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Elena's POV

I sit down on the porch with Damon. "So. I take it you and Stefan are good again?"

I shake my head. "Damon I..."

He cuts me off. "Save it Elena. Be sure to let him know I'll leave town now." Damon stands and walks to his car. As he opens the driver door I stand and stalk over to him.

"DAMON." I shout angrily. I grab his arm and turn him around. "The kiss with Stefan; it just happened alright?! That does NOT change what happened this morning. I meant what I said. But I am tired and confused and I don't know what the hell is going on with my blood drinking problem. So can you PLEASE quit being a complete dick?!"

He pauses and runs a hand through his hair. Damon doesn't say anything. He reaches a hand in his pocket and pulls out another letter. "Read this when Stefan isn't around. If you want to get ahold of me, I'm going to New York tonight. Give me a call if you need anything. Goodbye Elena." He gets in the car and drives off.

"DAMON!" I scream and run down my driveway in an attempt to catch him. But I haven't gotten complete control of my vampire speed yet and Damon is gone before I get halfway down the street. "Damon..." He's gone. He left. I wipe tears from my cheeks but it does no good because they keep coming. I turn and slowly walk back up to the house. Stefan opens the door and attempts to pull me into his arms but I push away from him, walking upstairs into my room and closing the door. I lay down on my bed and cry.

Stefan's POV

I sigh as Elena walks up to her room. I know what happened between us was real. We're soul mates. I'm not going to bother her now, she needs to rest. I walk into the kitchen where Klaus and Katherine are. They actually look almost civil... But I want to know how Klaus is alive. I walk over and take him by the collar. "How. Are. You. Alive?" I ask through clenched teeth.

Klaus chuckles and pulls my hands off of him. "Your witch, Bonnie, she saved me. Put me into Tyler's body. She turned me back earlier this morning. Caroline was there ask her," he replies nonchalantly. "Now as for Elena, the lovely Katerina is correct. Her doppleganger blood does require for her to feed from a vein at least one time after turning before she can drink from a blood-bag. Now she should be fine. The only reason I am still here is because I need her alive."

"Why?!" I demand. "She can't make your hybrids anymore Klaus. Leave Elena be!"

Klaus clicks his tongue. "Stefan, Stefan, Stefan, have you learned anything? I always have a plan B. Let me introduce you to someone," he snaps his fingers. "Sam, bring him in." One of the hybrid girls walks with a man, hands cuffed behind his back; she brings him over to Klaus. "Thank you Sam, you can go now." She leaves. "Stefan my old friend, let me introduce you to Connor. He's a vampire hunter; not just any hunter. One of the five."

I give him a confused look. "And this concerns me how?"

Jeremy walks into the kitchen to join the conversation. He stares at Connor intently. "Why all the tattoos man?" he asks, "What d'you need so many for?" Tattoos? What was Jeremy talking about?

The hunter smirks at Jeremy. "A potential. Very nice."

"Klaus. What does he mean a potential?! And what the HELL is 'the five'?!" I shout pounding my fist on the table.

"Jeremy can see the map..." Klaus mutters. "We can find it now."

"KLAUS! What the hell are you talking about?!" I demand.

Klaus looks up at me and smirks. "There's a cure Stefan. I didn't think it'd be possible to find after the original ones had died off. But we have Connor, the hunter, Jeremy, who can see the map, and Rebekah who can help with the last part."

I freeze. "A cure? For vampirism? There's a...cure?" I ask in shock. I can turn Elena back, she can be human again. She can live her life.

Katherine looks shocked as well. "Why didn't I know about this?!"

Klaus chuckles. "Oh Katerina love, so naïve. Correct me if I am wrong but I do believe you've been running from me for hundreds of years now."

Katherine huffs in annoyance and crosses her arms. I look back to Klaus. "What do I need to do?" I ask.

Klaus chuckles and puts a hand on my shoulder. "That Stefan is a tale for another day. Meet me at The Grill tomorrow." He walks out of the kitchen.

I reface Katherine, "What are you still doing here Katherine?" I ask her.

Katherine picks at her nails. "I already told you Stefan. I came back for you. I want to be with you Stefan. I love you." She pauses then asks, "Has Elena been acting different lately?"

I shake my head. "No. She may have ran off but that doesn't mean anything. She was confused and didn't know what she wanted. Why?"

Katherine shrugs wearily. "No reason. Here," she tosses me a blood bag, "She should be able to feed on it now."

I catch the bag and nod. "Thanks," I say coldly before going up to Elena's bedroom.

Elena's POV

I slam my head into my pillow the moment I close my bedroom door. What is going on with me?! The only blood I can keep down is from the vein, I just 'broke up' with Stefan, got with Damon, got back with Stefan, and 'broke up' with Damon again...? I feel hot tears sting my eyes just thinking about it. I feel paper crinkle in my pocket. Right, the note. Damon said read it when Stefan wasn't around. I pull it from my pocket and sit up. Pulling my knees to my chest, I open the envelope and unfold the letter, beginning to read.


I know you're mad at me. I know I'm a dick. I know all these things. But here's something I don't know, how I really feel about you and you me. I think I love you, I have for years now, but then I don't know if you really do love me. If you want us to be together, to out? Come with me to New York. Take the flight up there first thing in the morning. The ticket is in the envelope. I want you there with me. But, I'll understand if you aren't there by tomorrow night. Then I guess I'll have my answer.

Always yours,

There's a knock on my door and I quickly stuff the letter and envelope under my pillow. "Come in."

Stefan opens the door. "Elena, are you alright?"

"Yeah. I'm fine why?"

He walks in with a blood bag. "Katherine and Klaus both said you can drink regular old blood now. Here," he throws me a blood bag, "There's your lunch. You look worn out, why don't you just stay up here for today?"

I open the bag and drink, I hadn't realized how starved I was. "Alright. Thank you Stefan."

He nods and comes over to kiss my hair. "I love you," he mumbles.

"I know," is all I can say. Because it's the only truth. I don't know if I love him the way I did now... He turns and walks out of my room. I quickly go back to the letter and envelope, setting the blood aside.

Reaching inside the envelope, I pull out a single plane ticket to New York City that leaves at six in the morning. I play with the ticket between my fingers. When another wave of nausea hits me, I run to the bathroom and throw up all the blood again. It's after this that I now know my decision. I'm going to New York. It's hard to explain why I decide to go. It's this sensation that if I don't, Damon will be devastated and it'll break his heart. And then there's also the part of me that wants to go.

I walk out of my bathroom and into my closet. "Time to start packing," I mutter.


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