An- this is a mix between humorous and how I truly feel. I am not so sure that everyone will agree with my opinions if so just laugh at how angry I get over fictional charactors and their lives. I don't mean to offend anyone so here we go.

Why Katniss is so oblivious?

First off I love Katniss I think she's a well thought out very likeable character because she portrays things that a lot of us have felt however there is no way in hell she could be that dumb.

I'm sorry but are you kidding me? She is a sixteen year old girl who has seen the horrors of the world. How in the name of god could she not see Peeta was blindly in love with her?

I mean the stories he told her are stories you can't make up!

She can't be that naive if she's had the life she had. She saw her mother in love with her father and she watched her fall apart. That should show her what love is.

At least she knew Gale wanted to be more than friends because that would just be sad if she didn't. Katniss honestly why else would he say what he does and kiss you like he does?

Come on get with the program. I know you were on TV but that is no excuse to tell him you never loved him!

And why in god's name would you do that anyway he didn't deserve that, no one deserves that.

Come on girl don't be dumb, at least in catching fire she had a reason to be shocked. But seriously read a romance novel watch titanic do something anything to not be so thick headed when it comes to that stuff.