Hello! This is my new story and it's ghost!kurt and new kid!blaine. this chapter has major trigger warnings so if you want a summary i would be happy to send one to you. enjoy.


He'd been waiting for the perfect day. One that was stormy and dark for dramatic effect.

It was on November 15, 2010 that Kurt Hummel looked outside his bedroom window, just as he had for the past four days, and saw rain clouds. He smiled, though not in delight. It was a smile of grim determination. That was the day Kurt Hummel brought a gun to school.

Shouts. The ringing of a fire alarm. A school in chaos.

"Police! Clear the area!" shouts a man in uniform, leaping out of his cruiser. A platoon of others follow suit. A squadron immediately begins leading panicked students away from the building as they set up a perimeter.

Whispers fly through the air as high schoolers wait in a park two blocks away from McKinley after being evacuated.

"What happened?"

"You didn't hear them?"

"There were gun shots."

"There was only one shot."


"Is anyone hurt?"

"I heard it was that Hummel kid."

"He was shooting?"

"Who at?"


"Does anyone know what's going on?"

"Hummel tried to shoot up the school."

"No way."

"Yeah I heard Mrs. Hudson talking. It's true."

"It's probably just a drill."

"How would he even get a gun in here?"

"Who's Hummel?"

"I don't know."

"I thought there was a fire."

"No no no, someone sent the school a fake bomb so they would have to evacuate us because of protocol."

"No way.

"I heard someone set the bathroom on fire because they had a test first period."

Rumors spread across the student body morphing as they go, nobody really sure of what's going on, everyone trying to find their friends and make sure they are o.k.

"Where's Kurt?" asks Rachel in her usual commanding tone, hands on her hips. Mercedes looks up from her phone, "I texted him but he didn't respond."

"Maybe he didn't come to school today?" suggests Mike.

"He wasn't in first period." Throws in Santana from where she sits braiding Brittany's hair.

"Hey do you guys know what happened?" asks Finn, escaping the mob known as the student body and joining his friends.

The group dissolves into chatter about rumors they've heard as to why they were evacuated, each less believable than the last, Kurt's whereabouts momentarily forgotten. It's no more than fifteen minutes later that they are told they could head home; school would be closed for a few days. Each member of the glee club goes their separate ways, looking forward to a few more hours sleep, although it might be hard. The rain clouds have passed by and it's looking to be a bright and sunny day.





"Good evening McKinley parents and students, this is Principal Figgins, calling to bring you important information. As you may know school was let out early today due to an evacuation. The school premises were made unsafe and it was necessary to send all students and faculty home. The event that occurred was one that is saddening to all in this school, and local community. A McKinley student, Kurt Hummel, brought a gun onto school grounds and committed suicide within the building. Our hearts go out to his friends and family and the loss will be felt by all of us. The lapse in security allowing for this weapon to be brought on campus without detection is being investigated and will be rectified. This is a dark day in McKinley history but as a community we can pull together and right these wron-"

so that was the prologue i hope you liked it. this story has certain similarities to Of Rocky Friendships and Finding Yourself (which is worth a read) in that it follows the basic plots of the show but as though there were a few things different (think of it as a parallel universe where Kurt and BLaine didn't meet and Blaine transfers to McKinley for his junior year for other reasons)