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(fan-fiction) Hakuouki:Kaika No Tsubomi

Chapter 23: We're taking back what's ares!

"..." I turned my head away.

"Where is she?!" The man that resembled to Chizuru shoved me to the wall.

"How would I know!" I yelled back pushing him.

"You little!.." Kaoru was about to attack me but kyo held him back.

"So that mean's you do know who she is, and you were turned into a rasetsu by them..how low can these disgusting humans get.." Kazama said with an irritated face.

"They didn't do this to me I did it to myself!.." I yelled.

"Ch..for power? You idiots should know what comes along with the medicine" Kyo gave me a dirty look.

"That wasn't my reason!"

"Then why else would you do it?"

"Because..because I wanted to be with the one's I loved okay?! Is it crime! It may sound like a stupid reason but it's not! I treasure them all and I did what was best for myself and for them..So what if I get my hand's dirty and cheat.. if that's what it means to be with to be with the ones I love then you might as well call me a devil! THIS IS MY SIN!" I smirked at them, Amagiri came in front of me almost as if he was guarding me.

"..?!" Kyo turned his head, he sensed someone coming.

"ARISA?!" Hijikata yelled.

"Hijikata-san!" I smiled happily and saw everyone else come in through. "Everyone..." my eyes became watery, it's been so long since I've seen familiar faces.

"Ch..you again" Kazama said his eyes looked around and noticed both Chizuru and Sen-hime.

"You guys I new yo...!" I said about to run towards them but Kaoru held me back and placed a dart next to my chest.

"Let her go!" Hijikata yelled as both Kazama and Kaoru smirked.

"You want her back right? How about we make a deal..." Kazama said as Kaoru put the knife on my chest, it itched because I can feel the pointiness of the dart right through the layers of clothing,

"If you want you're precious comrade back, I suggest you hear us out" Kaoru smirked.

"We'll give you back female rasetsu if you would trade in Chizuru..no, both Chizuru and Sen-hime!"

"WHAT?!" Sen-hime's face became irritated and Chizuru was worried.

"Don't do it!" I yelled, Kaoru covered my mouth.

"You bastards!" Harada yelled.
"Have you made your decision?" Kazama smirked.

"Ch.." Hijikata became angry, suddenly Okita striked at Kaoru, he let me go and clashed swords with Saito.

"Arisa run!" Okita said holding off Kaoru and I ran off as fast as I could, but I couldn't run because of the shoes and kimono I wore.

"Don't let her get away!" Kazama yelled as I ran Kyo stopped me and carried me away.

"Let me go Kyo-chan!" I yelled punching his head as he leaped from staircase to staircase, Harada came and struck Kyo with his spear, Kyo dropped me.

"..Oh shit?!" realized he dropped me and came flew down along with Harada. They looked at each other and fought for who would catch me first. Chizuru and Sen-hime made it downstairs to catch me they both squirmed around everywhere trying to see where I would land.

"We..were gonna catch you Arisa hold on!" Sen-hime said worriedly looking up at me finding where I would fall, I dropped on the floor safely landing on both Chizuru and Sen-hime.

"Ouch that hurt..." Chizuru said rubbing the side of her head, she then looked at me and smiled happily. "Arisa-chan you're okay!" She said hugging me tightly, my eyes widened and I gave her a warm smiled.

"Arisa-chan I'm so glad you're safe" Sen-hime said smiling to me, I pulled her in on our group hug (reunited) and we laughed. We heard large footsteps coming in and it was Amagiri looking down upon us.

"Amagiri-kun...hehe" I smiled fakely with sweat marks on my face.

"What?" Sen-hime said giving him a nasty glare.

"Pardon me.." He bowed, I flinched thinking he would try to attack us but instead he carried all three of us away.

"How dare you! Let us go!" Sen-hime said punching his back which had no effect on him whatsoever.

"You leave me no other choice than to fight back seriously!" She yelled, Sen-hime was going to turn into her oni form but kimigiku came along rescuing us.

"Kimigiku!" Sen-hime smiled happily.

"Leave at once, I'll handle him for the time being you should escape from here immediately" Kimigiku said putting her hand aside from Sen-hime, Chizuru, and me.

"Bu...understood! Chizuru-chan, Arisa-chan follow me!" Sen-hime yelled and we followed her. As we ran finding safety or an exit a ninja flew down from the wall and stopped us.

"Who are you?! Out of the way!" Sen-hime said approaching the ninja then smacking him with her fan.
"Wai..wait" Chizuru said worriedly trying to calm Sen-hime down.

"Ouch?! hold on a minute" He said rubbing his head, His voice somehow was familiar and came up and approached him as well i looked at him closely squinting my eyes.

"...Ah! YAMAZAKI-KUN!~" I smiled happily leaping to him crossing my arms around tightly.

"Yes..it's me" He said still rubbing his head uncovering his mask Sen-him apologized.
"What are you doing here? I didn't know you were apart of this mission"

"I was working undercover, just in case there were any incidents sorry for not notifying you" He bowed.

"N..no, no it's fine I just had no idea that's all" Chizuru said waving her hands.

"I'll assist you in your escape, rest assure" Yamazaki said.

"Let's move" Sen-hime said as Chizuru and Sen-hime ran first, Yamazaki stopped and turned his head towards me, he slightly blushed from such a sight.

"Do you need any assistance Arisa?" He said giving me his hand just like the last time, I held his hand without refusing and we ran away from danger.

"The exit is close ahead we're almost there!" Sen-hime shouted the exit was not too far away from us, Sen-hime and Chizuru made it opening the oversized doors I can see the light, They waved their hands at us we were almost their.

"Oh no you don't!" Kyo said throwing a grenade at a large red pole, it exploded chunks of the pole were falling down on us, Yamazaki covered me with his body.

"We're almost there just a little further hang on!" Yamazaki yelled and i nodded my head, chunks of the pole were still falling we managed to dodge them.

"Ch..persistent bastards!" Kyo through another grenade at the second pole it collapsed once again and was about to fall on top of us.

"Yamazaki-kun!" I yelled and pushed him out the way, he fell in front of Chizuru and Sen-hime where it was safe.

"huh.." I looked up at the and there was the pole collapsing down upon me rather quickly, I didn't realize that I am the one in danger now.

"ARISA!" He yelled loudly, as blood splattered onto his face.

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