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Chapter 15

If our love is a tragedy, then why are you my remedy?

Midnight cackled. "Kill me?" He smirked "I'd like to see you try."

It was the quiet before the storm. There was not a sound as Midnight and Gray faced each other. The wind had died, the birds were silent, and the forest was dead.

Midnight and Gray eyed each other down, their magic violently thrumming about them. Their magic build-up caused the ground around them to crack and shards of rock to levitate. The tension was so high that even the air went still.

The levitating rocks dropped, and the two vampires clashed. Their movement was so fast that it was impossible to track with the human eye. Their bodies were laced with their magic as they engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Midnight snarled as he delivered a strong right hook covered with his deathly, dark, green magic. Gray easily responded with his own layered in ice. Their fists made contact, their magic building up, and eventually blasting the both of them away from each other.

"Ice-Make: Lance!"

A bright blue magic circle appeared before Gray, and several long, curved spears of ice rushed out towards Midnight. With a smirk, the rogue easily deflected it with the flick of his hand thanks to his Reflector magic. The spears of ice rebounded with double the power back to Gray, impaling the pureblood.

Midnight tsked, when Gray's body dissipated into shards of ice. It was nothing more than a clone. He looked up to see Gray descending on him with another attack.

"Ice-Make: Cold Excalibur!"

A massive sword of ice appeared in Gray's hands. The blade hung high, glimmering against the setting sun, and then he swung it, leaving behind a large wake of ice. Midnight barely dodged out of the way. Even so, the velocity of Gray's swing was so powerful that the tailwind blew him back with shards of ice slicing by him.

"Invisible Scythe!" Midnight snarled.

Twisting the air around him, the rogue generated several ethereal slashes he sent flying to Gray. The giant sword in Gray's hand was sliced in two and disintegrated into smaller shards of ice. He crouched low as many more slashes whizzed over him. The surrounding cliffs behind him trembled before crumbling.

"Ice-Make: Ice Geyser!"

Gray slammed his hands on the ground. The ground in front of him froze and sped towards Midnight, spikes of ice jutting out to impale him. The rogue simply stood there. The ice should have impaled the rogue from the ground, but he used his Reflector magic to simply have the spikes of ice miss him and surround him instead.

"Dark Capriccio!"

Midnight's magic gathered before drilling beams of darkness, piercing through the ice geyser and shattering it.

"Dark Rondo!"

The rogue followed with a timely fireball attack with his Darkness magic mixed with his Reflector magic.

"Ice-Make: Shield!"

A shield of ice appeared in front of Gray; however, the fireballs went around it.

"Fuck," Gray muttered, jumping out of the way. However, Midnight's magic continued to follow him. "Ice-Make: Ice Bringer!"

Two ice swords appeared in his hands. Without wasting time, Gray cut through Midnight's magic and advanced toward the rogue. Once again the two vampires came to close quarters. Gray continued slashing his swords, but they easily went through the rogue's body as if he wasn't there in the first place.

"Ice-Make: Death Scythe!"

Gray exchanged his twin swords with a scythe made of ice. He slashed through Midnight, the velocity of the swing cutting the Oracion Seis hideout in two behind the rogue.

"You know that's not going to work," Midnight sneered.

Gray responded with a quick one-armed slash followed by a solid punch to Midnight's stomach. The rogue gasped in shock as the air escaped him. He sailed through the air, crashing into the remnants of the hideout.

Midnight's eyes widened as he got up. "You…were able to hit me?"

Gray glared. "Wasn't too hard to figure out. You were able to use your Reflector magic against my Lance, but you had to dodge my Excalibur. You can't use it on more than one thing at a time."

Midnight's head tilted, a crazy smile on his face. "Took your sister some time to figure out, but you…" His eyes lit up sadistically. "I'll enjoy killing such a worthy opponent."

His hands came together as a giant, dark green magic circle appeared in front of him.

"Genesis Zero!"

"What the hell?!"

Gray watched as thousands of black phantoms appeared from the ground, supposedly from Hell. The phantoms' screaming and screeching sounded like those who were being tortured slowly, and they grated on his ears. They swarmed around him, and he swiped at them with his scythe, but it went right through. They slowly gripped onto him, and he felt his body being pulled and dragged.

Midnight smirked. "Enjoy your time in the Gates of Wraithwail. It will erase your very existence."

Gray peered over his shoulder to see a portal of sorts with more of the eerie phantoms behind him. He struggled, but even with his vampire strength it was a futile effort.

"Shit," he growled painfully under his breath. It felt like the phantoms were ripping at his very soul, his very being.

Gray blinked wearily, straining against the phantoms with all he had. As he was getting closer to the Gates of Wraithwail, he started losing feeling in his limbs. First it was his feet then it was his legs. He felt a feeling of numbness course through his whole body. Despite this feeling, Gray's blood boiled and his eyes glared pointed knives as Midnight strode toward Lucy's unconscious body.

"Don't touch her!" he roared.

"Goodbye, Gray Fullbuster," Midnight replied.

Gray closed his eyes, not sure if he would be able to open them again. It looked like he was going to have to use it. Sorry, Mom, but I have to.

"Ice-Make: Silver!"

"What?" Midnight's eyes widened.

The magic pressure emitting from Gray increased tenfold, and the temperature radically dropped. He effortlessly froze all the phantoms with the flick of his wrist and shattered them all into tiny pieces. He stumbled forward, regaining the feeling of his limbs as the portal behind him closed.

Midnight took a step back. "Impossible."

Gray darkly chuckled, his canines fully extended. He got rid of his coat and shirt since it didn't allow him to freely use his ice magic. His skin burned as an intricate tattoo appeared before it morphed together like a clawing darkness and spread along his arm to his shoulder and across part of his neck and chest. Wild red eyes gleamed as he glared up at Midnight with a newfound hatred to not just kill him, but also rip him to shreds, piece by fucking piece.

"I thought the royal family was incapable of bloodlust," Midnight barked, eyes narrowing.

"Bloodlust?" Gray gave a wicked grin. "You can call it that." He easily froze Midnight's lower body, the ice eventually encasing all the way up to the rogue's neck like it had a mind of its own. He dropped Klodoa in the process. "I did say I was going to kill you, and I meant every fucking word." His voice was deeper, almost demonic.

"Then…what is?" Midnight choked.

"Another form of magic I know," Gray stated. "Even though I'm a Fullbuster, I'm still like any other vampire. I have bloodlust, but I just have better control because I make it a property of magic like every other Fullbuster in my family and before me."

"But…can you control the urges?" Midnight smiled, blood dripping from his lips. "Or will you just be like your sister?"

The darkness over Gray's body crept up from his neck to his face and over his eye. His red eyes were like the pits of Hell themselves as they hatefully glowered upon Midnight. Gray gave a vile smirk, his eyes matching his diabolic smile.

"When it comes to you, I won't," he growled.

Rather than using his devil magic, Gray resorted to using his bare hands as he twisted Midnight's head with a thorough crack. He felt his bloodlust magic thrum for more, and that's exactly what he did as he tore of Midnight's head with a resounding rip.

The rogue's head rolled, bumping into Klodoa. The magic staff swore and tried desperately to get away, but Gray easily crushed its skull with his foot.

It wasn't enough.

"Ice Devil's Zeroth Long Sword…"

Unlike his prior crystal blue magic circle, this magic circle was a villainous red. And just like the new color, his ethereal sword of ice seemed to be made of blood itself, but it was actually just red ice. The darkness of his tattoo crept over his body once again, red eyes flaring psychotically. He wanted to kill all of them. Every single one of the Oracion Seis even if they were already dead.

Because of his enhanced senses, Gray was barely able to hear it, but he did.


The royal vampire stopped himself, his vision of red fading.

"E-Enough, p-please," she whispered.

He dropped his sword, his rampage easily forgotten, as he smelled her tears and heard her voice. His injured mate became the only thing on his mind. To tend, nurture, protect, love, and yet, he wasn't able to fulfill any of them, as he would've liked.


Gray knelt beside her, unsure how to touch her, scared of breaking her more than she already was. He needed to find Wendy but he didn't want to move or leave her.

"I'm sorry," he found himself saying. Sorry that she had to see him like that. Sorry for not being able to protect her. Sorry for…everything he could possibly think of.

She only shook her head.

Gray hesitantly cradled Lucy's body in his arms. She rested her head in the crook of his neck, her breath slowing. That's when Gray focused on her heartbeat, his eyes widening in terror. What should have been beating strongly was only growing weaker and weaker.

"We need to find Wendy!"

Lucy coughed up blood, her eyes closing.

His eyes watered. "Stay with me here, Lucy!"

She fluttered them open, blinking her tears away. The tiniest of smiles brightened her face as she weakly brought her hand to his still tattooed face.

"Thank you," she said softly, eyes shutting close.

"Hey! Hey! Keep your eyes open!"

Gray couldn't stand the thought of losing her, and he knew he had no choice. He grasped the weakening hand that caressed his cheek, red eyes glinting with determination. He hated the fact he was doing this without her permission, but so be it.

"You're not going to like this," Gray murmured. "But I'll take this chance. A life without you is meaningless."

Without a second thought, Gray brought Lucy's neck to his mouth. His elongated fangs pierced her skin but this time with venom. He just hoped he wasn't too late.

Queen Ur was not happy when Gray and Lyon walked into her study. Despite having defeated Oracion Seis and preventing an all out war and blood bath, she was furious that Gray used his bloodlust magic and for the both of them pushing off this meeting for the whole. Not that she could really blame them. The lot of them came back beaten, bruised, broken…

She quietly scrutinized Gray. He was the same as ever except for his red eyes and the tattoo now covering the right side of his body and across his right eye. The very nature of his magic was very powerful yet fickle.

Ur stifled a tired sigh. When she just got over Ultear, she now had to worry about Gray.

Ur wished her anger could be directed to Gray, but it was mostly directed to the now dead Midnight for making her son use this magic. Anger, she also used anger to hide her fear for what was to come.

"Gray," her voice didn't come out as strong as she wanted.

"Mother." His voice was emotionless, red eyes sharp.

She almost wanted to flinch, but she only narrowed her eyes. "Your magic. How come it hasn't receded?"

"It won't leave."

"Is it because of Lucy?"

His intense red eyes softened at her name. "I…don't know."

Ur prayed to whatever god out there that Lucy would survive her transformation because if she didn't Ur knew Gray would lose it. Usually the transformation wouldn't take as long and wouldn't be so painful, but Lucy was on the brink of death, so she'd have to fight for it. The next thing she was worried about were the laws her sons broke: having a relationship with a human, huntresses nonetheless, and changing a human without their consent.

The queen let out a sigh this time. Love was love, and Lucy was Gray's mate. There was no control her son could've had when it came to her, and Fate decided they should be together for a reason. That went for Lyon as well. It would only be fair for Jellal to have the same freedom.

"In regards to the laws you've broken," she started. "They will be revoked."

Gray blinked. "But–"

Queen Ur smiled at him. "She's your mate, Gray. You did what you had to do. You too, Lyon. I've noticed your connection to Juvia."

The silver haired prince averted his eyes, scratching the back of his head. "And here I thought I was being discreet."

Gray rolled his eyes.

"Makarov didn't exactly like what you did, Gray, but now that he has been informed of what's going on between you and Lucy, he will let it pass. That's goes for you and Juvia too, Lyon." Ur directed her gaze to him. "If you want a safe relationship with Juvia, you must change her. Don't forget that's up to her. Gray," she slid her eyes to her youngest yet heir to the throne. "Lucy will be fine. She's a fighter."

Gray's red orbs flickered to hers, and he gave her the smile she was used to seeing, albeit shaky. "Yeah…"

There was a sudden knock at the door.

"Come in," Ur commanded.

Wendy appeared, bowing. "Queen Ur."

"Rise," she said, smiling at the young girl. "What is it Wendy?"

"It's an update of Lucy's condition," Wendy reported.

Gray looked at the young huntress intently.

"The transformation is complete and everything is stable. The vampire venom completely healed Lucy's body. It's only a matter of time before she wakes up."

No, Ur disagreed in her head. It's a matter of fighting Death since she was so close to it. Ur narrowed her eyes. And Death doesn't play fair.

Queen Ur smiled. "Thank you, Wendy."

Erza Scarlet wasn't a woman of tears, but when she found Lucy in such bad shape, a few tears slipped down her cheeks. She hadn't even realized she had been crying when Natsu and Wendy were staring at her worriedly with tears of their own.

The scarlet huntress sighed tiredly as she stared at the rising sun out of the balcony of her room. She leaned over the railing, her red hair rustling in the wind. She fiddled with the bandages around her arm from the snakebite.

When she noticed that Gray had bitten Lucy, she was filled with so much rage because Lucy was now suffering in her transformation in becoming the very thing that she was trained to kill. But when Erza made a step in their direction, Gray's gaze snapped to her, and she immediately stopped in her tracks.

Gray was different, and she never felt fear towards him before, but now she did. A dark tattoo was stretched across the right side of his body and creeping onto his face, and his eyes…

Erza had never seen such hatred in his eyes before.

The red in usually dark blue eyes dared her to take another step closer, and she instantly knew that if she did she would've ended up like Midnight whether she was a friend or foe.

It's been a week already since then. Lucy was in a stable condition now, but Erza didn't know what to think at this point. She had noticed the two somewhat closer than when she first saw them together. It was when Lyon told her that Lucy was Gray's mate that everything made sense now. Erza was a stickler for rules, but now that Lucy was becoming a vampire, Gray and Lucy could actually be together. Besides, she was one to talk.

Erza closed her eyes, feeling a familiar presence behind her. Her neck burned.

"Jellal," she greeted.


She refused to look at him because of the easy hold he had over her. "I didn't realize you were here."

"I came back…when you and everyone else went to take down Oracion Seis."

Erza gave a dry chuckle. "You were here the whole time since we came back, and I didn't even know it."

"I…wanted to talk to you earlier, but I couldn't until now."

Erza remained silent. She heard him sigh.

"Erza, please look at me."

She hesitantly turned around to face the man she fell in love with three years ago. "You didn't say goodbye last time," she said, face stoic.

"You know why." His voice was low.

Erza sadly looked to the side. "Yes…"

The wind picked up causing her beautiful red hair to fly about her. Since she wasn't wearing her usual armor but just a simple blouse and blue skirt, her neck was bared. On it was a scar or rather a mark that she was given three years ago. Jellal's mark.

Erza could feel his piercing gaze on it, and she couldn't help but cover it with her hand.

"You should go," Erza said, not able to look at him. "We can't be seen together."

Before she could respond, Jellal was in front of her. She was trapped between the balcony railing and his broad body, both of his arms on either side of her.

"Jellal," she warned.

"It's fine, Erza," Jellal smiled. "Queen Ur said I could see you."

She looked puzzled. "But I thought–"

"She's a bit more lenient towards it now that both her sons' mates are human, well at least one of them is now."

Her eyes widened. "I know about Gray and Lucy, but Lyon and…?"

"A girl called Juvia."

Erza felt herself smile. "Juvia? This seems to good to be true," she whispered.

"I know."

"What…exactly did Queen Ur say?"

"She has no qualms about us being together, but she would prefer us to keep it safe."


"If you'd let me have you completely and eternally."

Erza's eyes widened. She was being offered the choice Lucy didn't have time to choose. It meant giving up her humanity, her position at the guild as an S-class huntress, and seeing all her comrades pass when she'd stay.

"You don't have to answer me now, Erza. Just being with you right now is enough for me."

She grasped Jellal's hand, smiling up at him. "You've always been a terrible liar."

Jellal chuckled, hugging her close to him.

Erza happily responded by burying herself in his safe embrace. "I'll think about it," she whispered, a content expression on her face.

One minute her body was burning like she was in Hell and the next there was nothing. Lucy presumed she was dead and this was the afterlife. The blonde continued walking in the blackness. She had no idea where she was going, but she'd prefer not to sit and do nothing.

Lucy stopped when a familiar figure materialized before her. Her eyes watered.


Layla Heartfilia only smiled at her daughter. "Hey, baby girl."


"You're not dead yet, sweetie."

"Where…are we?"

"The world in between. The place where souls live or die."

Lucy slowly walked up to her mother. The same voice, the same face, the same grace. Could it really be…?

Her tears freely fell now. She wiped them away furiously. "I've missed you so much."

Layla opened her arms and warmly spoke, "Come here."

The huntress was about to run and embrace her mother after so many years, but she heard his voice. It was faint, but she heard it. Her heart soared, and her neck, no, her mark burned.

"Gray?" she whispered.

Lucy turned around to see him offering his hand to her. He was as handsome as ever with his usual confident smirk.

"You don't plan on leaving me, do you?"


His eyes twinkled.

And that's when she remembered. His eyes. The last thing Lucy recalled seeing were Gray's eyes, except they were a blood red. They were filled with so much anguish and pain. It was the first time she had seen his tears, and…they were for her.

She looked back at her mother but took a step back in alarm. Instead of her mother was an ethereal being with an enormous scythe. She paled, realizing that before her was Death himself. She almost embraced Death, almost allowed it to take her away from everything she ever wanted and needed.

Lucy scrambled backwards as Death loomed over her, his scythe wielded high above him. She turned and lunged towards Gray, reaching for his extended hand. Death loomed above her, but Gray firmly grasped her outreached hand and pulled her into his embrace.

"You're safe," Gray whispered at the top of her head. "Death can't touch you anymore."

Death screeched, lashing his giant scythe, but the creature was rebounded and began to deteriorate. She was able to slip past him.

"H-How?" Her voice was weak.


Said blonde's eyes widened as Gray cupped her cheeks and made her look at him. His eyes, his voice – they were pleading, begging. Another first.

"I need you to wake up." His forehead touched hers, his eyes closing. "Or we're not going to have this."

Lucy suddenly found herself in the royal garden. It was like she was in her body, but she wasn't controlling what she was doing or saying or thinking. She was a spectator, and Lucy couldn't help but feel her eyes water with some emotion she couldn't discern.

She was dressed in a long, flowy white dress. Simple yet elegant. Her golden hair was longer and beautifully cascading down her back in a loose mermaid braid adorned with small white flowers. Sitting upon her lap in a field of sunflowers was a small child with raven hair, just like her father's. She braided her hair and adorned it with a sunflower crown atop her little head.

"All done, Layla."

The little girl's face lit up with a smile. "Now I'm pretty like you, mommy!"

Lucy smiled back before tapping her daughter on the nose. "You're already pretty being you, baby."

She giggled.

"Now, I'm just wondering where your siblings disappeared off too…"

As if on cue, two flashes of gold dashed through the garden with pale faces since none other than an angry Lynn was chasing them down. Her hair was covered in flour and her clothes were matted with crushed eggshells and feathers. With one look, Lucy guessed the twins were up to no good, and she was right. She could only watch as Lynn chased her mischievous twins, Griffin and Mila, around the fountain. Lucy hid her smile with a hand while Layla just outright laughed when Lynn fell into the fountain, no thanks to being pushed by the twins.

The two grinned and gave each other a high five.

"Griffin! Mila!" Lucy scolded, or at least tried to. She stood up and walked over with her youngest in her arms. "I'm so sorry, Lynn!"

Said vampire stepped out of the fountain and bowed. "It's quite all right, Your Grace."

"That's a solid eleven-to-three for the twins. I'm starting to think you're going easy on them, Lynn."

Lucy turned her head to see none other than her eldest, Silver, appear from the training grounds. He looked a little worse for wear, but Erza wasn't exactly the easiest of mentors. He was a carbon copy of his father except for his obsidian eyes, which he got from Gray's mother.

"Big brother!" Layla happily shouted from her arms.

Lucy set Layla on the ground and watched as her eldest swooped her youngest in his arms.

"Hey there, speedy." He pinched her cheek.

She pouted, tugging on his hair. "Stop calling me that!"

Silver chuckled, setting her down. "Yeah, sure."

"Hey Layla, can I try your flower crown?" Mila asked.

"Only if I can braid your hair too!"

Mila sighed. "Fine."


"So what'd you and Mila do this time?" Silver inquired, curious.

Griffin smirked. It was almost like his father's. "Okay, so we…"

Lucy watched fondly as her children interacted with one another. Silver, Griffin and Mila, and Layla… They were a handful, but it was all worth it.

The mark on her neck tingled, and she didn't even have to turn around to know who it was. Strong arms wrapped around her waist from behind, and Gray's chin dropped onto her shoulder. His lips kissed the crook of her neck where her mark was.

She smiled. "Well, hello to you too."


Lucy turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck while his settled on her waist. She kissed him.

"Yes, Griffin and Mila are getting a little too bold." Lucy looked thoughtful. "Especially after they met–"

"Natsu," Gray finished with a sigh.

The king and queen looked back at their children and couldn't help but sweatdrop. Griffin was climbing an exasperated Silver to escape the girls' attempts of putting the sunflower crown she had made on his head. The scene was quite comical. And it didn't help that Lynn was squawking and scolding them all for their poor etiquette but was sadly being ignored.

"Mila, what are you doing! You're my twin! You're supposed to be on my side!" Griffin complained.

"Griffin, get off your brother!" Lynn admonished.

"Yeah, but Layla and I are both girls. Sister bond, hello?" She stuck her tongue out at him.

"Mila, keep your tongue in your mouth!" Lynn chided.

"Silver, don't just stand there! Use the power of our brotherly love and help me out here!"

"What did I just say Griffin?!"

Lucy and Gray looked back at each other with small smiles. "Fairy Tail's been a good influence to them, huh?" he chuckled.

She giggled, closing her eyes as she rested her head against his chest. "Yeah…"

Suddenly, rather than being a spectator of this future vision, Lucy was now one with her future body. However, she was now utterly cold. The warmth of that vision was no longer there. She reopened her eyes in shock to find she was in the same place where everything had just transpired but now the garden was covered in snow. The fountain was frozen, the rose bushes, the trees, the sunflowers were all frosted over and most of them had died.


Lucy whirled around and gazed up at the palace. Surprise spread across her features to see it was a ruin. Parts of the castle were destroyed, and she wondered how it was still standing. She rubbed her bare arms and made her way up the steps from the garden into the castle.

Her terrified brown eyes flickered across the dark halls. There was no sight of she and Gray's children. There was no sight of Lynn. There was no sight of Queen Ur, no sight of Lyon, no sight of Ultear. No sight of anyone.

"Gray!" she yelled. "Gray!"

Lucy lifted her white dress and raced down the halls, her heels clicking in the eerie silence. She raced to Gray's quarters and found nothing. It was as if there was no one here in the first place.

"Gray!" she screamed one more time.

Silence was her only response.

This time Lucy dashed to the throne room. The giant double doors were already open, so she slipped in. Two red eyes gleamed in the darkness from the other side of the room. She stilled, frightened to move any further and expose herself into the moonlight that was filtering through the shattered windows and ripped curtains. Even though she was hidden amongst the shadows, the red eyes flickered to her and seemed to pierce through her soul.

They were filled with a quiet rage and hatred.

"Who's there?"

That was Gray's voice for sure. The same deep voice that she was used to, except this time rather than running to him, she took a step back. The tone of his voice had her trembling in fear.

Lucy was about to speak when a shrill scream came from the hallway beyond the doors she just entered. She backed herself to the side of the room as the tortured screaming got louder and louder. Lucy's eyes widened when she saw an unrecognizable figure enter the room, dragging two young women behind him by their hair. The quieter one of the two appeared to be close to unconsciousness.

"I found these two in the grounds."

The red eyes slid to the man before him, and Lucy couldn't help but inwardly sigh in relief to be out of his sight. For now.

"And they are?"


"Hunters or no?"

"This one is." The man threw the quieter woman in front of him. "Caught her by surprise."

"Hn, hunters are hardly as good as they used to be," Gray commented distastefully. "And the other?"

"Please! I was only looking for food!" the other woman cried. "I have three children at home! Please! I'm sorry! I won't do it again!"

"How pitiful," Gray scoffed.

"What would you like me to do with them?"

"Leave that huntress to me, and do what you wish with the other woman. I really don't care, but just clean up once your done."

Lucy's stomach dropped. She needed to intervene. The desperate blonde looked down her person to see herself in the dress and realized she had no proper weapon to engage. She cursed inwardly.

The vampire snickered while bowing. "My pleasure, Your Majesty."

The silhouette of the man bowed before dragging off the crying woman. She screeched, begging for mercy. Lucy held her breath until the screaming woman was heard no more.

Footsteps were heard as Gray descended from his throne, and Lucy's breath hitched as he stepped into the moonlight where the defenseless huntress was.

He was devilishly handsome. His trademark white coat didn't go away in this future. The only difference was that black was added to it, and he wore no shirt underneath, revealing his toned chest and abdominals. His raven locks were gelled back with one strand rebelliously hanging above his right eye. She noted his right hand was completely black, and she could see some sort of tattoo stretching across his body, including over his right eye, like it had a mind of its own. His face was almost like this when she last saw him, yet his eyes had tears and emotion. Now, in this horrible vision, his face was stone cold, withholding nothing but contempt.

"Kneel," he ordered.

The huntress groaned.

"Don't make me repeat myself, huntress."

She shakily got to all fours before sitting on her knees. "Your Majesty," she hissed.

"You're here to kill me, yes?"

"Of course," she spit out.


She huffed.


She scoffed.



"Interesting," Gray hummed. "I haven't met a hunter from Fairy Tail in a long time." His lips curled cruelly. "I'll enjoy killing you."

Without any hesitation, Gray swiftly grabbed the huntress by the neck and lifted her in the air. She choked, clawing at his hand to let go and give her air. He brought her down, neck to his lips, and ripped into her throat. Her struggle was futile as he sucked her blood dry.

Lucy watched in horror as the huntress' life force slowly left her until she went slack. But he kept on drawing blood until the very last drop. He sighed, withdrawing from the dead girl's neck, and dropped her to the floor. A droplet of blood dripped down his mouth.

She didn't want to believe that this was Gray. He couldn't be.

Was this the future if she didn't wake up?

Tears trickled down her cheeks.

"Show yourself. I know you're there."

Her brown eyes clashed with his red ones. She shivered once again.

"No need to be shy," he taunted, licking the drop of blood away. "I don't bite…much," he smirked, his longer-than-normal canines making him look vicious and diabolical as the moonlight made his eyes glint.

Lucy hesitantly stepped into the moonlight. Her golden hair shined and the white dress she wore illuminated her figure and made her seem like an ethereal being.

There was a short silence.

"Why…" Gray suddenly growled angrily. "Why do you look like her?" His eyes narrowed into slits. "Who are you?"

"I'm…" Her words failed her, so she simply moved her hair to the side and turned slightly, uncovering her mark.

His eyes widened fractionally, but he recovered quickly. "That's not possible."

She only gave him a teary smile.

Gray closed the distance between them. Lucy had to force herself not to take a step back because she knew that would make it worse. His very nature was fickle, and the last thing she wanted was to anger him.

He towered over her, red eyes staring down with conflicting emotions. He slowly raised his hand to caress her face, but it went through. Her eyes widened, as did his.

"You're…" he trailed off.

To believe what she was seeing, Lucy silently held out her hands to him. Gray tried to hold them, but once again, they went right through. A pained expression crossed his face before morphing into something akin to rage.

Lucy shakily looked at her hands. She was nothing but a ghost in this future. Only there to haunt and remind Gray that she was dead.

"Please, enough!" she screamed. "I don't want to see anymore!"

Wake up, Lucy!

The vision around her began to fade into the blackness she had become familiar with. There was a sudden jolt, and it felt like someone had shoved her soul back into her body. The heaviness in her limbs became familiar. The whispering of voices filled her ears, and she felt her fingers twitch.

"She's about to wake up!"

Levy, Lucy easily distinguished.

"Giver her space!"


"Everyone's waiting, Luce!"


"Come back to me…"


Lucy's eyes fluttered open.

The world was full of color, more than she ever remembered. But the only thing she could hear and think were the beating hearts of human blood.

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