The slam of a door jolted her from sleep. Blinking blearily, she checked her watch. The early hours of the morning guaranteed his drunken delirium. Curling onto her side, she yanked the covers over her head, as though shrouding herself in its warmth and darkness would provide suitable protection. The door hit the wall with a loud crack, and his heavy footsteps shook the fragile floorboards, penetrating the delicate silence. She winced as his hands fisted her thick duvet, peeling it away from her thin body. "Tess." A deep southern twang floated through the shadows, teasing her, a cold chill seeping through her bones.

"Not so fast." The rough whisper by her ear made her gasp. A cold hand wrapped around her wrists, wrenching her onto her back and knocking the breath from her chest. His large body immediately engulfed hers and an involuntary whimper escaped her lips, his other hand clamping over her mouth. Tess struggled against the firm grip, and felt, as well as heard his chuckle, the vibrations shaking her lithe body. Panic overwhelmed her, and she screeched through his thick fingers. Another laugh, as if her struggle amused him. It probably did.

"Now, now, Coz. Don't ya wanna play?" He murmured into her ear, his foul breath ghosting along her throat. She shook my head furiously, and felt him smirk against her neck, lips brushing the goose bumps.

"You ain't scared of me, surely?" He drawled, his tone dark, before nipping at her neck. She gasped against his hand, and tasted dirt, and tobacco. She wanted to cry, scream and throw up, all at the same time. She wished furiously that she could be back in Marlott with her family; her mother singing songs as she cleaned, and her countless siblings arguing over the remote. Tears burned her eyes, and she blinked furiously against their heat. At this point in a movie, she would be yelling at the useless heroine to do something, anything, and not be a hopeless damsel in distress. But the beauty of film is that even though the heroine is ridiculously inadequate to save the day, she will inevitably be rescued. In reality, there was no such guarantee, and no one to save Tess.