chapter 14! wow, 14 chapters. that's a big accomplishment for me. it doen't feel like i've been doing this story for that long.

let the potions continue! may Daphne and Pinnochio find all the ingeredients!

"Come on Pinnochio," Daphne said. "We don't have all day".

"Easy for you to say," Pinnochio said. "You're not the one hauling all the ingredients around all day". Pinnochio pulled a red wagon behind him, filled with all the strange and rare ingredients. They were stacked in jars, bottled in liquid form, some were even in small cages.

"Here, I'll pull it for a while," Daphne said. She pulled it along with some difficulty.

"So where are we going next?," Pinnochio asked.

"To 's house," Daphne replied.

When they got to Hamsted's house, Pinnochio rang the doorbell. Bess answered.

"Daphne," the woman said with a warm smile "What a surprise. What brings you here?"

"We're here on account of a problem," Daphne said seriously.

"Oh?," Bess said. "What kind of problem?"

"A big problem. A magic problem".

"A magic problem you say? Well you'd better come in then". Bess ushered Daphne and Pinnochio inside.

"What is this?," Bess asked, referring to the wagon.

"They're ingredients for a potion we're making for Sabina," Pinnochio explained.

"She's talking backwards," Daphne whispered to Bess.

"Yes, I heard. Poor Sabrina must but furious with that fairy boy".

Just then there was a cry. It was coming from a different room.

"Oh dear," Bess said. "That's little Jonny. he's woken up from his nap". Bess walked away to another room, then returned with a screaming baby. if he wasn't screaming, he would be an adorable little thing. Big brown eyes, cute face, except that he had spots like a cow when he was upset. Bess and Hamstead had had to move to Ferryport landing when they realised that their child went through this metamorphasis when he was upset. They decided to stay in the everafter community until little Jonny learned to control his emotions.

"Sorry about this," Bess said while she cradled the crying child, trying to calm him.

"It's ok ," Daphne said. "That's actually what we're here about".

just then the door opened and Ernest Hamstead walked in. He smiled and said, "Why Daphne. Good afternoon. What brings you here?"

"I'm on a quest," Daphne said importantly.

"Oh? Is that so?," Hamstead said, walking over to Bess and his son. He kissed Bess on the cheek and looked down at Jonny, who had now calmed down, proudly. "And what would your quest be?"

"They're trying to find a cure for Sabrina," Bess said.

"We've been looking for ingredients for a potion," Pinnochio said.

"And there's something that we could get from you," Daphne said.

Hamsted and Bess gave Daphne and Pinnochio confused looks.

"We need your baby's wail," Daphne said.

Bess and Hamstead's expressions turned from confused to shocked.

"Our baby's wail?," Bess said. "I don't know".

"Is there someone else's baby you could take a wail from?," Hamstead said.

"Not really," Daphne said. "None of the other everafters in Ferryport landing have babies or even children young enough to count as babies".

Hamstead looked at their child, then at Daphne, then said in unision, "Ok".

Daphne smiled. "Thank you," she said. Pinnochio handed her a pouch much like the one that contained Baba Yaga's cackle. Daphne walked over to Little Jonny. He had started crying again. Daphne held the small bag near his lips and a light drifted into it. Jonny's cries were muted.

"Thank you so much," Daphne said "It really means a lot".

"Well," Bess said "at least it'll be quieter around here".

Daphne and Pinnochio left the house with a cookie in each hand, curticy of Bess's amazing cooking, and continued their search.

sorry this chapter was so short, it turned out longer in my head.

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