Author's Notes: When a Pokémon speaks, it's in italics. When a human speaks, it is not.

"Mommy? Where are they taking Tep?"

"N-Nowhere, sweetie." The two year old Tepig, known today as Tepo, didn't believe the lies his mother fed him. Though quite young, Tepo knew that when the farmer—whose land he lived on with the rest of his family as farm animals—took one of his siblings away, they never came back. When this first happened, Tepo assumed that his sibling would come back, but as more and more vanished, he started to get concerned.

"Mommy, is he gonna disappear too?" His mother seemed to wince at those words, which told Tepo that he was. How sad. He really liked his older brother. "First Tea, then Tepa and now Tep? Mommy, where are they going?"

"S-Somewhere special, sweetie." the Emboar lied, petting her child gently as she mentally sobbed. She was just powerless to stop the humans from taking her kids and now even Tep was on the chopping block. This was getting too much for her to bear and with Tepo constantly asking these questions, how much longer would she have to do this? It didn't help that she was constantly forced to conceive more children every single year. The farm had to get by though…

Looking over to her child, the Emboar gasped in horror when she saw that her child was gone. "Tepo!? W-Where are you, sweetie?" She called, only to receive no response. Unbeknowst to her, Tepo had snuck off to follow the farmers who took away his older brother. They weren't too far. Scents of sweat and stink naturally followed them, so it was easy for Tepo to find them. After only a few short seconds, Tepo walked into one of the farmhouses, where he found that the door wasn't quite all the way shut. A bit of pawing at the door took place before Tepo was able to open it and squeeze in. Before him lied a gruesome sight—something Tepo could have never imagined to see. It was Tep tied to a table by his legs, completely helpless as one of the farmers, the largest one on the farm, stood over him with a butcher knife.

"This is gonna be good." He muttered to himself.

"Tep!" Tepo called, running to help but it was too late. The large man had already brought the knife down and deep into Tep's stomach, splashing drops of blood all across the room. Blood rained down as it was shot out from Tep's stomach, his pained cries filled the air and all the while the man just kept cutting. SHICK!



"AHHHHHHHHH!" Organs were being split, limbs were being cut off; it was just hell.


"S-Stop!" Tep was pleading and sobbing at the same time. Pain shot through his body every time the farmer brought down his knife.

SHICK! He wasn't going to make it.

"N-No! That's supposed to be—"


"…" No more screams. No more chopping.

"Well, that's that." the farmer stated, examining the dead pig. "This'll make a mighty fine meal." Legs quaking, body locked, Tepo stared wide-eyed at the farmer. Did he just say he was going to have Tep—his dear brother—as a meal?! Just thinking about that made Tepo want to vomit. His brother wasn't a meal; he wasn't…

After a while, the man looked up from his work and to Tepo, smiling a sadistic grin. Upon realizing he was discovered, Tepo didn't bother wasting time; he quickly fired a smokescreen attack and ran off as the black cloud filled up the room. It didn't matter where he would go. Anywhere was safer than being on a farm with people who eat his family. Anywhere.