A/N: I just recently watched all four series of Merlin for the first time this summer, and became just a "tad" obsessed. Watching the Series 4 Finale, this is honestly how I thought it was going to end (with Morgana and all)...so this is my take on how I think Series 4 should've ended and what it would mean for Series 5! Enjoy!

"Merlin," Agravaine called after him, "Merlin, where is Arthur?"

Merlin turned around, his face solemn, "Be careful," he warned.

Agravaine looked aggravated, "What do you mean? Tell me where Arthur is, Merlin. Tell me where he is."

He smiled slowly, "Or I'll have to kill you."

Merlin could feel his magic coursing through him, tingling in his fingertips.

"I don't think so."

Agravaine took a step forward, drawing his sword. The band of men behind him followed suit.

A flash of gold and Agravaine and the army were flung back into the cave. Merlin's face was set in stone as Agravaine stumbled to his feet.

"Ah! You have magic!" he exclaimed in shock, pointing at the young man.

"I was born with it," Merlin responded. His magic rumbled underneath his skin, begging to be released.

"So it's you…you're Emrys." Agravaine breathed. His mind raced with the knowledge.

"That is what the Druids call me." Merlin clenched and unclenched his fists, trying to subdue the magic.

"And you've been at court this whole time, by Arthur's side. How you've managed to deceive him," that slow smile creeped over his face again, "I am impressed. Perhaps we're more alike than you think." Agravaine reached a hand out towards Merlin.

Merlin mirrored his actions, startling the older man. Carefully, Agravaine put down his hand and reached for his sword. In an instant he lunged toward Merlin.

The magic was ready though. It shot through Merlin's hands just before Agravine's sword pushed into his chest. Agravine landed with a heavy thud against the hard ground, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as the breath left his lungs.

Looking down at him, Merlin breathed in deeply. He could still feel the rush of power. The darkness that had overcome him when he killed Agravaine. The darkness that he had enjoyed.

Killing Agravaine was the right thing to do. And if Merlin was honest, he relished that Agravaine had seen his true power before he died. That Agravaine had feared him, Merlin.

Merlin swallowed those feelings, calming the magic down inside of him. Grabbing one of the abandoned torches, he began to retrace his steps back to Arthur.

Morgana could hear the cheers coming from within the castle walls.

"Long live the Queen! Long live the Queen! Long live the Queen!"

A bell rang outside the watch tower, signaling the coronation of the new Queen.

Morgana cringed at each word. Queen, she muttered. It felt like a stab in her side with each toll of the bell. Yet even with her hatred and need for revenge pushing her forward, she could feel herself growing weaker.

She knew if she didn't find shelter soon that the pain would overcome her.

I'll just rest for a moment, she lied to herself.

She saw the ground get closer as her vision went dark and her mind went blank.

The sound of heavy footsteps stirred Morgana awake. She didn't know how long she had been lying there on the forest floor, but she could see the sun beginning to set, casting red streaks through the trees.

Black boots appeared in front of Morgana's eyes. Struggling to sit up, a gloved hand reached down to help her.

"My Lady," came the familiar voice, "We have much to discuss."

Their eyes met and Morgana smiled in relief, "Agravaine."