Broken Bough

Chapter 1

What if Harm had confided in Mac when she was investigating Singer's pregnancy while on the Seahawk? Maybe everything else that went wrong after that wouldn't have happened.

Spoilers – "When the Bough Breaks" and the rest of the series.

Only CBS and DPB own the JAG characters. We all like to take them out and play with them. Any other unrecognizable characters may be mine, unless I say otherwise.

AN/: We all know that during that season Catherine Bell's pregnancy put a wrench in the writers' plans to heat up the "Mac and Harm" relationship. So they had to write around that. Here is my treatment of what may have happened if the "Real" life didn't interfere with "Reel" life

November 19, 2002

1007 Zulu

USS Seahawk

Arabian Sea

Harm was lying on his bunk and he was restless. He and Mac were on board for two different investigations. He had a handle on his mishap investigation. He was brooding on Mac's investigation and another issue. He had personal information that he thought was relevant to her investigation. He wanted to tell her, but the rules of not interfering in another officer's investigation were just about inviolable.

As he thought of it some more he came to a conclusion. 'I wouldn't be interfering if I only passed onto Mac what I know and let her go from there. Then after I tell her about Singer I'll tell her something else that I think she needs to know.'

So he got up and with a new resolve went to the JAG office to speak with Mac.

When he got there he saw Mac with her head bent over some paper work. "Oh my God she is so beautiful!' was the first thought that ran through his brain.

Mac looked up at the sound of Harm moving across the floor. "Hey Harm, what's up?"

"Mac please don't yell, but I have something to tell you about Singer," Harm began as he sat down at the chair beside Mac's desk.

Mac was at first angry at him trying to butt into her investigation, but she hesitated in rebuking him when she saw the look of fear on her partner's face. So she decided to hear him out.

"Okay Harm what is it?" she asked in a conciliatory but still cautious tone.

"I have an idea on who the father of Loren's baby may be," Harm said in a rush.

Intrigued now Mac asked, "Okay who?"


Now Mac was surprised as she replied, "How did you come to that conclusion?"

Harm sighed as he replied, "I saw then together before they both left DC and Sergei had a crush on her. He was always asking about her and he even thought Harriet was her from behind."

"How did he make that mistake?" Mac asked now totally surprised.

"Well he said at the time, (Harm imitated Sergei's accent) "Beautiful lieutenant, you cut that fist off from the back of your head," or something like that."

Mac smiled as she asked, "What did Harriet do?"

Harm chuckled saying, "She was a good sport about it. Sergei on the other hand was thoroughly embarrassed."

Mac chuckled along with him before she asked, "Any suggestions on how I can prove your theory?"

"Well you know that only Singer can confirm it, but why don't you call Falls Church and ask someone there to discreetly check up after them," Harm suggested.

"Yeah that I'll do that, but I'll still ask Singer directly," Mac said.

Harm nodded, but before he could add his agreement Mac continued, "And now that you've told me what you think, I need you to stay as far away from this as you can."

Harm nodded his head and still before he could say anything again Mac added, "Even if Sergei is the father and the baby may be a niece of nephew. Okay?"

"Okay Mac you have my word. I'll stay on the sidelines," Harm agreed.

"Good, let me handle everything, including Chegwidden," Mac instructed.

"You got it." Harm said, but before he got up to go he sighed and said, "Now that we got that out of the way there is one more thing on my mind."

"What's that?" Mac asked once again intrigued.

"Us" Harm simply replied.

"What about "Us"?" Mac asked almost hopefully.

"I want there to be an "US"," Harm replied just as hopeful.

"Really, what brought that on?" Mac asked.

"Well seeing Sergei go after what he wanted I realized that I was a fool and a hypocrite for telling him to slow down. He charged right after Singer. I think that's what prompted him to go back to Russia," Harm answered.

"Well that and the fact that you were acting like a father instead of a brother," Mac said with a wry grin.

"Is that what you saw?" Harm asked chagrined.

"Yeah, everyone did. You were always giving him orders. Oh yeah you couched it saying that it was advice. But what made Sergei even angrier was that you were always calling him "Little Brother" (Mac held her hands up in quotes.) Even Sturgis commented on it to me," Mac confirmed.

"Really, what did he say?" Harm asked.

"He told me that if you didn't stop, you would just alienate Sergei," Mac answered.

"Hmm," was all Harm said as he thought back to his conversations with Sergei.

Wanting to get back on track Mac asked, "Are you sure about "Us"? Are you through with your obsessions? Can you finally let go?"

Harm smiled remembering the Sydney ferry ride saying, "Yes I can."

"I really mean it Harm, because believe it or not I want you and me to be an "US" as well. I don't want to go into whatever we do, thinking that when the next thing that catches your attention, you abandon "US" to pursue it, even if it's Sergei and Singer," Mac warned him.

"Is that what you think I'm likely to do?" Harm asked.

"Yes it is, first it was your father, then your eyes and then flying and even before that Dar-Lin," Mac recited ticking off each point on her fingers.

"Yeah well I'll admit that I did let myself get lost in all those things. So to put your mind at ease, this is not something that I only just came up with. It's been eating at me since the JAG-A-Thon and even more so since Bud got hurt," Harm said.

"Why then and not when we spoke at the race?" Mac asked.

"Well Bud getting hurt reminded me that we went through our own minefield and came out unscathed. That made me realize that we came very close to almost losing a chance at "US". Sarah from now on whatever I decide to do with whatever crosses my path I will speak with you first," Harm said reaching across the desk and taking Mac's hand.

Mac was melting now as she said, "You know that's the first time you called me Sarah since Sydney?"

"Really, I'm sure I've called you Sarah a few times since then," Harm replied in astonishment.

Now Mac had a watery smile as she shook her head saying, "Nope, I remember it well because you called me that when I asked you if you only felt that way with me. And you said, "Only with you Sarah."

Harm smiled and taking her small hand in both of his said, "Well if it makes you this happy, then I'll call you Sarah all the time,"

"I'd like that," Mac replied placing her other hand over his.

Mac had an impulse and leaned toward Harm to test her theory. Harm seemed to sense what she wanted and leaned toward her himself. Mac smiled as their lips met halfway. They let themselves sink into their first kiss since they became "US".

Suddenly they heard a very loud and clearly indignant, "Well it seems that the only two officers guilty of fraternization on this ship are you two," come from the doorway.

Mac and Harm broke apart, looked up and saw a very angry Loren Singer standing in the office doorway.