"I-it …worked?" The girl stuttered, slowly brought her arms up and wrapped her arms around the embracing boy. "Naruto…"

"You're amazing, Ino!" The blonde fox-like boy exclaimed, showing her the toothy grin that she had missed for so long. It wasn't long, however, until the girl felt a burning sensation in her stomach. Grabbing it, she quickly realized a white marking.

"Naruto, you didn't have the fox give me chakra, did you?!" The frantic girl gave her friend a troubled look, shocking the boy.

"Wait, why?" He asked, worryingly avoiding the question. "What's going on?!"

"Naruto, I'm a Yamanaka! You connected the fox's chakra with mine!" The heir grabbed her stomach, attempting to explain despite the forming seal. "When a Yamanaka receives chakra inside a person's mind, they are telepathically linked until death! The nine-tails chakra's bond is too strong; my body is forming a seal to control it!"

The blue-eyed beauty doubled over in pain, even a drop of blood leaking from her moth.

"Ino! I need to get a nurse-"

"No!" The two looked at each other.

"What?! Ino you need help- that seal is…"

"…The only person who could have stopped it would be the person who had originally formed the seal…" This had caused the twos faced to grim.

"…You mean my father…" The mind-walker nodded, wiping the blood away. "…But there has to be something!"

"Naruto, how much chakra did the fox give me?" The question made the teen look down, and a shadowed look followed. "How much, Naruto?"

"You were going to die; I needed to know you wouldn't get trapped in my mind…" A pause followed the statement. Suddenly, the heir grasped her head.

"W-what… is this…" Her shaken voice "I don't know these faces…what?" The girls eyes bolted from corner to corner, Naruto holding the girls shoulders.

'You forgot to mention that the girl was a Yamanaka' the demonic voice rung in both of their heads, and the two shared a shocked look.

'What, you knew about all this?!' Naruto's voice rung in the ears of his mind, and his friends'; the fox grew silent, and both blondes look at each other.

'…One of my previous vessels was a Yamanaka.' Realization pounded on the girl. This wasn't her memories, it was he ancestors. From the looks of it, it was just after the first ninja war.

'Kyuubi, these memories aren't from my ancestors perspective, this is yours.' Finally, the girl gained her composure, the seal faded from her stomach.

"Ino, what are we…ya know…" Not finding the right words to express the situation, the boy sighed and a scowl grew on his face.

"Supposed to do? I have no idea. The only person that would know something like that would be someone like Orochimaru." The two once again fell silent. "This seal basically is stating that I can call upon the kyuubi's chakra, but… why would I want to?" The girl bit the corner of her lip.

'Just because you can doesn't mean that I will let you.'

'No one asked you, fuzzy head.' The girl snapped, causing the blonde boy to begin to worry.

"Erm, Ino, I wouldn't-"

'You insolent little brat! One reason why I shouldn't squash you like the bug you a-'

"Well that's enough of that, don't you think, Naruto?" Cutting off the mental connection, she had temporally delayed the scolding of a lifetime. The seal had faded, and the two smirked just as a nurse was chitchatting as she had opened the door.

"Yes, from what I heard that he's not getting any bett- Uzumaki-san!" The nurse quickly dismissed her clipboard, running to the hero's side.

A large amount of testing ensued. Vitals, blood count, Ibiki checked his mental health, and one by one many of the friends he had came. All but one.

Thus, this is what the Yamanaka girl assumed. That he simply didn't know, or was avoiding the confrontation. She had grabbed her interrogation coat to hide the fading seal, she left him in the company of his friends.

"Uchiha, get your sorry ass out!" Uncaring of judgmental passerby, she continued to knock heavily on the door.

"As if he wants to see you, you whore." The familiar hawk-like voice stated, and the blonde didn't even flinch.

"I'm sure that he would rather see her than you, Karin." The blunt voice stated, with his ever-full water bottle in hand. The response was, as usual, a fist to his evaporated face. While taking a break from her sturdy knocking, she turned to face the two.

"Whatever, Karin, was it? I'm sure that he's just not home." Blandly stated, the girl sighed. Suigetsu laughed and smirked, causing the two to look at him confusingly.

"Well, if sneaking into his apartment on the third story by window counts, than I guess he isn't home." It didn't take less than a second for the redhead to screech in joy and look of the open hallway balcony to notice the window.

"Sasuke-kun!" The red-head called, happily waving and nearly losing her balance.

"I can see why he found the window much more appealing." The girl sighed, scratching her head as the white haired man smirked.

"Finally, god all mighty sent a sexy woman with a brain! Where have you been?" The heir smirked, flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder.

"Well I guess that you just didn't look hard enough." She laughed, before noticing a cool arm around her shoulders.

"Well, perhaps I can't look enough." The familiar feeling of a males' presence made the blond have a moment of her old self, and she simply did what her instinct told her too.

Well, she would have, if the arm wasn't knocked off of her shoulders.

Well, more descriptively, cut off.

"Damn Sasuke, never did that before." The silver haired teen smirked, looking at his demolished arm.

"If you two are going to invade each other's personal space, do it elsewhere." The grim and calm voice rung in the girl's ears; barely blinking before realizing what he implied.

Shaking her head, she got her composure together.

"Uchiha, there is something that-"

She had barely any time before she felt a wave of nausea. Grabbing her stomach, the girl had felt her stomach go aria, and the familiar taste of her blood. This shocked the company that she currently had.

"Yo, what's wrong Ino?" Using the first name bassist, the shark-like guy had a rand on her shoulder.

"Shit." She cursed under her breath. 'You stupid fox! You don't need to send me chakra now!'

'If I don't you will die. I have to send enough to power the seal. Or do you prefer death? You will get used to this.'

The girl cursed again, stranding straight suddenly with a frown.

"Sasuke, Naruto is awake." She had noticed the change in his features, before he turned his head abruptly and began to enter his apartment.

"How does that concern me?" This had caused the blonde to frown, and quickly stood in front of him and closed the door. Blinking at her own actions, she then realized the shock on his face.

"Listen you little snot-nosed brat, stop being so egotistically selfish." Quickly covering her mouth, she cursed in her head. 'That wasn't me. Fox, what the hell did you do?!'

'Unlike Naruto, your seal can easily be penetrated.'

"You no good-" She stopped when she noticed the looks that she was receiving, particularly one from a very off-guard Uchiha.

"Haha, I think you better go Sasuke, before she does worse than state the obvious." After a quick beheading, the white haired boy laughed again.

"Sasuke, look just please come with me and visit Naruto." She sighed, attempting not to get killed.

"Why the hell would he listen to you?! After you insulted him like that?" The red headed girl hissed, a hand on her hip. 'But it wasn't me!' her mind yelled in protest, but she remained silent.

"Fine, I get it. Look, just visit Naruto when you get the cha-"

"Yamanaka." He interrupted her, mid sentence. "I believe that you have bigger things to worry about, don't you?" The words shocked the blonde.

'Did you really think that an Uchiha wouldn't sense me?'The girl sighed, 'I was hoping, really.'

"Let's go." He knocked her out of her thoughts, shocking her.

"I'm coming with-!" The redhead exclaimed, the blonde was about to rub her temples.

"No." The tone was much colder than the one held towards the blonde, and she remembered how cold he was five months ago.

"And once again, Karin got rejected!" Suigetsu laughed, this time avoiding the impact before entering his own apartment. As the girl sighed in defeat, she entered hers.

As they approached the streets, she was shocked as she was suddenly dragged into an alley by her company. Without missing a beat, he had abruptly opened the girl's interrogation jacket. The blonde gasped at the sight of the growing seal, quickly closing it around herself again, avoiding eye contact. The two stood for a moment, and the Uchiha wiped his forehead in frustration.

"Yamanaka, what did you do?