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Thinking, Dream, or Flashback (you'll be able to tell)


Chapter 1

"If our love is a tragedy, why are you my remedy?"

Lucy's POV

I was running, attempting to evade the monster chasing after me. I didn't look back, fearing that if I did he'd catch me. I knew he would eventually. He was fast. Really fast.

The light above me flickered and I saw papers scattered all over the floor. They showed pictures of a wanted mass murderer. I didn't look at it for long. Just seeing his face, even if it was just a photo, frightened me and I'd rather not waste time.

"Lucy, I'm right behind you."

The chilling voice was closer than I thought it was supposed to be. Adrenaline filled me and I ran for my life down the endless hallway. Why was it so damn long? Sooner or later I was going to run out energy. Breathing heavily, I continued running even though my lungs screamed for me to stop.

It seemed impossible. Impossible to escape from him. But I still had hope. Maybe, just maybe there would be an exit coming up at any moment and then I escape.

But what next? After I get out, what will happen next? There was nowhere for me to go or to hide. I couldn't hide from him anyway. He'd just find me no matter what would happen and I would die. I would have the same fate as my parents. I didn't plan on telling about this to any hunter guild. After all, enough innocent people have already been taken and I don't want another bystander to die because of me. This is my problem and I have to fix it.

Not so far away from me I saw a door outlined in light. Smiling, I ran towards it. I couldn't hear the footsteps behind me any longer. Ha, I outran him. Feeling victorious as I was only a few feet away, my view of my only way out was cut short by a black blur that suddenly appeared in front of me from another adjoining hallway. I collided into a sold, muscular chest. The scent of pinewood filled my noise and I almost relaxed into his arms as he held me tightly against him.

The warm feeling immediately vanished at the sudden stench of blood filled my nose. It wasn't just any was my parents blood. I started to struggle against him, but he held me even tighter against him. He teasingly blew into my ear. I could feel him watching me as I squeezed my eyes shut and flushed, unable to control the blood flowing to my cheeks.

"Open your eyes," he commanded. His smooth voice bewitched me. I did as he said. Blood- red eyes stared down at me hungrily. His pale skin contrasted and long black spiky hair contrasted his eyes so much that I felt as he were staring right through me. His black lips twitched upwards, feeling fear radiating off me. He dipped his head down to the crook of my neck, nuzzling it with his nose.

"You smell so good," he murmured. I started to struggle again, scared at how intimate he was being with me.

I felt his lips turn into a frown at my resistance. His fangs extended and his mouth went to the juncture of where my neck and shoulder met and he bit me there, hard. I stiffened at the pain. I felt my life slowly draining as he sucked my life source out of me slowly, enjoying every bit of it.

After he made sure that he left a mark, he licked it, twirling his tongue over it. He lifted his head and gazed down at me. My brown eyes stared back into his red ones with pure fear. He analyzed me, his stare eyeing my lips.

I noticed his clothes were smeared with blood, but his gorgeous face was unblemished from the sticky liquid.

"Midnight, remember that name, Lucy. I'll always haunt your mind," he whispered before claiming my lips. He was neither gently nor caring as he kissed me roughly and passionately. My whimpers made him smirk against my lips and then broke the kiss, disappearing into the darkness.

I rubbed my lips with the back of my hand and glared at him. That monster killed my parents. Brutally, slashing my father's throat and breaking every bone in my mother's body before devouring their blood. He knew how precious family was to me, especially since I was all alone now. Now that my family was dead, courtesy of him, he thought that the only one left in her heart was him.

His voice penetrated the silence. His voice resonated through the hall, coming from everywhere. "What purpose is there to live now that I've taken everything away from you? Leave everything, Lucy. You don't want to be hurt again do you? If you come close to anyone else I'll take them away from you and you'll be hurt. Submit to me, Lucy," he said in a luring tone.

"I will never submit to you!" I said in the most sturdiest voice. I don't know what drove me to say it. I guess I was selfish. Revenge. That's what I wanted. As long as this monster was alive so many people will die by his hand. I had to do something about it. Even if I get hurt. Anything.

Chuckling at my reply, he looked into my teary, bold eyes and said, "We'll see about that. Find another reason for you to live as you grow older. By the time your eighteen you should have that reason." He smirked, eyes flashing. "I'm doubtful that you will."

His cold fingers held my chin firmly as I gave him a defiant look. As I registered what he said, I saw his eyes look at my lips and I felt his thumb softly rub my bottom lip. I tried to edge away from, but his grip didn't waver.

"If you can't find a reason," he continued as he leaned down to my left ear, "your body and soul will belong to me forever. Understand?" I gulped. The possibility of losing my own himforever. I couldn't even bare the thought.

"Yes, I...I understand," I replied weakly.

A sudden explosion shook the building.

"Hunters," Midnight hissed under his breath and let go of me.

Before he could disappear, hunters surrounded us. I felt someone grab my arm. I almost screamed until I saw a man smile at down at me.

"Don't worry your safe now."

"Gildarts!" another hunter called. "Get her out of here!"

"On it!" he shouted back. He swept me in his arms and took off.

I tiredly looked over this man, Gildarts's, shoulder to see those red eyes staring back at me. They sent a shiver down my spine and I knew that I would never be able to escape from him. Even if I tried.

In fact, he was a monster. A real monster.

A vampire.

But I have to have hope. I won't lose to him.

I'll find my reason to live.

My eyes fluttered open as I heard my alarm clock's constant ringing. I swung my fist down out of reflex, breaking the harmless little thing into small pieces. I muttered a string of curses as I grudgingly stumbled out of bed and went to my extra closet, pulling out a spare clock. After placing it on my nightstand, I bent backward and cracked my back. I gave a content sigh, fell back on the bed, and looking at the ceiling.

The morning rays of the sun peaked through the dark curtains of my dorm. I gave a soft groan and turned over on my side to block out the the brightness. I looked at my new digital alarm clock to see the time 7:03 AM flash back at me, glowing red. I frowned, the color of the clock reminded me of my dream last night. It was more of a memory really. It happened so long ago. I was only ten at the time. Now, I'm seventeen, still with no reason to live.

The glowing red eyes of the person I feared most appeared in my mind. True to his words, he did haunt my mind every day. Worst of all, every night with his flawless face. I was used to having nightmare every night, but as I gradually grew older the memory changed...or my dreaming altered it. He never bit me. I guess my mind's warning me that's what he wants. Even though I'm used to the constant nightmare, my feelings say otherwise. I'm constantly filled with fear and anxiety every time I see his face.

I've always been thinking that the friends I've made would give me enough reason to exist, but I need something stronger than that. I also thought about being a hunter, which I am, and exterminate all rogue vampires that are out there like him. So far, the latter is my real goal. Although, I really do enjoy the company of my comrades. They've made me smile again when I thought I never would be able to. Not after what happened. But...I was able to have fun with my friends and not think about my problem during the day. They were my cure. I forget all about him when I'm with them and when I'm busy. The downside was that they were only my cure during the day. I didn't have one for the night.

I heard a stifled yawn and glanced at the person who caused it.

On the bed across the fairly big room, my roommate was rubbing her unfocused hazel eyes. Her wavy and wild blue hair was sticking out all over. "Morning Lucy," she greeted sleepily.

"Morning Levy," I said back with the same tone.

Her head fell back on the pillow. "Don't you just hate mornings?"

"Definitely, especially Mondays. They're a bitch."

"You can take a shower first. I'm going to get some more shut-eye, if you don't mind," Levy said.

"Of course I mind, genius," I muttered as I grabbed a towel and a change of clothes. I heard Levy chuckle as I walked to the bathroom door. I stuck my tongue out at her with a frown and slammed the door.

While the water was running, I looked at myself in the mirror to see my blonde hair was a rat's nest and I had some noticeable bags under my innocent looking brown eyes. I gave a sigh as I stripped down to nothing and entered the already warm shower. I did a quick wash of my hair and body and quickly dried and dressed myself. I was wearing a short open black vest that was over a white tube top, dark jean shorts with a belt, combat boots, a holster strapped around my thigh which carried a pistol, and another two attached to my belt that carried black ronin battle knives, which were dipped in holy water. I also wore black fingerless gloves with metal plating and a golden chain necklace with a pendant that was the insignia of my hunter guild, Fairy Tail. Lastly, my hair was in a high ponytail with loose strands framing my face.

I opened the door to find Levy sprawled on the floor sucking her thumb. I shook my head with a smile and kicked her lightly in the ribs. She jumped and put her hand over her heart. She gave a sigh of relief then glared at me. "Don't do that! Are you trying to scare me to death?!"

I rolled my eyes. "No, this is routine Levy. You should know. Now get your ass up and get going. We don't want Erza to come and drag us by our ears because we're late." With that she immediately bolted into the shower.

In record time, Levy came out fresh and ready like me. She was wearing an orange tank top with an open white jacket over it, black shorts with a belt, and combat boots like mine. She had two holsters strapped to each thigh that held a pistol in each. She was wearing the same gloves and necklace. Her bangs were held back by an orange headband.

Every hunter wore the same necklace as Levy and I. It was a necessity. It showed that you were a member to Fairy Tail. Also, it had very good use dealing with vampires.

"Let's go and get some grub to eat," she said.

Both of our stomachs growled.

I nodded. "Agreed."

We entered the cafeteria that was bustling with life. We saw Natsu with a mountain of food piled on top of his plate. Gajeel, Loke, and Erza were sitting with him and were trying to dodge flying food. Levy and I got our breakfast and joined them.

"Morning guys," I greeted, sitting beside Natsu.

"Morning," they all said simultaneously.

Loke flashed me a seductive look. He had orange spiked hair and used a bit of hair gel. He always wore blue tinted glasses. "So princess, how about-"

I cut him off as I smacked him across the face without looking and said, "Don't even start." Everyone chuckled as he fell off his seat with a loud thud and seemed to be out cold for the moment. The flirt can be so annoying at times, but he was a loyal friend. I have no idea why most of the female population is head over heels for the guy. Yeah, he has the looks and everything but seriously?

"Where's Mirajane?" Levy asked.

"Right here," an angelic voice said. The white haired beauty with blue eyes sat down beside Erza. Even though I've known her for a long time I still couldn't believe she was an S-class hunter like Erza and the red head was scarier than you could imagine. She was nicknamed the She-Devil, which rivaled Erza's reputation. That was when she was only angry though. She was usually kind and sweet.

"Good to see you, Mira," Natsu said, for once not talking with his mouth full. I guess Erza finally put some sense into him.

"Do any of you know who's going to be training the two brats today?" Gajeel asked. He always seemed to have a permanent scowl on his face. He didn't have great manners like Natsu, but he was definitely smarter. He had long black spiky hair and angry red eyes. I still wonder why Levy was interested in this guy.

Levy rolled her eyes and smacked him up the head. "Don't call them brats, jerk. Wendy and Romeo are two adorable little children who are learning to become hunters like the rest of us. Could you at least be nice and memorize your schedule?"

He muttered a "whatever" which earned him another smack upside the head.

"Yesterday was my turn so now it's Lucy's," Erza stated. She was an S-class hunter and was nicknamed Titania. She had long scarlet hair and brown eyes. When she was mad, she was incredibly frightening. I looked up to her. She was a great role model for the younger ones and brought rogue vampires to justice.

Natsu laughed. He had unruly pink hair and onyx eyes. He was nicknamed Salamander because he always carried a portable flamethrower with him. "Have fun with that!"

I smashed his head into his almost empty plate. Gajeel burst out laughing. "Are you trying to aggravate me?"

He lifted his face, which was smeared with food and gave a quick shake of his head.

Suddenly, a bell rang signaling that breakfast was over. Everyone scurried out of the cafeteria, leaving their mess behind so the janitor would clean up. Natsu ended up dragging a still unconscious Loke with Erza and Mira going out on a brief mission. I walked out with Levy and Gajeel towards the huge gym where we usually did our daily training when we weren't busy. I said goodbye to the both of them as they went off to their job for the day.

I entered the gym, seeing Wendy and Romeo waiting patiently. Both of them were the age of twelve.

"Hey guys," I greeted with a small wave.

"Lucy," they shouted in glee and hugged me.

I stared at them and hit both of them on the head. "I keep telling you guys this: Number one rule to be a hunter, you can't show strong emotions. I know you're fond of me, but don't hug me; show respect." I wasn't very good at following that rule, not many hunters were. So what I'm saying just makes me a...hypocrite. Some teacher I am.

"Sorry," they apologized hurriedly and straightened themselves out. I couldn't help but smile to see them try to keep straight faces. Wendy slightly frowned then it turned into a small gentle smile while Romeo couldn't even attempt to have a straight face. He just had a ridiculous toothy grin on his face.

"Back to business, today we're going to work on your knife throwing," I explained.

"Are you going to work on our technique?" Wendy asked. She had long dark blue hair and innocent brown eyes like mine. She was a pretty shy girl, yet she was a medical genius. She usually worked in the clinic with Porlyusica.

It made sense that she would ask that. They already knew how to throw it, but I'm just cleaning up the stroke. All young hunters knew the basics of things. We just have to clean up the flaws and make them apply them into their fighting. They still had a lot to learn even though most start at really young ages. Heck, I even started when I was five and I'm still learning some new things here and there.

I nodded. "Yes. I want you to go first Wendy. You're going to throw it at the target and I'll find whatever you'll have to work on."

She walked up to table where the knives were laid out. She picked one up and threw it. It landed right in the center, but it didn't have a loud thud. I walked up to the wooden target and noticed that the blade wasn't deeply embedded into the wood.

"Wendy, you were good until the last moment. You have great aim, but you don't have power. You're not having enough power because you're stopping your swing at the end. I want you to follow through," I preached.

"That makes sense," she commented. She gave me a shy smile. "Thanks." She continued practicing on another target, so I could work with Romeo.

I slapped Romeo on the back. "Alright buddy, you're up."

He stumbled a bit and gave a nervous look. Like Wendy, he threw a knife and it had a lot of power but didn't have perfect aim. I didn't even need to see if it landed deeply into the wood because I heard it clunk into the wood. He frowned, disappointed when he saw that he was off.

"You got good power, kiddo. You need better aim though. To have that, your knife arm has to be in line with the left and it has to point exactly where your target is," I said, showing him my motion.

Romeo pursed his lips as he thought about it. That's what I love about both of these kids - they're determined to get better.

I gave each of them a small reassuring smile. "You guys are doing pretty well. Fix the things I told you about and you'll throw it better. When you guys are at a longer distance, you have to use your hip to add even more power, so it can hit the target. It's important that you guys get this into your muscle-memory so you don't even have to think about it; it'll just be a reflex."

I looked at my small audience to see if I had their attention.

Romeo's eyes seemed to be a little unfocused while Wendy was paying attention and listening.

I started to feel a bit pissed off. I was using - my friends and I were using our time to make them better and Romeo just spaces out. That's just fabulous...

I walked over to the small lad and waved my hand in front of his face. He didn't even blink. I sighed in annoyance and cracked my knuckles and brought a fist back. With a powerful punch, I sent him flying across the gym. Wendy stared in awe and backed away a little. I did't blame her, many people called me a mini Erza. I'm glad I learned a handful of useful things from her. I even scared Natsu and Gajeel shitless like she did most of the time. I looked at Wendy and pointed to Romeo, who was walking back a bit disheveled with a huge bruise on his face. "That's what happens when you don't listen."

I looked at Romeo and raised a brow. "Is something up Romeo? This is the first time I had to use that on you. Usually, you're listening like Wendy," I said, pointing a thumb back at the blue haired girl.

He gave a sheepish laugh. "I stayed up late."

I narrowed my eyes. "Doing what exactly?"

He gulped.

"Just tell me and you won't get hurt."

He raised up his hands up defensively. "Alright, alright, I stayed up playing video games with Natsu."

I face palmed. I should've known... Natsu, I'm going to kill you. "Romeo..."

"Yes," he squeaked out. He quickly hid behind Wendy, visibly shaking. Was I that scary?

"Don't let Natsu influence you. He's a great hunter but has bad habits."

He let out a breath he seemed to be holding. "Yes ma'am."

"The next time I catch you not paying attention or worst case scenario - sleeping, I'm going to going to do more than just punch you," I threatened.

He went ghostly pale and gave a stiff nod.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Natsu appeared and draped an arm over my shoulder.

He grinned. "No need to worry Romeo, she won't kill you."

My eye twitched. I side kicked him into a weapon's wrack. I walked over and pulled him up by his collar. "Stop doing ridiculous things that will deprive Romeo from his sleep, idiot!" I let go of him and let him fall to the ground. I raised an eyebrow as a question popped into my head. "Did you drop Loke off to the infirmary?"

Natsu got up and dusted his clothes off. "Yeah, he woke up immediately afterwards probably hallucinating and started flirting with Porlyusica thinking she a hot nurse or something. It was so hilarious though!" He laughed hysterically, almost out of breath. "Porlyusica beat the shit out of him. That old hag's got spunk with her temper alright! Pretty impressive with her age."

Wendy giggled while Romeo laughed. I shook my head grinning. Sounds like Loke.

"Are you guys finally going out?" Wendy asked innocently, noticing Natsu's arm over my shoulder that mysteriously appeared over my shoulder again.

I furrowed my eyebrows. "With this idiot?"

Wendy nodded, her blue pigtails bobbing up and down. "You guys seem like a couple."

"No way in hell," I declared. Natsu's a great guy and all, but he's just not my type. We're like brother and sister. That's as far as our relationship will go and stay. Besides, Lisanna was interested in him, not me.

Romeo put his finger under his chin in thought. "I actually thought Natsu was going out with Lisanna. Hold on...Natsu are you cheating on Lisanna?" he asked out loud. I facepalmed. He clearly didn't hear what I just said.

Natsu's mouth clenched, trying to control his usual temper. "Don't assume things, Romeo. For all I know you could be going out with Wendy!"

Romeo and Wendy both blushed a bright red. I let out a small chuckle. The both of them weren't dense, but when it came to each other they were dense as the word Natsu.

"Review what I taught you and work on it," I said, changing the subject. The both of them nodded.

"Why'd you come here anyways, Natsu?" I asked as we walked out of the training center.

He scratched the back of his head. "Well gramps told me to come and get you. He said a mission just came up and he wants you to do it." He pouted, obviously not happy that he couldn't come. I rolled my eyes at this. He was too childish at times. Well...mostly all the time.

"Good to know," I thanked in my own way. "Later," I called out, walking away with a hand raised.

He grinned and gave me a thumbs up. "No prob."

I stopped and glanced over my shoulder and looked at him with devious eyes. "Oh Natsu," I started, "just to let you know, I told Erza what happened last night in the library." What he did last night was absolutely ridiculous. He got into a fight with Gajeel and knocked him over into a bookcase, which caused all the other bookcases to fall like dominoes.

He turned stone cold and looked at me with pure horror. "YOU DID WHAT?!"

I smirked. "You heard me." His face was priceless!

His jaw dropped. "I thought we were friends!"

I suppressed the urge to roll my eyes. "We are, dumb ass."

His eye twitched. "Then why'd you rat me out!?"

"That was for 'accidentally' switching my shampoo bottle with glue the other day," I growled. It was horrible! My hair was a complete mess. It took me five washes to get it out!

He gave me a confused look. "Since when do you shower in Loke's dorm?"

I remained silent, wondering how in the world Natsu could be so stupid. "Natsu," I said slowly, "the girls dorms are on the right and the boys dorms are on the left."

He frowned. "I swear I took a left."

I face palmed and just stared at him. "If you clean the library I won't tell Erza that you're staying up late and playing video games with Romeo."

His eyes widened. "You know about that too?!" he asked, surprised.

"Romeo told me." Well...not willingly. I just scared him.

He walked off muttering incoherent words about beating up Romeo and food.

I gave a small smile and walked off to the master's main office. I bumped into - not literally - some off the newer recruits. They were a bit older than Wendy and Romeo but younger than me. I was eighteen, so they were in between the two numbers. I found them setting up a prank for one of the senior hunters.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" I asked calmly.

They froze and looked at me. In three seconds flat, they were all bruised and out cold. I was dragging them to my destination. The master would take care of them for sure. Although, sometimes he was a bit carefree. I knocked on the master's door and I heard a muffled "come in."

I opened the door and walked in, dropping the dimwits from earlier in front of him. "You called?"

"My, my, what do we have here?" master asked. He was less than half my size and was an elderly man. He was the third master of our hunter guild, Fairy Tail. He name was Makarov and he was a cheerful old fellow. Though at times he came be pretty damn serious. The downside of him though was that he was a pervert. I've caught him looking at Cana's ass and my breasts before. When he's drunk it's worse. Even Laxus, Cana's boyfriend, who was usually indifferent to most things snapped when he saw his own grandfather grope Cana when he was high on whiskey. If Gildarts, Cana's dad, would've found out hell would've broken loose. Other than that, he's a pretty good foster parent.

"Found them setting up a prank for the senior hunters in the hallway a few minutes ago," I replied. That definitely showed no respect at all.

"Hmm, I have the perfect punishment for them," Makarov smiled. The new recruits shivered. "Now, the reason I called you was for a mission. Lisanna came back from scouting not to long ago and she sighted two rogue vampires heading to a small town called Onibas. I want you to intercept them and kill them before they reach the town." He was pacing back and forth then looked up at me.

I nodded. Two vampires were pretty easy depending on their skill. It wouldn't be too hard. Every hunter usually assassinated vampires using long-range attacks like throwing knives and arrows dipped in holy water. When we faced an enemy head on like in a random encounter, we use blades, which were obviously dipped in holy water too. When it came to hand-to-hand combat, our guild necklace came in handy. The necklace enhanced our speed and strength so we had to use fingerless gloves with metal plating to protect our fists. They gave us an extra boost in speed and strength. The younger ones didn't wear them yet because they had to control the power in training first, so they don't accidentally destroy the guild like Natsu did once.

Makarov looked at me sternly. "Leave as soon as you can."


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