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Part 1: The Beginning


A blue female keronian approached her officer, her ice blue eyes without a trace of emotions, and her lips not be seen with the mask that covered her face.


"Yes?" replied the officer, an old, dark blue keronian with a mask covering his face. He has two glowing red dots positioned on where his eyes are supposed to be with one additional red dot on his forehead. A diamond edged shuriken symbol on his belly. At his age, he still remained strong and powerful, emitting a cold, dark aura.

" I will be resigning from Keron Assassin Corps tomorrow," replied the blue keronian, her eyes remain cold and still.

"Reason?" inquired the captain coldly, even though his mind is filled with surprise and curiousity. Why, he thought, she is such a fine assassin.

"I will no longer be able to fulfill my role as an elite keron assassin now that I will be a mother soon. I am pregnant, " she replied.

There was a moment of silence. Sensing that her superior had been dumbfounded by her answer, the blue keronian broke the silence, " I wish you well," she whispered. Then she saluted to her teacher for the last time, and she turned away and began to leave.

"I am glad you are finally free," said the captain, smiling under his mask.

"Me too," she turned back and smiled too. Then she left, this time for real.

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