"Rue, who when you ask her what she loves most in the world, replies, of all things, "Music."
-Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

November 8, 2010

Kurt walks into school, not confidently, but not scared. For whatever reason fear isn't what plagues him right now.

He feels somewhat at peace.

He's a normal teenager.

He has Glee Club, normal problems.

He has homework to focus on.

He feels like he has some perspective at this moment in time.

Right now, nothing is the end of the world.

Sure he's tired and this school year isn't shaping up to be great.

But he has a future. He's smart. Talented.

In this shinning, sunlit hallway, filled with the broken, the cruel, the discouraged, Kurt knows.

He sees it all spread out ahead of him.

Nothing can get in his way.

Because he has the best defense of all.

He has hope.

Wow, okay so this is the last Kurt chapter. I'm sorry I never managed to pull myself together and finish this fic, but luckily the Blaine POV chapters will be continued and finished by BleedingHeartsBeFree on their account, so if you're interesting in the rest of the fic, that's where to look! She won't start posting them immediately, but the fic will eventually be completed there.

Thank you so much for reading, it means a lot to me.