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(fan-fiction) Hakuouki:Kaika No Tsubomi
Chapter 25:

"Next time we meet koudou, we will get the opportunity to take that tenyo" Hijikata said
"but isn't that stealing?" I said, we were having a discussion at the lounge.
"It's the only way you're ever going to turn to back"
"For now we'll just have to sit patiently until he returns, i'll be doing my own research for it as well" Sannan-san said taking his leave.
"Also...don't be an idiot using your rasetsu power's only use it when it's needed understood!" Hijikata said glaring at me.
"Understood sir!" I bowed quickly and terribly frightened by the look on Hijikata's face.
He smiled and patted my head. "There's no hurry to rush your death, I promise we'll get you back to your normal self" I blushed.
Hijikata quickly caught himself and coughed "EHEM!..anywho Arisa I need you to run some errands for me HURRY AND GO!" He yelled
"Ye..YES SIR!" I scurried away, for a moment their Hijikata wasn't himself at all until seconds later. As told I went to town running errands for supplies and other goods.
"Uhm excuse me sir is this still good?" I waved.
"Yes ma'am"
"Can I take this off your hands then"
"That'll be 600 yen" He asked, as I handed him the money, I walked my way home a large crowd surrounded the area.
"Did you hear, Risako Mamiya is coming"
"Ehh you mean the famous Oiran that's impossible"
"Its true, its true she's hidden in the town somewhere"
"I'd like to meet her"
"She's going to that well known Geisha house for 3-4 nights to perform and maybe even longer!"
"Risako Mamiya?..." I wondered but carried on afterwards, It was late enough already I didn't want to be yelled at Hijikata-san for not fulfilling my duties.
"It's been awhile hasn't it..you had me worried for a second I thought I'd never find you" A familiar voice spoke, I quickly turned around and there he was, dropping the groceries off my hands the wind blew rufly.
"Fa..father..." The only word I could say.
"I've come to take you back, now lets go home" He grinned, I shook my head and moved away from him but each time I would take a step back he would take a step forward.
"No.." I finally said.
"Don't make me use force on you Arisa, you wouldn't want to get hurt like the last time would you?" He gave me a cold stare, Father moved forward and pulled my wrist.
"Please let me go, I won't tell anyone about this just please leave me be" I begged trying to take his arm off me as he speed walked away with me, He said nothing.
"Father I don't want to go back, I don't want to.." I began to cry.
"I don't care how much you beg, Your life is mine and you can blame your birth mother for this" He turned around and gave a wide disturbing smile. He yanked my hair and pulled my face close to his and whispered into my ears.
"I can't wait to have fun with you again, I was getting lonely in the house and I tried finding other women to enslave but it seems that..." He whispered and I began to tremble.
"You're irreplaceable.." He smirked.
I pushed him off and ran as quickly as I could.
"Where do you think your going?" One of my fathers trainees blocked the street, I turned around to see if there was another way out but I was already surrounded before I even knew it.
"Theres no escape anymore Arisa, Its over for you" He said and I finally gave up, He tied ropes to my arms and feet.

"Just in case you try another useless attempt" He said tightening the ropes, He stared into my eyes and looked down on me, He reached his hands towards my chest.
"DON'T!" I yelled and closed my eyes but he did so anyways and cackled.
"I should have you walk bare skinned for running away" He said ripping off my clothes and laughed even more, tears fell onto the floor.
"That's much better..kehehehehe thats alot bett-?!" He fell to the floor I looked up and it was Heisuke.
"Chh you bastard!"
"Get him!" The man screamed, Heisuke managed to beat them all and ran towards me.
"Are you alright Arisa are you hurt anywhere" He looked, the kimono I wore was revealing but he payed no mind to that.
"How did you find me..?" I asked shockingly.
"It took me awhile but after seeing the basket I already knew where you went missing" He said pulling out the basket I'd dropped earlier.
"How dare you..how dare you put your filthy hands on me and on my Arisa" Father yelled angrily, Heisuke turned over and glared at him.
"Arisa get over here right now!" He yelled, I moved forward listening to his orders like I used to Heisuke moved his arm where I walked.
"ARISA THIS IS AN ORDER FROM YOUR FATHER!" He projected his voice even more.
"Why should she listen to a bastard like you?!" Heisuke yelled.
"Father or not you know damn well you shouldn't be abusing her like that!" Father glared at Heisuke.
"Heisuke-kun!" Chizuru said coming with the rest of the guys.
"Another time Arisa, I'll come back for you!" He said scurrying away with his men.
"Arisa..who was that?" Heisuke asked and I turned away.
"We'll talk about his when we get back" Hijikata said coming forward.
"Yes!" She said putting on a blanket for me.
"Lets go" She smiled and I nodded my head.
**Moments later**
"Are you feeling better" Harada asked as I sipped my tea and nodded my head.
"Would you care to explain Arisa?" Sannan asked and nodded again.
"I was afraid He would come back for me..The man that tried to take me was my father, He isn't my birth parent but he was the one that raised me at first I knew he wasn't my real father but I pretended to go along with it..but then afterwards I grew older and older he looked at me differently and..and..." I cried.
"It was the first time, I'd love someone, I loved him so much..." I cried even more covering my tears in shame.
"He killed him..he killed Tsubasa! AND THEN AFTERWARDS HE ABUSED ME!" I yelled.
"Day after day I was harassed"
"No one came for me"
Chizuru tried to reach out for me but Hijikata told her to stop, I cried my eyes out.
"Arisa-chan.." Okita said coming forward but Heisuke came up first.
"You must have been lonely huh.." Heisuke said hugging me tightly.
"That was before..and this is now Arisa, I'll protect you and so will everyone else"
"No way in hell I'll let that bastard touch you" My heart raced at that moment, Those lost feelings I had for Heisuke came back after the meeting was over I headed out for some fresh air.
"Arisa-chan~" Okita said coming from the back.
"Okita-kun" I smiled happily,
"How is your body doing?"
"Its been well, I guess you can say"
"That good to hear" I smiled.
"Say Arisa..Do you love me still" I turned over and blushed.
"OF COURSE I DO!" I said and quickly forgot about how I felt for Heisuke in a split second.
He laughed and patted my head "Good cause I still love you" We gazed at the night sky, He held my hand and I looked into his his eyes.
"Let's stay like this forever" He smiled and I nodded, behind us was Heisuke, He looked over at us with a warm depressing smile.
"I'm still no good to be by your side after all"