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Margaret's Pov

I was telling Casey how the plant said he was our real dad and the other dad said,"Margaret, Casey, what are you talking about?".

"Just a program we saw on the tv" I nervously said.

He narrowed his eyes and said,"Casey, what show were you and Margaret watching?".

Casey stuttered,"Um... a show about... about... plants!".

Yes! I thought.

I nodded as if confirming what Casey had said.

He just kept looking back in for between Casey and I then he left.

Casey let out a sigh.

We both sat on the couch and kept talking but quietly.

Casey and I were debating about which one is real. He then said,"I think the dad that's in human form is real. The plant dad had a stem in him!".

I retorted,"Well, what if human dad switched their dna's?".

Casey replied,"You may be right. So if we are planning on doing this, we have to go to the basement, and unlock that door where the booths are".

I said,"Yeah, it'll be easier since we are aloud to go down there now".

"Ok, so do you want to start at about 1 am, when we know they will be asleep?" Casey asked.

"Sure" I answered.

1 am Casey's Pov

It was creepy being up again after midnight. I walked down the hall to Margaret's room, and started having flashbacks of when one of the dad's had all the plants. I was so afraid trying to get out of that crazy plant's grasp.

I forgot about the plants and opened the door and saw a stem wrapped around her neck. I ran around the room looking for her scissors. I found them and cut the stem. I threw it out the window not after stepping on it.

She fell to the floor gasping for air. I ran out of her room and came back with a glass of water. She chugged down the water and started breathing heavily.

We both got up. I was about to open the door when we heard footsteps. We froze. They got closer to the door. Margaret and I jumped in her bed so if Dad or Mom goes in my room they'd just think we slept together.

I heard the door open. Margaret started trembling so I pinched her.

I heard Dad mumble to himself,"They aren't asleep".

I got wide-eyed but decided not to tell Margaret.

We heard Mom and Dad's door close so then we crept out of the room and went to the basement.

Margaret went back up to get her robe and left me down there alone.

I got afraid so when she left I stayed by the door.

She came and we went back downstairs.

She said,"Casey, I brought a bobby pin so we can pick the lock".

I nodded.

She put the pin in the lock and started twistin it crazily. She finally got it open.

I hesitantly opened the door and we both gasped.

I couldn't believe what I saw!

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