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October 6, 2011

The first time we met was at a neighbor's pool party.

He was leaning casually against the wall, arms folded across his chest. His brooding eyes were flirting with the cigarette dangling from his russet fingers.

I was entranced by his full lips; the way he'd wet them with his pink tongue...

The summer heat was too much to bear, and his presence had turned my evening into a hot erotic novel.

My friends told me his name was Jacob Black. His parents were filthy rich, but he chose to build his empire on his own.

At twenty four, he was the most eligible bachelor in the city, but the ladies dubbed him a player...

They warned me not to talk to him, but I did.

I pulled the famous -Emily Thorne- move from Revenge, and spilled my cosmo all over his fancy motorcycle jacket...and that's how our friendship began...

Posted by: Aspiring B

Jacob stood next to his Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 motorbike, clad in a matching black leather jacket. A couple of teenage girls passed him by on their way back from McDonald's and wouldn't stop staring at his menacing, broad shouldered frame.

I took a deep breath and pushed the glass door open, watching him roll his eyes impatiently as another group of teenage kids halted in front of the Kawasaki, admiring its chrome painted rims and the unique geometric design across its glossy black body.

My own body was already humming with anticipation on my way over to him with a pink Hello Kitty helmet tucked under my right arm.

His dark eyes landed on me just as I was about to step onto the sidewalk and he instantly smiled. Those perfect white teeth shone beneath the dim street lights, making me wobble in my high heeled boots.

First impressions did not give the guy justice. Most people thought he was a bad boy with a reckless attitude towards life just because he owned a bike and was different than everybody else.

'You're fashionably late, Swan.' He pointed out, straddling the leather seat and sliding on his black helmet.

"Sorry, I didn't hear your missed call." I sheepishly smiled and climbed onto the back of the bike.

It was relatively early but I knew how much he hated waiting down by my building.

He had a reputation to uphold and it did not include a girl like me.

'Never mind. Are you ready?'

"I was born ready."

I strapped on my helmet and laced my arms around his waist, looking forward to our weekly ride. To me, it was an escape from my daily routine and something challenging to do. The adrenaline rush was addictive, it made you feel high and incredibly liberated.

Jacob revved up the engine and it instantly roared and vibrated like a large jungle cat. I almost toppled off if not for my arms holding onto his leather jacket. Minutes later, we were whizzing past cars along the wide lanes of the ocean road.

I couldn't help but smirk at the looks I got from a bunch of girls cramped inside a small VW Polo. Their eyes widened like saucers when I waved at them before Jake sped off once the traffic lights turned green.

The secret garden's parking lot was practically empty when we got there.

I climbed off the Kawasaki, feeling my ears pop while stumbling over an empty plastic bottle at the same time.

'Whoa. Easy there, doll-face.' He grabbed hold of my arm, kicking away the bottle with his foot.

"Hey! Pick it up, will you?"

'Fine, but you're buying tonight.'

I rolled my eyes at him and watched him pick up the bottle with a disgusted expression on his handsome face.

'You're such a tree hugger, Swan.'



We walked down the pathway leading to our usual hangout; a bench overlooking a constantly occupied basketball court.

The old vending machine stood a few meters away, its lights flickering on and off like a busted neon sign.

"So, what would you like to drink? Coke, Sprite, Fanta? There's also the - too cheap to buy Bella a drink- special." I teased.

'I'll skip the special, leave it to those who didn't get you that custom made Hello Kitty helmet.'

"Fair enough. So you'll have the usual Sprite then?"

He grinned, the dimple on his right cheek finally making an appearance. 'Yep.'

I fished out two coins from my pocket and fed them to the machine.

We walked over to the bench with our drinks in hand as one of the kids in the court swore out loud at his friends, making us laugh. Every time we watched them play, he was the first one to lose his temper.

'Now this is what I call entertainment.'

"He's like fifteen with the mouth of a sailor. Seriously."

I took a sip of my cool soda and glanced at him. He never swore in my presence, not even when that stupid Dodge Challenger cut him off while he was switching lanes last week.

"So, how was your day?"

'It was okay, I guess. The guys keep on asking me why I always manage to ditch their asses the same night every week.'

"And what do you tell them?"

He shrugged, keeping his eyes on the short kid dribbling the ball. 'Nothing. They suspect it might be a girl. Just not you.'

"I guess it might be damaging to your image if they discovered that you hang out with a good girl just to drink soda with her." I elbowed his side and he frowned at me in return.

'Yeah, somethin' like that.'

A chilly breeze swept by, making me shiver slightly beneath my thin jacket.

The weather was starting to change dramatically earlier this year.

I set the Coke down on the wooden surface and rubbed my hands together to generate a bit of heat.

'You cold?'

"A little, yeah."

He got up and shrugged out of his jacket, biceps flexing as he did so.

The falcon tattoo on his arm rippled like an animated piece of art.

"You're so bad-ass." I blurted out, watching him drape the jacket over my shoulders with a chuckle.

'Is that the soda talking?'

"Haha. Very funny. Remind me again why we're friends?"

'Because you have a thing for bad-boys?' He answered, tapping his long fingers on the wooden bench.

"Oh please, bad-boys don't act like gentlemen."

'I'm not a gentleman.'

"I beg to differ." I argued. "It's me who insisted that we come here...not you."

'True, but you did it for me.' He pointed out.

"Well, when we first met, you weren't very keen on spending time with me, remember?"

He thought I was a snob and as shallow as some of the girls he knew but I proved him wrong.

'Yeah, I do.'

We exchanged knowing looks. I smiled.

"Who would've thought that a guy who intimidates the hell out of my neighbors is actually an articulate, book reading nerd with a passion for visual arts?"

'My first impression doesn't do me justice.'

"No, it doesn't."

The wind around us picked up speed, rustling the leaves behind our beloved bench.

I wrapped his leather jacket tight around me and glanced up at the barely starlit sky.

'How about we relocate to a cafe or something?' He suggested, crushing his empty soda can between his large hands.

"Umm...right now?"

'Yeah, come on, before your hands fall off.'

I hopped off the bench, giving the basketball court one last look. Sailor mouthed kid was doing a cartwheel after scoring a three pointer.

Good for him, I thought.

"So, do you have a place in mind?"

'Nah, you choose. Just as long as it's not a Barbie castle or a Hello Kitty store.'

"Wow, you actually said Barbie and Hello Kitty in the same sentence, I'm so proud!"