The bells clanged, ringing out in joy and splendor.

They reflected the Armaya Kingdom's mood. At that moment, a great feast was being held in the dining hall of the Royal Castle, and the whole city was there. They were celebrating the safe return of Great King Darius's eldest son, Prince Mason, from the great wars raging to the southeast of the city against the Desert Bandits who were trying to destroy all civilization in the world of Minecraftia. Or at least that was what the leaders said.

Outside the castle, a steady stream of citizens were flowing in to the spacious dining hall. In that torrent of people, two teenagers were having an animated conversation, to say the least.

"Come on man, what do you mean you aren't coming to the feast?" said the first.

"I told you, I have something else to do." replied the second.

"Daniel, what could ever come between us and that amazing food they have in there?" said the first one again.

"Not us. Me. Like I said Cliff-" Daniel was cut off. "It's Clifford! Not Cliff, not Cliffo, not anything else!" Cliff angrily interjected.

"Whatever. Like I said," he paused, "Cliffford, I have something else to do. I'm not a food snob like you."

"It's not my fault my dad's a cook! What the matter with liking food?" Cliff said.

"Nothing-look, I need to get to my parents, they're going to be at the back of the line. I'll see you inside." Daniel quickly lied as he hurried out of the entryway they had reached while they were talking.

What Cliff couldn't know was that Daniel Redstone had no parents-they were dead. Daniel had grown up in a rural town on the outskirts of Armaya territory. His town had been destroyed in one of the first Desert Bandit raids. Daniel had grown up in the City and was a blacksmith's apprentice. A quite good one, as he might say. But Daniel has other aspirations…

Daniel ran through the now deserted streets of Armaya City. Past the mansion, through Main Street, a left on Oak Boulevard, and up Weapon Lane and into the Cabe's Blacksmith shop, where he ran to his room and grabbed his personal iron sword. He tucked it away and started running back towards the castle.

Hello everyone, this is just a introduction chapter for our protagonist, Daniel Redstone! I will now give all the credit for the idea o for last names being resources found in Minecraft to the author of Prophecy of Minecraftia, MachanixAngel! (Cheers and applause!) Please feel free to review. Daniel and Cliff are only two main/secondary characters in the story, and the next chapter will be dealing with the third character! There may be opportunities for OC submissions later in the story! Will try to update every 1 or 2 days!