This is an Altered world where none of the have died, and includes my OC in it she is one of the main people of the story i hope you guys enjoy! :) also sorry if their is a lot a Japanese word bits, i will take them out along the way of writing the story i wrote this a long time ago and didn't finish it so i thought of trying to do the story again :D so sorry again!

their will be a lot of OkitaXArisa (OC) and HeisukeXArisa :)

(fan-fiction) Hakuouki: Kaika No Tsubomi
Chapter 1: Destination, Shinsengumi HQ?!

It was late during the night, i didn't know where i was heading but i knew i wanted to go far away as possible at least know where near that monster. I ran from my hometown to where i am now, running faster and faster, I was scared and almost out of breath but that didn't stop me. Covered in bruises and blood dripping down my forehead, i cried once again. I'm such a fool, i knew he wasn't my father yet i let myself believe he was, to think a man that was good natured and pure hearted was hiding his real face underneath that mask. As i kept running i bumped into a group of men.

"kya!" i fell down and rubbed my head and looked up

"Oi! (hey!) watch where you're going, you're going to pay for this with your...? ehh? hmph not even cute i was going to let you pay your debt with your body but your just not...?

I frowned, though making me pay for my body is a bad thing, he made me feel worthless

"What should we do with her boss?" said one of the guys surrounding me, as they all looked at me with this dirty look, I bet if i would have looked beautiful they wouldn't give me such a look.

"I guess we can keep her as our maid if this ugly women is even useful" as they all laughed at me making me feel even more bad about myself, i cried.

The "boss" pulled my hair forcing me to get up and he told me if i tried to run away or scream he would kill me

I wanted to scream, yell do something! I didn't want to be with these awful men but i couldn't say anything. Is this really how my life will end? i shredded tears once again at least knowing i wouldn't be saved anytime soon. They tied my hands with a rope and took me along with them. I said nothing, i kept my word and stood shut, i treasure my life more than anything if i had the guts to fight back or kill myself now i would. I felt so hopeless, Until they came.

One of the men in a blue and white coat with brownish red hair and green eyes leaped in from the air and landed face to face with the "boss" (Okita)

"Found you" he said with a very calm yet happy tone

"Must you always make things so complicated" sighed a man with blue hair almost covering one of his eyes (Saitou)

"Ehh?..But petrol is so boring at least let's have some fun with it Saitou" said Okita

"Hijikata will not be pleased with this Okita" said Saitou

"Damn it, it's the shinsengumi everyone in position!" as they took out their swords and pushed me out the way

"Kyahh!" i fell down

"Keep quite! stupid women!" said one of them men i think they were trying to hide me but i did as the man pleased

"Did i hear a kya? haha are you guys that scared of us!" as he laughed, such a silly man, i hope he knew i was here so i can escape

"Chh!...Let's get them!" the boss yelled angrily he seemed like he was being mocked by them

Six of the men went to fight while the other three and the boss were hiding me. All six men were down and it was just us left. Boss made the last two of his men go and he stayed behind guarding me. Swords clashing, The man with green eyes sliced one of the men,his blood splattered in my face. The head rolled to me, I was horrified, As much as i wanted to stay quiet before my own head gets sliced, I didn't. I screamed to the top of my lungs and got back up. I tried to run away but the boss pulled me by my hair and told me to shut up. The men called the Shinsengumi? Finally turned heads and noticed me.

"So you were keeping someone captive weren't you" said Okita raised his blade at 15 inches away from boss

"And what of it?!" He smirked and raised his blade at my neck

He laughed "She's worthless trash! I don't care about using her for my desires i just wanted her to be my slave! But now that you've found out i'm going to have to kill her! Unless you want to make a bargain?!" boss said

"Let me go!" I screamed

The man named Okita smiled "We don't want her either, You can kill her right now on the spot go ahead ne~ "

The shinsengumi men were confused but nodded along with his plan. Is this really the end? I looked up in the sky and closed my eyes crying. The man named Saitou was behind us and in a blink of an eye boss was dead. His body fell on top of me. I was shaking, i screamed again and threw his body. I fell down and crawled backwards. I got up and was planning to run away, But the handsome man with blue hair came behind me. I got scared and fell back down again. I looked up and then the green eyed man was behind me too. I felt dizzy and felt like vomiting but i held it back. Everything became almost blurry and i started to breath hard, the man named Okita came close to my face with a nasty look, which made me shake. I waited for him to do something and i knew it was going to be something horrible so i waited for the worst.

"Boo!" He said I knocked out

"Really Okita, Do you have to be so cruel? The poor girl is traumatized by all this yet you still make everything a joke?" said Saitou

"Hahaha..That was hilarious, this made my day!" Okita laughed

"Okita what are you doing?" said Saitou

"Just having a look at her face, hmmm...its not cute, not beautiful, and not pretty, it looks so average, thats a first, the women here are far better looking than her right Saitou-kun?"

Saitou said nothing, Okita smiled

"Not even prettier than Chizuru-chan ne~" Okita said smiled as Saitou blushed

"Let's go, we're taking her with us" Saitou picked me up and put me on his shoulder

"Ehh? why can't we just leave her here or kill her?" Okita said with a sarcastic tone

"Nonsense Okita" said Saitou as they left and brought me to their HQ