Chapter 23: August Part 2

Albus Dumbledore was sitting in the living room at Minerva's Manor talking to her and Mr. Weasley. It wasn't a good visit, no, quit the contrary.

"What's wrong Professor?" Ron asked. Almost afraid of the answer.


Hermione and Severus was sitting on the patio when an owl flew by again. Hermione was getting frustrated because she knew it was Ron again.

"Really! I thought the message would be clear to him." Hermione said in aggravation. Severus just shook his head.

"It seems he will never learn hun." Severus said.

"Well, I might just have to have you go down to the ministry to get a restraining order." Hermione said getting ready to open the letter.

"Let see what the bastard have to say first love." Severus replied.

"Alright." She opened the letter and started to read. She knew it wasn't one of those apology letters.


I know you're probably upset about this, but I'm not asking for forgiveness in this letter. Professor Dumbledore came by. It wasn't good news. Ginny has been attacked by death eaters and is in a coma. She is in St. Mungo's hospital. We don't know when or if she'll be out. But I thought you'd like to know. After all, she is your best girlfriend.


"Oh my God!" Hermione said as tears started to roll down her cheeks. Immediately Severus went to her side.

"What's wrong love?" Severus asked with a concerned look.

"Ginny…she's…she's in the hospital, she's been attacked. Severus, we need to go see her, she's in the hospital." Hermione cried. Severus stiffened.

"Alright love. For this one time I will allow it. Hang on to me, we're going to apperate." Severus said.

When they arrived at St. Mungo's, Hermione rushed to the front counter, where she met the nurse.

"Hello, how may I help you?" The nurse asked.

"I'm here to see Ginny Weasley; can you tell me what room she is in?" Hermione asked. The nurse didn't even notice the man standing behind her.

"Oh, hello Professor Snape" the nurse said.

"Ms. Steel, you do well to listen to my fie-student. Tell her what room Ms. Weasley is in." Severus said. Anna nodded.

"Room H253, third floor." She answered.

"Thank you." Hermione and Severus said in unison and rushed to the room Ginny was in.


Hermione reached Ginny's room, when she walked in, she saw a bunch of Weasley's sitting around her bed. She walked up to her best friend and saw how pale she was. Severus stood back. He didn't want to intervene. Hermione grabbed her hand as a tear fell down her cheeks.

"Ginny" Hermione whispered. She looked up and saw Arthur and Molly on the other side of the bed. Fred and George was at the end of the bed. Ron was sitting in a chair in the corner beside her and Bill was there as well.

"Wh-What happened?" She asked Arthur. Molly was crying her eye's out, so she wouldn't really be able to answer her question. Shakily, Arthur answered.

"She-She was in Hogsmeade, walking towards The Three Broom sticks when three death eaters came and attacked the town. Five people were hurt including Ginny, she was trying to protect a third year ravenclaw when a death eater tried to curse her. He missed the ravenclaw but managed to hit Ginny. Aurors arrived just in time. I found her lying on the ground. I-I thought the worst, but I managed to get her to the hospital on time. If-If-If I didn't make it when I did, she-she'd be dead." Arthur said. Still shook up about the event.

"Oh, I'm so sorry Mr. Weasley. I just pray that Ginny will wake up. She's my best friend." Hermione said.

"I know you are m'dear. Wait-I thought you were supposed to be in hiding with Ron?" Molly asked through her tears.

"Well, Ronald sent me an owl, and I just had to come and see Ginny. Seve-Professor Snape was kind enough to take me to the hospital. He'll only do this once, then I'm back at the house." Hermione said, wanting to slap herself for almost saying Severus' name.

Arthur and Molly weren't oblivious to the fact that she had almost said Severus' given name. They were going to ask about that later.

"You said Ronald. You only say 'Ronald' when you're upset with him. What happened dear?" Molly asked.

Double-damn. Caught again, she is right though.

"Long story. I'll tell you later. We're not on speaking terms right now. Let's just put it at that." Hermione answered. She knew Ron was staring at her, but she didn't care until he said something rude.

"She won't forgive me for something I accidently said. After I've apologized like a million times." Ron said. Severus eyes grew wide. 'How dare he!' He wanted to give him a piece of his mind until Hermione gloriously beat him to the punch, with fiery red eye's Hermione turned around and looked like she was about to slap him up side his head.

"HOW DARE YOU RONALD WEASLEY! You called me a whore, and you just think that just a simple apology will wipe that all the way! I THINK NOT! I WILL NOT be forgiving you anytime time soon, or if ever. I am NOT a whore. I maybe a muggle-born but I know better then to be a whore." Turning over to Molly and Arthur, she said:

"Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, I love you, but your son can be a real prick at times." Hermione said in anger.

"We will have to agree with you on this one Hermione. We are sorry." Arthur said. Ron stood up.

"HEY! You were supposed to be on MY side" Ron shouted.

"I'm sorry son, but Hermione has a point. You can be a bit selfish at times." Arthur said.

"Fine, then I'M LEAVING!" Ron said stomping out of the room, but then, came back to say something else. He was really upset.

"And Hermione, you can FORGET about being friends. You can have your precious Severus all you want. But when he breaks your heart, DON'T come crawling to me. Professor, you have a slut for a girlfriend!" Ronald said. Severus was defiantly PISSED OFF. Not the fact the he accused him of having Hermione as a girlfriend, but for calling Hermione a slut. He turned around, reached for his wand, grabbed Ron by the collar of his throat and slammed him up against the wall.

"I am warning you Weasley! Hermione Granger is NOT a slut. She is NOT a whore, and she is… and never will be again your FRIEND…I have a right mind to curse you into next century, but I do not want a law suit against me, and have your family on my backside. But I will warn you. If you ever touch, speak or LOOK at Hermione, I swear to you boy, I WILL NOT be responsible for my actions. Is that anyway unclear?" Severus said in the most threatening tone of voice Hermione ever heard, including the rest of the Weasley clan. She is so lucky to have him, he means so much to her.

Ronald gulped, his face gone pale.

"Fine, have it your way then. She's pathetic anyways." Ron said, he immediately regretted it because Severus had had enough and without a second thought, punched him hard in the face. Not once, but three times, he would've continued but Hermione had to stop him.

"Love, stop…he's not worth it." She said grabbing his arm. He immediately stopped. He had let go of Weasley, and he ran off like the little rat that he is. Severus forgot where he was, all he cared about was Hermione. He pulled Hermione into a tight embrace and kissed the top of her head.

"I'm sorry Mia. I was only trying to protect you." Severus said rubbing her back. Hermione had her nose in the nape of his neck.

"I know…but please. He's not worth it. I don't know what I would do without you." Hermione whispered.

"I feel the same." Severus said. The Weasley clan gasped. They had no idea that they were together. Molly and Arthur were shocked by what they were seeing, but they thought it was also romantic.

Then Molly decided to cough to get their attention. Then, remembering where they were at, they broke apart.

"It's…I'm sorry…" Severus stuttered, he didn't know what to say. They were keeping their love secret well, up until this moment of weakness.

"How long has this been going on?" Arthur asked. For once, the twins were speechless, as well as Bill.

"Since March, we had to keep it secret. We were doing pretty well until now. But I will tell you this. Severus did NOT put me under some love potion or anything. We fell in love and that is that. So please, I don't want to here your arguments as to why we shouldn't be together." Hermione said grabbing his hand. Severus turned his head to look at Hermione and smiled at her.

"We have no objections. Molly and I are happy for you, you two make a perfect match, and I wish you the best in life. As long as you love each other that is fine with me." Arthur replied. Both Hermione and Severus sighed in relief.

"Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. You don't know what that means to us." Hermione said.

"We can't believe you two are together, but it's not our place to judge." Fred said while getting up to give Hermione a huge, Severus looked at him with a little jealously. But Fred turned to him and reached his hand out. Severus cautiously took his hand with a firm grasp and shook it.

"Thank you Mr. Weasley." Severus said. Hermione looked at Ginny. She already missed her. But it was time for them to go for the night.

"I don't want to go, but visitor hours are almost over so we must take our leave. Good night." Hermione said walking over to give each Weasley a hug.

"Good night Hermione, and Severus."

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