Hi, This is my sequel to the actual book, Stay out of The Basement. I do not own anything but my plot. Now on with it!

Margaret's Pov

Why the heck did this plant just say he was my real dad?! "Margaret, did you hear me? I'm your real dad!" I then said," Then, how come when he sliced you, it was a stem?". "Because, he swapped our dna's but I didn't know what happened, so I just locked him in the supply closet, and I locked Mr. Martinez in the closet because when we got down there, he started stepping on all the good plants and saying how I'm no good to work there, unless I'm under 24 hour survaillence, so I got angry and locked him in there" he said. I said,"Well, how do I know that your not lying?". " Come on, Fatso, help me!". " How?" I said. "Well, you have to dig me up, CAREFULLY, then take me down to the basement. You will have to put me in the electrical booth. Then, you have to trick the other dad into getting into the other one, like put a blind fold on him and say you have a surprise for him in the basement, then we switch dna's after you push the button, and I'll be your dad again". I then ran away. " Casey!". He came out of the living room," What?". " I was just outside and one of 'Dad's plants said he was our real dad,". Casey said," Seriously, then what are we going to do and do you believe Plant Dad?". " Kinda" I said. " Margeret, Casey, what are you talking about!?". Casey and I turned around and saw...

Hahahahahahahaha, cliffhanger! I'll update after I get about five reviews telling me what you think about the first chapter. And also, for the people who haven't read Stay Out of the Basement, you should borrow it from your local library. See ya!