Aladdin TMM Style, Epiloge

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Warning: does not follow aladdin

* one week later*

It was beautiful spring day, the sun's rays shone down on the cherry blossom trees. It looked almost magical, the pink petals floating on the breeze. A gathering of people sat by an aisle with an arch decorated with soft pink flowers. Beautiful piano music was being played by the Maid Mint, and her best friend zakuro stood with her husband Keiichiro and younger sister pudding at the end of the aisle. (i know they aren't actually related but i wanted to include her.) Standing beside the small girl was none other than taruto, who, thanks to Kisshu, was now a human boy about 12 years old.

Standing directly under the arch were Pai and Kisshu. Everyone went quiet when the wedding march began, and at the end of the aisle stood two beautiful brides, Lettuce and Ichigo. Ichigo wore a puffy minidress with pink lace and ribbons, while lettuce wore a more conservative dress with puffy sleeves and a ball gown skirt. Around her waist was tied a green sash, and her veil was topped with a silver headband with emeralds set in it. Ichigo wore a similar style but with a tiara and pink sapphires. Each girl held a bouquet, ichigo had pink Sakura blossoms and lettuce had white orchids. Both girls walked elegantly down the aisle, stopping to turn their fiancees.

The priest began the procession, "dearly beloved, we are gathered here today..." as usual. Time flew by, and before they knew it The couples had said their vows and kissed, then hurried off to their Reception.

Kisshu's Pov:
Ichigo looked so beautiful, her brown eyes shone with tears of joy. I carried her away, back down the aisle and into the reception hall. The walls were covered in pink and green decorations. purple and red lanterns hung from the ceiling. The guests were all inside, and i took ichigo to the dance floor. Soft music began to play, and i held her gently by the waist. I stared at her, lost in the moment. "i love you." we both sighed, holding each other tight.

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