"Wow, so you had some good education," Naruto said consideringly.

He shrugged.

Naruto took another sip of the champagne. He then seemed to study the glass. "So…what exactly do you do by day?"

"What do you think I do?" Sasuke queried back.

Naruto glanced at him with a crafty look. "I'm not sure, but whatever you do, it must pay well. Not everyone strolls up in here and buys Dom Perignon. It's also a Sunday night. Not the most ideal night for salary men to get their kicks," he said matter-of-factly.

Sasuke inwardly smirked. The man was astute. Normally he didn't like people as observant as he was, but it pleased him that this stripper wasn't a completely dumb simpleton. "You're right, and I am not a salary man. What I do, however, I'm keeping to myself. Are you always this inquisitive with customers?" he countered with vague amusement.

Naruto smiled, the slightest hint of a dimple flashing in his right cheek. This, Sasuke also liked. The man's teeth were white and even, which meant that he most likely took good care of himself. "I guess I can't help it. I don't often get to speak in English with customers, so I guess I'm getting carried away," he shrugged with an apologetic smile.

"What kinds of customers do come here, if I can ask? We've established that they often ask for weird services."

Naruto chuckled. "Right. Well, we usually get young clubbers, closeted salary men, and big bosses, or sometimes television personalities. But like I said, they normally don't talk a lot, as much as they touch," he said wryly.

Sasuke hummed. "If they did talk more, would you talk back to them as much?"

"Probably not," the other admitted with an inclination of his head.

"How come?" he asked curiously.

Naruto blinked, sending him an intimate smile. "Because none of them are as interesting as you are."

Sasuke felt something warm unfurl deep within his gut. The way the other had said that did something to him. He didn't want to think that it was his ego responding, because after all, the man might be lying, but…he really didn't want to think so at this moment. "I'm flattered."

"Heh. I won't boost up your ego too much with words, because I'm sure you know you're gorgeous," the blond-haired dancer suddenly quipped, taking Sasuke's glass out of his hand. He set it on a small stand near the couch in the corner, along with his, before returning to his position. This time, however, he was closer to Sasuke. His right thigh, touching Sasuke's left. "But if you're ready, I'm ready to show you just how much I think so," he murmured, sending Sasuke an insinuating smile.

Sasuke swallowed. "I'm all yours," he replied, his tone low.

Naruto smiled. "Good," he replied, rising fluidly. He glanced down and stepped forward, pushing Sasuke's jean-clad legs apart with his knees. "Just sit back and enjoy," he instructed softly.

He began to move then, gently, subtly to the soft music coming through the speakers. His well-groomed hands ran up his own sides, then up to his neck, before running back down his chest, until they reached his pelvis, his hips swaying gently all the while. His fingers then toyed with the hem of his t-shirt, lifting it up slightly, before bringing it back down, his blue eyes rapt on Sasuke's.

Sasuke held his hooded gaze, anxious for what would come next.

After a few more times of repeating the action, the blond-haired stripper gradually began to lift the shirt up his midriff, and over his chest, until he finally lifted his arms, and removed it. He deftly tossed it at the opposite end of the couch.

Sasuke stared at the expanse of skin that was revealed. The man had a beautiful chest with dusky brown nipples that were neither too big nor too small. It was as he stared at the other's chest, that he noticed the charm dangling in the center. It was an intricate gold leaf attached to a gold chain that hung around the other's neck. I've never seen a leaf that looks like that for a charm, he thought vaguely, before hands suddenly covered up his view. Naruto was running them over his body again. The sight of the tan hands roaming over his bare skin up close, instantly had desire pooling low in Sasuke's groin.

"Do you like what you see?" Naruto asked huskily.

"You know I do," Sasuke replied absently, his gaze fixed on the other's hands.

Naruto chuckled a little. "Well then I'll give you more to like." Naruto's hands suddenly ran down his chest until it reached his pelvis. Sasuke could see the defined lines of the other's musculature where the hip joined the leg, the elastic shorts were that low. Naruto was then running his hands gently over his abdomen, tracing little patterns until they travelled back downwards and reached the visible bulge of his dick. He stroked it gently once, then twice, under the supervision of Sasuke's heated gaze, before rising to hook his thumbs beneath the band of the shorts. "Shall I take it off?" Naruto asked in a teasing tone.

Sasuke raised an elegant brow, as if saying, "Obviously".

Naruto gave a light huff of laughter. He then slowly turned around, presenting Sasuke with his broad back. The blond-haired tease then looked over his shoulder with a smirk, and began to lower the shorts, inch by inch. Slowly, two dimples perched at the small of his back were revealed, and then—to Sasuke's pleasure—the tanned, round, globes of his ass were fully unveiled. The thinnest, black g-string rode between those cheeks, and Sasuke absentmindedly found himself thinking that it would've been better if the other hadn't worn anything at all. Naruto quickly divested himself of the shorts, tossing it on top of his shirt in the corner.

"Do you wanna touch? Just don't get too fresh," he warned lightly when Sasuke's hands were midway to touching him.

Sasuke, however, was only paying attention to him with half a mind. When he felt the skin of the other's back, he thought it felt like touching corded silk. It was smooth and yet firm with strength. Sasuke's steady, pale hands then ran down the back once, before rising, and travelling back down again. Then, he finally got to run his hands lightly over the fantastic ass that fascinated him. He couldn't decide yet if he liked it more than the blond-haired man's eyes, but it was close. He skimmed the firm buttocks for a moment, readying to squeeze them until he felt Naruto's hands grasp his own. "That's enough for now. Now let me do my thing," he assured, with a roguish smile.

Sasuke sighed quietly. He would pout if it were in his character to do so. Instead, he complied and returned his hands to his lap. Naruto then began to move his hips again, rotating them slowly, seductively. Sasuke felt himself harden in his pants, as he watched the muscles in Naruto's back work and the muscles of his ass clench and release. Naruto then bent over slightly and ran one finger over the crack of his ass. He did this repeatedly, before moving lower for a moment, and then rising again. Then, Naruto finally backed up on him, pressing his backside to Sasuke's groin, as he braced on Sasuke's knees.

Shit. Sasuke opened his legs further, rubbing his sweaty palms against his upper thighs, since he could do nothing else. He watched, as the tanned ass rubbed in gentle circles against the area, before switching rhythm and moving up and down, instead. Sasuke could feel his neck begin to perspire.

Naruto then stood upright and turned. There was a brazen smirk on his handsome face, and Sasuke watched, as one tanned hand ran down that bare chest again, to eventually glide over his half-hardened, clothed erection. It was barely contained by the elastic pouch, which Sasuke realized, was sheer. It would be so easy to rip it apart, Sasuke thought brashly.

Naruto then laid a hand on Sasuke's chest, running it gently across the breadth of it for a few moments, before he finally brought his other hand to join it. He then gripped the lapels of the jacket. "How about we make you a little bit more comfortable," he suggested smoothly. Sasuke barely had time to reply before insistent hands were pushing the jacket off his shoulders. Sasuke aided him. He then tossed the jacket aside on the edge. Naruto then ran hands along the other's nape. "You have great shoulders. You must work out, huh," he murmured admiringly.

"When I can," Sasuke managed to reply, his eyes travelling down the other's long body.

"Good, then that means you can handle some weight," the other said, before unexpectedly turning around, and settling himself in Sasuke's lap. Sasuke could feel his body warm up a few more degrees.

"Relax," Naruto soothed upon hearing the other's intake of breath. He leaned back fully against Sasuke's chest. "Just feel."

Sasuke grunted, thoroughly overwhelmed with the sensations the other's body simply being on his gave him. Slowly, Naruto began to move on him, rotating his hips repeatedly on what was now a full hard on. The motion caused the cloth of his boxers to rub deliciously over the sensitive skin of his cock, and Sasuke felt as if he were caught between heaven and hell, knowing that his own actions were limited. Naruto then reached up with one arm and wrapped his hand around the back of Sasuke's neck, as he turned his face into the crook of the other's neck. Sasuke could feel Naruto's breath puffing against his sensitive neck, and Sasuke instantly brought his face closer. He smells wonderful, the dark-haired rocker thought. He knew that he would forever associate the fresh, sensual smell with the blond-haired dancer.

As he inhaled the other's intoxicating scent, Sasuke found himself imagining what it would be like to reach beneath the warm body on top of his and tear the flimsy piece of cloth that kept the other covered to his eyes. Then he would unzip himself, slick himself up, and plunge in between the meaty globes that felt so divine on him. Yeah, he would do it—if he were allowed to.

"Does it feel good?" Naruto whispered into his neck. It was a breathy, husky question that made Sasuke's aching length throb more within the confines of his pants. He could feel himself leaking.

"Yeah," Sasuke breathed back.

Naruto then reached down and grabbed his hands, where they were at his sides. He positioned them on his tanned, near-naked hips, and held them there firmly with his own hands. "You can touch me here, but keep them there." He then wound his right arm behind Sasuke's neck again and began to gyrate harder, rubbing his ass against Sasuke's erection. The rocker controlled a near-gasp from escaping. The friction was simply unbelievable and he found himself squirming slightly into the couch instead of bucking up into the other's ass, as he so fervently wanted to.

"Damn," he suddenly muttered in Japanese. He could suddenly feel the pleasure increase by various degrees. The familiar ache concentrating in the center of his groin began to intensify. "I…Naruto."

"It's okay. Cum if you want to, Sasuke. Let it go," the other urged softly.

It had been too long since the last time Sasuke had found a physical release. He couldn't hold out anymore. The words instantly triggered a signal in his brain that quickly ran through the rest of his tense body. Without warning, the concentrated pleasure grew within him until it burst like a firework, and he came with a quiet sigh, his mouth open alongside the other's brow.

Feeling Sasuke shudder, Naruto soothingly rubbed the rocker's neck with one hand, and rubbed his thigh with the other. He continued to rub for a few minutes until Sasuke's breathing had returned to normal. Naruto then lifted his head slightly and looked at Sasuke. "Felt good, huh?" he said with a bright smile, as if they hadn't just done a naughty act.

Sasuke unexpectedly found himself giving a lopsided smirk. "Yeah," he replied with a shake of his head.

'Good' doesn't even begin to describe it, he thought to himself with satisfaction.

"What do you mean?" Sasuke spoke into his cell phone the following afternoon. He was at Ukaitei restaurant in Shibuya with his two friends. Seated at a small cubicle near a window, his friends were currently digging into their meal of grilled snapper wrapped in seaweed. Sasuke had been doing the same until his band manager called him.

"Yeah, I've been working on them." A pause ensued. "Yeah, because I'm one of the lucky few who get to work while on vacation," he remarked dryly. Sasuke listened in with half an ear as the man with the familiar raspy voice informed him with the latest news regarding their tour on the other end.

"Wait, what?" he said after a minute, in response to something that was said. "Two more dates?" Sasuke sighed. "What's the point of declaring the Asian leg over with if it isn't really over with, then?" he snapped. "Look, you can talk to me more about this later. I'm eating. I'm eating. Goodbye, Hamura," he dismissed, pressing the end button on his cell phone. He promptly put it on silent.

"So I take it that more performances are still to come?" Shikamaru said wryly, as he observed the other across from him.

"They're working you hard, huh, Sasuke," Jūgo said next Shikamaru.

Sasuke sighed, shaking his head slightly. "The band wants to close the tour off in Japan. We've been offered the opportunity to play at the Dome."

Shikamaru's eyes widened. "Tokyo Dome?" At Sasuke's nod, he smiled. "Wow. That's an honor, Sasuke. Bands work for years to get the opportunity."

"I know," he said softly. Playing at the Tokyo Dome was not something easily achieved in the visual kei rock world. Granted, they weren't as visual anymore, having leaned more towards mainstream in terms of their looks in the past two years, but their music was still a symbol of it. "It's strange. I thought I'd be more excited about it."

"What do you mean," Jūgo, inquired. The tall man set his chopsticks down and paid close attention.

Sasuke shrugged. "It's hard to explain," he replied, reaching over and taking a sip of the Coca-Cola he'd ordered.

Shikamaru observed his friend closely. He'd known the other for ten years now, and had been his friend throughout good times and bad, just as Jūgo had. As of late, he'd realized how much the stress of his rocker lifestyle was affecting him—more so after he came out. Shikamaru felt like he could only do so much, being a non-band member. "Sasuke, you need a long vacation, man," he said, picking at his food.

"Believe me, I know."

"Why don't you guys go on a hiatus? It doesn't have to be long. Maybe six months," Jūgo offered.

Sasuke snorted derisively. "It's easier said than done. We just secured a chance to submit a song for another soundtrack, we're doing a tour, and doing the Tokyo Dome in a month and a half. That won't be happening. We're peaking and…it's fun, but…"

"But it's overwhelming," Shikamaru finished for him. "Sasuke, I really think you need to consider the hiatus thing when the tour is over. Even a six-month break or something. Your situation isn't quite like the other guys in the band. I know it has to be lonely on the road sometimes."

Sasuke blinked absently at his glass of soda, watching as a rivulet of condensation travelled down its side. It was too difficult at the moment for him to voice just how correct Shikamaru was with that last statement. Lonely was how he felt when the guys in the band were talking about girls and he felt inclined to retire to his room instead. Lonely was how he felt whenever he spotted a gay couple strolling together. Lonely was how he felt when he had to go to clubs on his own. Although he hadn't felt so lonely last night, he thought, an unbidden smile suddenly curling at the edge of his lips.

"Creepy. What was that, Shikamaru?" Jūgo remarked, leaning close to Shikamaru's side.

"I believe that was a rare phenomenon with Sasuke called the 'secret smile'" Shikamaru replied in a conspiratorial tone. "Don't blink. It might never happen again."

"You guys are idiots," Sasuke snorted.

Shikamaru chuckled. "Seriously though. What was that about?"

Sasuke shook his head, crossing his arms. "Secret smiles are secret for a reason."

"Well now we've been exposed to the secret smile. So tell us," Jūgo insisted, sipping from his water.

Sasuke shook his head again. "When I'm ready to, you will be the first to know," he assured steadily, sending a teasing smirk.

Shikamaru sighed, knowing they weren't going to get anything out of the other. His stubbornness was enough to drive even the most patient man crazy sometimes. "Just tell me this. Whatever this thing is…is it good?"

Sasuke considered the question for a moment, a smile playing at is lips again, as he thought of the verbal exchange that he'd had with the blond-haired stripper. "Yeah."

Naruto sat at his dresser in the 69 Club, sipping a can of soda, as he flipped through a magazine. He'd already performed twice for the night. After having showered, he put on a new set of clothes, consisting of a white shirt, black shorts, and boots. He actually preferred jeans, but apparently, the patrons liked to see him in shorts, as was informed to him by Kakashi. Whatever brings in the money, he'd told the older man in response.

Although he did have his limits. There were certain acts he simply would not do. He never did full-on nudity, for instance, preserving what little modesty he could afford. His more money desperate coworkers willingly submitted to it on the nights when the parties really became wild. Naruto also didn't take well to nozoki beya. For some reason the country's men had developed, what, in his opinion, were the strangest fetishes, one of the most popular being watching people shower or bathe from a peephole. He understood voyeurism, of course, but why watch, when one can participate up close, he felt. He also didn't allow manhandling of his private areas without consent. Some of the drunker, bleary-eyed salary men often became far too physical for his liking, particularly in the private rooms. On a few occasions, he'd punched the lights out of some of them, for shoving their hands in areas they weren't supposed to—not that he had to fend for himself. They had three strapping bouncers that regularly patrolled the club to provide assistance and security.

More often than not, however, Naruto enjoyed his job. The amount of money he made was more than enough to satisfy his monetary needs. There were things he wanted to do and places he wanted to go to, and when he had vacation days, he could do a lot of that. Admittedly, he also liked being the center of attention, and his job kept him in an unambiguous spotlight. Although that also had some drawbacks, and he'd had to sacrifice quite a bit due to that. In the past two nights, however, he'd been experiencing the benefits of his job.

Naruto smiled a little. Sasuke was a type of man he didn't get to see very often. When he'd taken the stage two nights earlier, the man's moody good looks had instantly attracted his attention. The thick ebony hair, regal features, and searing dark eyes that seemed to have the power of a magnet, had drawn him in like a moth to a flame. Rarely were the men ever that good looking around here or quite that generous. When he'd returned to the dressing room Saturday night, he'd been surprised to count a total of 70,000 yen from him alone, after his stage performance. He'd felt shocked, flattered, and unmistakably grateful. When the man had returned last night and asked for him, Naruto knew that he'd wanted to give him a good one-on-one show. He liked to think that he was always good, but he had to acknowledge to himself that he wasn't always motivated to perform enthusiastically for every patron. Last night, however, there wasn't any doubt that he'd wanted to show off for Sasuke. With most customers, he had to fantasize that they were the type he'd want to do this for, but with Sasuke, he found the man very attractive in person, and genuinely enjoyed the reactions he could bring forth from the dark-haired man. It had been a true pleasure.

Naruto set the magazine aside on the dresser, leaning his head back against the chair he sat in. The dressing room was a well-lit, large, rectangular room that held several small stations for the dancers. It also had two small shower stalls, a bathroom, and small table for eating. Naruto glanced at the clock on the far left wall. It was already midnight. As it was a Monday going on Tuesday, it wasn't that full and activity was slow. He glanced over as one of his coworkers came in from the main floor, shoving aside the curtain.

"I need water," Sai declared. The pale-skinned dancer with short black hair had been away for a good half-hour. Clad in a blue thong, the man grabbed a towel he'd left at his personal station, which was next to Naruto's.

"Worked your ass off?" Naruto quipped, his eyes alight with humor, as he handed the other a water bottle from the small fridge they kept between their dressers. A year older than his own twenty-five years, the dark-haired, Japanese native had been working at the 69 Club from day one. Naruto was fond of Sai, even though the bastard had come onto him at their very first meeting. Ino had assured him afterwards that it was a strange form of hazing the other tended to do, and that considering that he hadn't beaten the other blue for it Naruto had passed. During the times when he'd thought he'd have a nervous breakdown over various situations that had arisen over the last year and a half, Sai had always offered a shoulder to lean on.

"Thanks," Sai replied, accepting the bottle. After a long sip, the other sighed, proceeding to wipe off his chest. "You look like you're ready to go home."

Naruto smiled. "I think I am. Tomorrow I have some studying to do."

"Getting ready for those final exams, huh?"

"Yeah. The time is almost near. A few more weeks and it's all over with," Naruto replied.

"I can't believe—"

"Naruto," Ino suddenly stuck her head past the curtain. The pretty, blond-haired girl had been working there as a host since the beginning. She was one out of two females who worked there. "You're needed for a champagne room service in fifteen."

Naruto sighed. "Really?" he murmured somewhat unenthusiastically. "Any idea who it is?"

"Cheer up. It's that hot guy from last time," she said with a smile.

Naruto suddenly felt a sliver of excitement course up his spine. Sasuke. "Is that so? Hey! Before you go, why don't you tell Kakashi to arrange it for room C?" he requested.

"Ooh, something different, huh? I'm on it," Ino said with a wink.

Sai looked at him. "I don't know how you do it. You always get the good ones."

Naruto chuckled, looking like a satisfied cat. "I'm good."

Fifteen minutes later, after a quick wash-up and a few light sprays of AXE, Naruto redressed in his previous clothing, and arrived at room C. The room was dark but all of the furnishing and walls—with the exception of the booth—was made of clear glass that was lit up with neon lighting that flashed intermittently.

Naruto's blue eyes immediately gravitated towards the dark figure that sat in the booth in the corner of the room. He was languidly reclining against the dark cushions. Tonight, Sasuke was dressed in his leather pants, with what looked like a fine, black, blazer jacket, and a dark linen shirt with the first top buttons undone. Sexy doesn't even cut it, Naruto thought to himself.

"Hey, you're back," Naruto greeted in English with a smile. He sauntered over to Sasuke, bypassing the table in front of him. The other straightened a little upon seeing him. "Did you miss me?"

Sasuke chuckled a little, that familiar smirk that Naruto had grown fond of, curling perfect, sensual lips. "Don't give yourself too much credit. I was just passing by."

"Is that so? Well, you seem to be passing around here often then. And just around the same time too," Naruto remarked knowingly, as he sat down on Sasuke's left.

"Just a strange coincidence," Sasuke said nonchalantly.

"That's happened three times in a row?" Naruto said, making them both chuckle. Naruto liked making the other laugh. He had fantastic cheekbones that were exposed when he did. Naruto eyed the bucket of champagne on the mini bar in the corner. "Would you like me to serve you champagne?"

He shook his head, his dark bangs brushing against his face. "No, thank you. I'm not all that crazy about it," he said, draping an around the top of the couch, behind Naruto.

Naruto's brows rose. "You don't like it?"

Sasuke sighed a little. "Not really. It isn't bad. However, I prefer whiskey. Preferably Scotch."

Naruto studied him. That suits him nicely, he thought. "Yeah, I can see that. You like beer?"

"Kirin Ichiban and Heineken," he replied smartly. "You?"

"Sapporo and Heineken," Naruto replied with a smile. "You know, you could get the room without the champagne. Kakashi just sells it to you like that to get you to spend more."

Sasuke let out a half-hearted huff of amusement. "I know. I don't mind it though. They can keep it, or you can give it to one of your friends. It doesn't matter."

Naruto eyed him watchfully. "You seem a bit pensive tonight."

Sasuke looked at him.

"Sorry. It's just, your face and your expression—it's a bit drawn. I can't help but notice these things in my line of work," Naruto offered.

Sasuke gave a deep sigh now, momentarily looking up at the ceiling. "I just have a lot on my mind."

"Wanna talk about it? We strippers are sometimes like therapists, just without the documentation," he remarked glibly.

Sasuke gave a huff of laughter. He shook his head. "It's difficult to explain," he eventually replied, turning a bit towards the other.

"Try me," Naruto insisted.

Sasuke looked at him, searching his gaze for a long moment, before looking away. "My line of work is a bit…unusual."

"Like mine?"

"Well…in a way, I suppose. Unusual hours, artistically demanding. The thing is I work in conjunction with other people."

Naruto looked down between them for a moment, as if considering his next question. He lifted his gaze back up. "Do you work in the entertainment industry?"

Sasuke nodded absently, staring down at a spot on the carpeted floor. "I'm a songwriter."

Naruto nodded after a moment. "So I guess it must be very stressful?"

"Yes. Sometimes."

"So, you're burning out, you think?" Naruto asked, leaning back against the cushion.

"I haven't burned out yet," Sasuke replied somewhat testily, removing his arm, and resting it at his side. "I have the desire to keep striving to reach the top, but I've been doing that for the last seven years, consistently."He shrugged a shoulder. "I just feel…" He snorted derisively then. "Never mind," he muttered.

Naruto looked at him with concern. He carefully weighed his words before saying them. "Sasuke…do your peers, the ones you work with closely…do they know that you're gay?" he asked hesitantly.

Sasuke looked at him, a defensive expression crossing his face before gradually easing away. He sighed. "Yes. It's just difficult to handle it all when they aren't."

"And everyone else thinks you aren't," Naruto added perceptively.

Sasuke glanced at him, before looking away. "Right."

Naruto sighed, feeling painfully for the other. He felt like he was finally getting a better-rounded view of who Sasuke was as a person. It wasn't something he cared to experience with the other clientele, but…Sasuke was different. He couldn't quite explain it, but the dark-haired man was nothing like anyone else he'd ever dealt with. Beneath that handsome layer of skin, this man was hurting, he now knew. Having been in his shoes, Naruto knew what it was like to hide one's true feelings from the world and to live a lie.

Naruto reached out and laid a hand gently on his leather-clad thigh, waiting for Sasuke to look at him. "I know what you've been through. I've been through it too. It might be awhile, but trust me, it does get better." He then watched as sooty lashes fanned pale cheeks, as the other blinked a few times.

Sasuke leaned back, resting his head on the high cushion of the booth behind. He closed his eyes. "I might've said too much," he murmured.

Naruto smiled a little. "Don't be an idiot." Naruto suddenly stood, approaching the sturdy, clear-glass table in front of them. It too was changing colors with the lighting fixture attached to its base. He suddenly took off his shoes, the sound making Sasuke's eyes snap open.

"What are you—"

"Shut up and just watch," he said teasingly. He rose onto the table and positioned himself on his knees. Seeing that he had the other's attention, he stroked his chest and abdomen, satisfied with how Sasuke's eyes were following the movements of his hands. Gradually he began to lift the hem of his shirt, and rid himself of it, tossing it unceremoniously onto the corner of the booth. Sasuke sat up now. Moving his hips in subtle circles, Naruto eventually leaned forward, and reached for Sasuke's hands. Silently, Sasuke followed his lead, as he led his hands to the elastic band of his shorts.

He caught Sasuke's gaze. "Help me take it off," he softly demanded. Guiding Sasuke's fingers, he hooked them around the band, the other's thumbs gently gliding against the skin of his abdomen. Then he guided them downwards, tugging the material with the motion. As Sasuke slowly kept tugging, Naruto leaned back and lifted his hips, bringing his legs forward from under him. Sasuke pulled the shorts off the rest of the way, and tossed them in the corner without a glance.

Sasuke suddenly smiled appreciatively. "Orange g-string. This is different," he commented, as he eyed the thin, stretchy cloth covering the other's package.

Naruto grinned cheekily. "It's actually my favorite color."

"I'll remember that in the future," Sasuke murmured. His smile eased away, as his gaze became hooded.

Naruto propped himself back up onto his knees. He felt so good—he felt so desired—as he saw the way Sasuke's beautiful eyes skimmed over his body. He was often complimented on his physique, but Sasuke hadn't commented much on it at all, and yet his heated silence outweighed all the compliments of the world. He slowly guided his right hand down his chest, and then skimmed past his navel, until he reached his pelvis, where his g-string hung low. Then, holding Sasuke's gaze, he slowly snuck his hand past the g-string band and into his crotch. His fingers touched the warm skin of his own cock, and he felt himself up, squeezing his length, which had been gradually stirring to life. Closing his eyes, his head fell backwards, as he did this a few times. When he lifted his head back up and opened his eyes, he was pleased to see Sasuke visibly swallowing and licking his lips slightly, the reflection of the changing colored lights playing along his face. Sasuke was definitely turned on. Good, Naruto thought with fierce approval.

Naruto dragged his hand out. He then leaned forward, and very carefully planted his hands on Sasuke's knees. Sensing his intentions, Sasuke gripped his arms and dragged him into his lap. Naruto settled his bare thighs on both sides of Sasuke's leather-clad ones on the cushion. He felt, rather than saw, Sasuke's fists clench at Naruto's sides, alongside his legs. They were now face-to-face. Naruto could feel Sasuke's rapid heartbeat, and smell the beguiling scent of his cologne, which was a wonderfully cool, woodsy scent that he found suited the other. He could feel the wonderful warmth of the other's lean body, which Naruto knew was as gorgeous as the rest of him. Looking into those dark eyes, Naruto was suddenly besieged with the need to be close to him—closer than he'd ever been to anyone before.

He aligned himself until his aching length, which was now fully erect and peeking out of the g-string crotch, nestled against the rise of Sasuke's solid hard-on. Holding his intense gaze, Naruto then grabbed Sasuke hands and guided around his body until they reached his backside. Then, pressing forward, he filled Sasuke's palms with the weight of his bare ass cheeks. Naruto could see the question swirling amid the arousal in the other's obsidian eyes.

"Tonight is about you, Sasuke," he murmured softly, near the other's mouth. Their noses bumped. "Feel…touch me." Then, wrapping his arms around the other's steady shoulders, he began to move on Sasuke. He ground his hips against the other, creating sweet friction between their swollen cocks. Naruto sighed in pleasure as he felt Sasuke knead his butt cheeks, those talented fingers warming them with the heat generating from his palms.

"Yeah, just like that," Naruto whispered, closing his eyes. His head tipped back then, and he vaguely felt Sasuke nuzzle the crook of his neck. The pleasure was building at an alarming rate, and he felt Sasuke begin to buck gently against him, aiding in their friction. Naruto lifted his head, burying his face in Sasuke's soft hair, which smelled wonderfully like the finest of shampoos. He loosened his arms a bit to run his hands through the rich dark hair at the other man's nape. Sensing Sasuke shiver, he knew he'd discovered an erogenous zone, and he lowered his face, opening his mouth slightly, letting his breath blow against the other's pale skin. Sasuke groaned now, and Naruto swore he felt his cock harden even more so. He was no longer aware of the time or their surroundings. All that mattered was making Sasuke feel good—making them both feel good.

Their breaths coming out in near gasps now, Naruto could feel the tightening of his groin. He lifted his face, his forehead damp, and now pressed against Sasuke's. "S-Sasuke…" he groaned, lost in the delicious sensations. "Are you…"

"Y-yeah," came the husky reply. Together, they ground harshly against each other, rubbing their aching, confined erections against one another. "Hold me," Sasuke roughly demanded then.

Naruto immediately wrapped his arms around the other, pressing their bodies as close as he could get. The pressure built, and built in inexplicable levels, until it felt like a dam that was finally rupturing. Naruto gasped as he came against Sasuke, his cum spurting forth between their stomachs. He sighed in satisfaction a few moments later when Sasuke trembled against him with a groan. For a few minutes, neither said nothing as they remained wrapped around each other, Sasuke's palms still on Naruto's ass, and Naruto's arms still wrapped tightly around the other.

When their breathing slowed, Naruto finally pulled back a little, until he could clearly see the other's face. "Sasuke…"

Sasuke dragged his palms up, and ran both hands gently up his back. "Yeah?" he replied gruffly, meeting Naruto's eyes.

Naruto laid his hands on the other's shoulders, gripping them soothingly. "I know who you are. I've known all this time. You don't have to hide from me. Okay?" he said seriously.

The blond-haired dancer could feel Sasuke stiffen against him, surprise most likely radiating through him. Naruto stared quietly as the other looked searchingly into his eyes.

Sasuke's mouth parted slightly, but no words came forth.



Authors Note: This was a little brainstorm that originally popped into my head weeks ago, and I proceeded to post it on my other accounts outside of here. After some deliberation, I decided to post it on here by request. However, only the edited version will be posted. The full version will continue to be posted on my tumblr, y!, and AFF, so you can take your pick.

It started off as a one-shot, but by the end of it, I realized that it had potential for an extra part...or two, and judging by the early reviewers' feedback, I should go with that idea, ha. Anyway, quite a bit of research was done for this and all the locations mentioned are very much real. Originally, this was just going to be about the power of seduction, but, as usual, my brain insisted on something else, and I unintentionally gave it a bit more "heart" than I intended. I was going to try to get part two out last week, but then the Olympics happened, and...yeah (i live for that stuff). So it'll be out soon. Hope you enjoyed it.