So I finally got this chapter! I forgot You guys gave me more ideas!

Guidelines To Living With The Avengers

51. Don't let Thor listen to Call Me Maybe. (Charles Xavier23)

(He keeps giving me his phone number when he sings it. It's kind of scary.)

52. Don't play UNO with Bruce. (Charles Xavier23)

(He hulks out when Tony cheats. Thor just pisses him off; otherwise Bruce is a really good player.)

53. Don't wear a tank top around Steve. (Charles Xavier23)

(I'm kind of getting tired of his lectures. I should really learn to do what Natasha does and just ignore him.)

54. Don't go into Natasha's room. (Charles Xavier23)

(If you value your life just don't. The only one with immunity is Clint.)

55. Don't call Clint a butthead. (Charles Xavier23)

(I have immunity, but Loki called him that and well Loki was afraid of even being in the same room with him.)

56. Don't tell Thor and Loki Tuesday is Topless Tuesday. (Raychaell Dionzeros)

(They WILL do it. Thor does it because well, he's Thor. Loki only does it because the female workers of Stark Industries practically drool over him.)

57. Don't tell the new recruits that to become an agent, you have to start a prank war. (Raychaell Dionzeros)

(Loki, Tony, and I were all pretty impressed at the effort a lot of the recruits put into it. Fury just had to be a fun killer though and we can't do it anymore.)

58. Don't blackmail Loki with the theft of Pop tarts. (Raychaell Dionzeros)

(It works, but he can and will get you back.)

59. Don't argue with Jarvis. (Raychaell Dionzeros)


60. Don't let Loki watch the Suite Life on Deck. (Asgardian Fire45)

(He now has an obsession with blonde twins.)