Love Me Tender

Chapter one: Year 2006

Hermione Snape is lying in the hospital wing at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her husband of eight years Severus Snape is by her bedside. Hermione has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Due to the fact that she is muggle-born, she has a higher chance of getting cancer then a half-blood or pure-blood witch or wizard. Hermione looks up at Severus as he has tears rolling down his cheeks. Healers, Doctors, and Poppy Pompfry did all they could to save her, they did however prolonged her death by one year, but unfortunately, the treatments that she has been going through, has stopped working for her, and all she as now is to wait.

"Hermione?" Severus said while kissing each of her knuckles.

"hmm…?" Hermione moaned.

"I love you, so much." Severus said trying to smile.

"I love you too Sev. Please, take care of Pricilla." Hermione asked Severus. Pricilla Snape is there four year old little girl.

"Of course love, you and Cilla mean everything to me." Severus said.

"Sev?" Hermione asked.

"What is it love?"

"Can you sing to me? The song you always do?" Hermione asked, getting weaker by the moment.

"Anything for you my love." Severus said and started to sing.

"Love me tender,

Love me sweet,

Never let me go,

You have made my life complete,

And I love you so,

Love me tender,

Love me true,

All my dreams fulfilled,

For my darling, I love you,

And I always will,

Love me tender,

Love me dear,

Tell me you are mine,

I'll be yours through all the years,

Till the end of time." Severus sang to Hermione; while she closed her eyes and listened to her husband sing her favorite song as her wedding song. His baritone voice is soothing and sounds almost like the artist who sings it.

"Thank you Sev." Hermione said.

"Your most welcome my dear."

"Sev, I don't want to die. I want to be here with you and Pricilla. Where is she?" Hermione asked.

"I don't want you to die either my love, but it's out of my control, I've tried so hard to find a cure for you, and Pricilla is with Minerva." Severus answered.

"I know you tried. And I couldn't thank you enough. Would you mind bringing Pricilla to me? Please?" Hermione asked Severus smiled slightly.

"I'll be back soon love." Severus said kissing her gently on the mouth.

"Hurry…" Hermione whispered. Severus got up quickly and rushed to Minerva's chambers.


When Severus came to Minerva's chambers, he said the password and walked through the door. Minerva was sitting on her Gryffindor red colored couch playing with Pricilla. Pricilla looked up and saw who it was and came rushing to his arms.

"daddy…is mommy gonna be alright?" Pricilla asked worriedly.

"No baby, she is not. She wants to see you." Severus said as he held her in his arms. Minerva looked at him sadly.

"Is she?' Minerva asked. Severus shook his head yes. Tears started to roll down her face.

"Severus…I'm so sorry."

"No need. If you like, you can come along too. She doesn't really have that much time left." He said as he turned around and headed back to the hospital wing.


Severus reached the hospital wing and Hermione on the bed with the respirator on. Hermione turned her head to see her husband and her daughter. She smiled slightly and held out her arms.

"Cilla…come here please." Hermione whispered. Severus brought Pricilla to Hermione as the little girl jumped into her arms. But she accidently landed too hard on Hermione's stomach and she started to cough.

"I sorry mommy…I didn't mean to." Pricilla said hugging her mother.

"It's alright little one, I know you didn't." Hermione clung to her daughter she knew this was going to be her last night. She had tears coming down and she kissed her little girl on the cheek.

"Cilla, always know that mommy loves you very much. I'll be watching over you and your daddy. I may not be here in person, but I'll always be in her heart, always in spirit. Always remember that okay?" Hermione whispered, she could only whisper due to all the pain and treatment she has gone through. Her voice is almost gone.

"I love you too mommy. Please…don't go." Pricilla cried.

"I wish I could stay here, but mommy's sickness isn't going to let her." Hermione cried as well. Minerva came in afterwards and walked towards Hermione.

"Hermione, I love you like a daughter." Minerva said as she hugged her as well.

"I love you to Minerva. You've been like a mom to me since my parent's death. I appreciate it very much." Hermione said.

"Min, would you mind taking Cilla out, I would like to speak to Severus alone." Hermione asked. Minerva nodded. Taking Pricilla into her arms and walking out of the hospital wing..

"MOMMY! PWUEES DON'T LEAVE ME!" She cried. Hermione and Severus heart broke.

"Sev. I need you to promise me something." Hermione said taking his hand into her own.

"Anything." Severus said.

"I want you to promise me that you'll move on. I don't want you to be alone forever. I want you to find happiness again. Please Severus." Hermione cried. Severus broke down in tears he bent his head down to her chest and cried.

"Mia….I love you more than anything in the world. You brought me happiness and a beautiful little girl. I-I….I can't live without you." Severus cried. Hermione brought her hand up to his head and clung to him.

"Please Severus, you have to live for Pricilla, she needs you. Don't leave her an orphan by choice. Please Severus. I'm begging you. Promise me at least you won't do anything stupid. Promise me that at least." Hermione begged as she was losing the battle.

"Al-Alright my love, I'll promise you that, but I can't promise to find happiness in another woman. I-I can't do that." Severus said.

"I love you Severus….with…with all my heart….body, mind, and soul" Hermione said weakly, as she began to close her eyes. Severus looked up to see her fading away.

"No…no…no Mia…Don't…please…I love you. I need you…please Mia…don't leave me" Severus wept.

"Kiss me, one last time." She asked. Without hesitation, Severus placed his lips on top of his wife's. With as much love and passion in that if that one kiss was their last. Hermione kissed back with as much love as she could muster. Then, within moments of passion, Hermione fell limp and she was no more. Severus held on to her and yelled out in pain. Crying and weeping as he had just lost one of the two most important people in his life.

A/N. I'm back. I had this idea just popped into my head. After this chapter, time will go back to Hermione's sixth year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. To tell the story of the love shared between Hermione and Severus. It all started in the middle of Hermione's sixth year. In 1996/97. Please review for another chapter, if you want it. Thanks! The song is "Love Me Tender" By: Elvis Presley. And the Characters are not mine (except for Pricilla) this all belongs to J.K. Rowling, and Happy birthday to her and to Harry Potter!

A/N #2 I had to change the year because Pricilla would've been born during Hermione's Apprenticeship, and I want her to be able to finish her education completly before having Pricilla.