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{This takes place during Is that a Sick Cat in Your Backpack and while Team Avatar is in Fire Nation disguises.}

It was a cold winter morning and Leyton was laying on the floor next to Skinny Kitty.

"What on Earth are you doing?", Wade asked.

Wade was, of course you already knew, Leyton's fraternal twin brother. He was very smart, wasn't good looking, but knew when his brother was being stupid. Leyton was the one with the looks, but lacked the brain {He has monkeys in his skull}. TJ on the other hand was the little younger brother who was in Elementary School. Leyton let out a snore.

"Wake up you idiot!", Wade yelled.

"What?! Huh?! What was that for?!", Leyton said as he got up, "Why did you kick me?!"

"Because you aren't suppose to sleep on the floor you moron!", Wade said.

"Please stop calling me that!", Leyton yelled.

"Hey what's for breakfast?", TJ said as he yawned.

"Flutternutter Sandwiches... Again...", Leyton said moaning.

Aang and his friends were asleep dreaming of various things. They wondered how many stars were out there. Was there anything else besides the blackness and stars? Could things be different if there was? Out of nowhere a small portal opened. The snoring team was sucked in.

"Hurry up Leyton! We don't have time to pet every dog we walk across! We already got detention for bringing fur in once and we don't need Fibby's mom to come shout in are faces again!", Wade yelled as Leyton petted a large smelly dog.

"Coming! Why are you so bossy!", Leyton said pouting.

As they get closer to the school, TJ sees a pile of children... asleep in the middle of the road.

"Hey guys come and see this!", TJ yells and runs for the pile of children. Daisy is shocked to see it too and runs over to help.

"I thought only Leyton was this feeble minded enough to pull this off!", Wade said.

"Hey!", Leyton yells, "I am NOT that dumb to sleep on the road!"

"But you were dumb enough to sleep with your head in the urinal at school!", Wade said and Leyton blushes.

"I was five and I missed nap time!", Leyton said

One of the kids yawns. He looks a twelve year old.

"Um... guys I think one of them is waking up.", TJ said as the twelve year old got on his feet and RUBBED his backside in his sleep and laid down. The Tardy Boys get a disturbed look on their face. The twelve year old seems to be snoring the loudest.

"Let's carry them into the school. Hopefully this is a good excuse.", Wade says picking up one of the kids. TJ gets one of them and Leyton grabs two of them and they drag them to the school and Daisy helps him. One of the kids Leyton was carrying was mumbling about food eating people.

"Okay. It appears one of them is having a nutty dream! It seems like Leyton's mud pie dream.", TJ said in a chuckling matter.

At the School With No Name, Ulna Mandible was shrieking to Assistant Principle Snout, who of course could not live without Latex Gloves, Masks, and Foam Ear plugs, about furry animals being on school grounds. When the Tardy Boys walked up to Assistant Principal Snout. TJ give Daisy one of the kids and heads for the Elementary School.

"What's your excuse this time?", Snout asked them.

"We found these strange kids sleeping in the middle of the road. We thought we should bring them here so they wouldn't get ran over.", Wade said.

"Your excused for now.", Snout said as the Tardy Boys and Daisy enter and Ulna continues to shriek at Snout.

"We should set them down in the nurses office.", Daisy said and the group drags the kids into the Ms. Take's office {She is the nurse}.

Once in the nurse's office, one of the kids stirs. It's the twelve year old. He moans and rubs his eye.

"Morning Sokka...", As the kid rubs his eye. When the blur clears away he sees he is looking at Wade. The kid jumps back.

"Who are you!", He said.

"I am Wade Tardy. This is my idiotic twin brother Leyton. My younger brother TJ is at the Elementary School right now. And this is our friend Daisy. We found you guys sleeping in the middle of the road and brought you here so you wouldn't get run over or worse."

"Hey I am not an idiot!", Leyton yelled.

"I don't remember sleeping on a road! I was sleeping in the forest camping!", The boy said.

"What's your name?", Daisy said.


"Odd name. this is Ms. Take the nurse. Your in the nurse's office right now by the way.", Wade said, "So who are your friends?"

"This is Sokka, Katara, and Toph.", Aang said gesturing to each of them.

Al-lan walks in.

"Hey so where were you guys? You missed first period!", Al-lan said. He was the Tardy Boy's alien paranoid friend. He was wearing tin foil and dog tags.

"What in the world are you wearing?", Aang asked.

"I am wearing this to protect myself from aliens.", Al-lan said.

Aang just tilts his head looks confused.

"No don't eat me you giant banana! I will make you feel bad.", Sokka says in his sleep. Everyone just laughs which wakes everyone else up.

"What's so funny?", Sokka says then realizes where they where, "WHERE ARE WE DID WE GET CAPTURED AGAIN?! ARE WE IN A FIRE NATION PRISON?!"

"Calm down everyone! I will explain.", Wade said.

After trying to tell the ones who just woke up what happened they realize, this isn't the Fire Nation.

"What's the Fire Nation?", Daisy asks.

"Seriously you don't know?!", Sokka said, "It's only the most ruthless, no mercy giving, war waging civilization in the world!"

Daisy goes wide eyed at hearing that. She of course was a peace loving hippie child.

"That sounds terrible! But I haven't heard about it. I feel really bad for what damage they might have caused.", Daisy said shedding a tear.

"Can we see a map?", Sokka asks.

Moments later Wade comes back with a map and shows them {It shows the Seven Continents you know}.

"What?! I never seen these land forms on the maps! Where is the Water Tribes?! Where's the Earth Kingdom?! No Fire Nation!?", Sokka says looking everywhere on the map including behind.

"Your looking at the Seven Continents. You know: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Antarctica, Africa, and Australia.", Wade said.

"We have never heard of those.", Katara said look very confused.

"I agree with Sugar Queen!", Toph said.

Sokka pulls out his map of the world.

" I will show you that map is wrong! Look.", Sokka said pointing to each location, "Air Nomads, Water Tribes, Fire Nation, and Earth Kingdom."

"Dude! That is just a fantasy map!", Wade said, "This is a real map!"

"No! This is!", Sokka said shoving the map in Wade's face.

"Guys stop fighting!", Aang said trying to stop the chaos. They won't stop so he Airbends his voice, "STOP FIGHTING!"

Everyone blinks. Papers are blown everywhere and the door is slammed shut. Daisy and Leyton's hair is messed up

"Woah! That... Was... Awesome!", Al-lan said, "He shut the doors without touching it! And the papers are everywhere!"

"Calm down Al-lan.", Wade said, and Al-lan looks like he is about to say something else. "And no, he does not have Telekinesis."

Everyone just stares at Al-lan. Sokka shakes his head.

"Wait. I just thought of something. They have maps that don't look like are's, he slammed the doors and made papers go al over the place, and they never seen our maps.", Al-lan said trying figure something out. "They are from ANOTHER PLANET!"

Wade face palms.

"Dude! Have you been reading too much Alien stories again? That's worse than Leyton's theory that you can grow toilets from trees!"

"Well how else can explain?", Al-lan said.

"They might just be hallucinating!", Wade said.

"Hey! I haven't hit the cactus juice in months and I know it's out of my head!", Sokka said.

Wade face palms again.

"Dude! You should know better!", Wade said.

"Okay. Let me ask them something.", Al-lan said, "Wade is being stubborn. If you are okay with it, can you show us what you can do?"

"Should we Sokka?", Katara whispers.

"As long this is not the Fire Nation it should be alright.", Sokka whispers.

"Okay here it goes.", Katara says as she bends the water out of the toilet. She swings the water all around gaining a lot of amazement. She the turns the water into ice then back into water and returns the water to the toilet. Everyone claps.

"Your turn Toph.", Katara says.

Toph bends the tiles and the metal that is in the room. This impresses everyone even more.

"Go for it Twinkle Toes!", Toph says punching Aang to the ground. Everyone stares at Toph.

"What?! It's how I show affection... Or annoyance...", Toph says glaring at Sokka.

Aang gets up and forms his Air Scooter and rides all over the place, even the ceiling. Then he bends the water out of the toilet and plays in it by submerging himself in it and made it look like an octopus. Everyone laughs. He returns it to the toilet then does Earthbending. He launches Sokka into the ceiling with Earthbending. Sokka dangles from the ceiling.

"AANG!", Sokka yells, "GET ME DOWN!"

Aang uses suction and Airbends Sokka out of the ceiling. Sokka has a rather sour face.

"Can he do anything?", Al-lan says pointing to Sokka.

"No. He is basically the Idea guy, the Complaining guy, the Meat and Sarcasm guy, and the guy with a boomerang.", Katara says.

"Are convinced now Wade?", Al-lan said in a snarky tone.

Wade sighs and nods in defeat.

Aang's head band falls off. It turns out he didn't secure it well and became loose when he was bending. He scrambles to put it back on.

"Wait I saw something. Are you hiding something?", Leyton said, "I saw a glimpse of it when your head band fell off!"

"I thought you had that thing secure before we went to bed!", Sokka whispered into Aang's ear. Aang blushes.

"Well? What's underneath that head band?", Wade said giving an intimating look. Aang sighs and takes it off. They see his arrow. They go in shock.

"Who let you get tattoos?! It's illegal for kids under eight-teen to get them with out parental consent!", Wade said, "Oh Principal Stratemeryer and Assistant Principle Snout are gonna kill you! Hopefully you can hide it! Please tell me you got permission!"

"You could say permission cause you get them when you master Airbending you earn them to show you mastered it.", Aang said sheepishly. Leyton becomes dumb found. Wade sighs in relief that at least he had some sort of okay.

"You will just have to tell them you got the okay then.", Wade said.

"The okay for what?", a voice said.

Everyone turns around. Fibby is standing there, the daughter of Ulna Mandible.

"Hello there Ms. Mandible! What brings you up here?", Ms. Take said.

"It's gym time for me and you now what my mom said. I am allergic to gym.", Fibby said. She spots Aang's tattoo. "Why on Earth does he have a tattoo?"

Wade starts explaining. This is going to be a long day.

When the Tardy Boys with Sokka and Aang go to gym they look around the locker room. Katara and Toph went to the girls locker room with Daisy.

"This is the boy's locker room!", Leyton said extending his arms. Sokka sniffs the air. He cringes.

"What is that smell?!", Sokka says pinching his nose.

"That is our WORST ARCH ENEMY EVER'S locker. He has an entire aisle to himself and we nicknamed it The Aisle of Death cause in Barton Slugg's locker is the Mother of all Toe Cheese. No it's not the type you eat. It comes from his feet!", Wade said. Sokka and Aang cringe.

"Did I just hear you make fun of my feet?!", A voice said. And right there in front of them was Barton Slugg.

"No we were just explaining the smell that Sokka smelled!", Leyton said going on the defense.

"Well you better have not been making fun of them.", Barton said in a threatening tone. He ignores Aang and Sokka disgust of the smelly trail he left. Aang bends the trail away.

In the gym, it was a free day. Aang decided to show boat his Airbending having many people crowd around. Sokka threw his boomerang around. Katara showed her Waterbending to some kids as well. Toph complained about the floor being wooden and that she couldn't see. She managed to find tiles and bended those getting some attention. As a prank, Aang Airbended Barton into the air and he landed on his butt. Everyone laughs.

"What?! How?! Your going to pay for that!", Barton said and started to chase him.

"Aang what did you do?!", Sokka said.

"I messed with Barton.", Aang said sheepishly. Wade face palmed and Leyton cheered him on. Aang ran into the dusty equipment and began to sneeze and slammed against the ceiling and fell down. Barton snickered at that.

"So dust makes you sneeze and sneezing makes you go flying off huh? Well you better watch your back now cause something will happen.", Barton said.

In Ms. Fitt's social studies class Team Avatar was curious about what goes on here. Leyton was asleep, and Wade was jotting note. Barton grabbed a feather and covered it in black pepper, he walked up to Aang when Ms. Fitt wasn't looking and tickled his nose with it. Aang started to sneeze and went to the ceiling and fell down. The sneeze unleashed a viscous wind blowing the notes away and woke up Leyton. Ms. Fitt turned around to actually see the whole sneezing incident.

"Really Barton?! What was that for?!", Aang said.

"You pranked me so I pranked you back.", Barton said.

"Barton Slugg! You have detention for disturbing class and bothering another student!", Ms. Fitt said filling out an office referral, "Take this up and wait to be spoken with."

Barton grumbles. Even though he found something to torture Aang with, he also found a quick way for detention.

When the Tardy Boys got home they showed Team Avatar would be staying. They saw the broken bicycles, smashed skateboards, bent Razor scooters, partly burned sofas, and plenty of broken toilets that made Team Avatar cringe. Some of the toilets had trees in them which Aang and Sokka found so ridiculous they laughed.

"Well this is our cat Skinny Kitty!", TJ said holding the scruffy cat.

"He looks so cute!", Aang said babying and snuggling the cat. Katara cooed at it. Sokka and Toph walked away from the mushiness being made over the cat.

"You guys are giving me the oogies!", Sokka said immaturely. Wade shot an annoyed look at him.

"Well want to come to RePete's Cat Palace to pick up some more special cat food. Want to come?", Leyton said.

"Sure.", Aang said.

"The rest of us are staying here!", Sokka said. Katara having no choice complies with Sokka.