"Funny you would care about something so trivial as that, right, Sasuke-kun?" The heir snapped, glaring out of the top of her eyes in distaste.

The Uchiha then took a light grip of her jaw. The blonde flustered and turned her head. Right. That happened.

"Look, I'm not going anywhere so it's not like you have to act like I'm important, okay?" Silently hissing, the girl brushed off his hand with a scowl. "I am your defense, nothing more and nothing less."

As she began to walk, a strong hand grabbed her covered upper arm.

"Don't be stupid." The words that came from his reserved voice shocked the girl, and she turned to look in confusion. The Uchiha was currently holding steady eyesight towards the blonde, impatience evident on his features.

"Stupid?" She questioned in resentment, and then laughed sarcastically. "Right, I'm so stupid that you're still alive and walking on the streets. I must be so stupid!"

"That's not what I meant."

"Right." The blonde spat, turning her head away. "Sasuke, when is this going to end?" The mild walker admitted, frustrated to her limit. Pale fist clenched, her head lowered.

Suddenly, the girl was spun around to face the man that caused too much drama in her life, the one that brought Neji in it. The avenger then gave the girl little room to think before he claimed her lips. In shock, the girl had backed into the wall; which is what he had planned on. The forced contact had caused the blondes thoughts to explode and think of nothing but the person in front of her. Feeling his arms grasp around her waist, she gave into his advances reluctantly. Easing into the position, she felt the tingling sensation of his tongue bushing her bottom lip and her face flustered to the point where she had to pull away and covered her mouth.

"I-I…" She stuttered, "I-I Can't…" The girl shook her head as if not wanting to look at his face.

"You can't," He repeated her, but with a strange tone she couldn't quiet place. "Or you won't?" The blonde's eyes widened considerably, as if a realization dawned upon her. His words blasted through her mind. She had thought that she couldn't do anything about the elders, about Uchiha's defense, about the position with Tsunade, about Neji…

The heir knew what she had to do.

"That's it." The heir gasped, frantically looking at Sasuke with her eyes twinkling. "I know what I have to do." Confused by the sudden change of topic, he realized that the girl completely forgot about the position that she was in. Releasing the mind walker from his arms, the blonde barely wasted a moment before leaving him standing there; completely confused.

'Hey, stupid fox, I know you can hear me.' Jumping gracefully from roof to roof to the Anbu HQ, she connected the thoughts.

'Call me that again, and you'll regret it.'

'Aw, did I make you angry? Good. 'Cause you're going to show that anger to the village elders.'

'Really, girl, what do you have in mind?' Knowing that the kyuubi would never turn down an opportunity to break some necks, the blonde smirked to herself.

'I'm not going to do anything stupid, like kill them, but I figured you could have a bit of fun scaring off their elderly diapers.'

'…You plan on threatening an entire village council? You're stupider than I thought."

'Funny, you seem to be as much into this as I am.'

'Putting that aside, you are nothing more than a weak little girl who picks flowers.'

'You little- you went through my memories without me noticing!?'

'It was admittedly challenging to get through the locks; I only got through the unimportant ones.'

'Damn fox-bastard.' Sighing, the prodigy pinched the bridge of her nose. 'Look, I'll tell you the plan as we go, and stay out of my memories; you might find something you'll regret. Like my first period.' The blonde laughed silently as the disgusted grunt that rung in her head, hearing something about Naruto's mother.

Finally reaching the tower, she sighed at the Anbu at the door. Surely if she's seen one will go straight to Ibiki but she is not nearly at the rank to sneak in.

'You didn't think this though at all.' The blonde's eyebrow twitched and she pinched the bridge of her nose.

'I knew what I have to do; I just don't know how to get in. Surely they already sensed my charka but didn't question it because I do come here often.'

'So just walk in and wipe their memories.'Easier said than done, she admitted with a sigh. Sitting on the roof, the blonde crinkled her eyebrows and clenched her teeth. If only she had a prisoner…

'That's it!' Connecting the thoughts, the blue eyed beauty concluded a theory. Silently she made the hand signs and made a clone.

This clone, however, looked nothing like her, or not a female, even. This clone had red hair, brushed to the side with piercing black eyes, dressed in a black clock and currently had his hands tied.

'Yamanaka, your fetishes should be not be so openly displayed.' The girl's eyes twitched, before smirking anyways.

'Isn't he just irresistible? This is your temporary body.'

'What are you…so you're not that stupid after all.'

'Kyuubi, you are now a prisoner of Konohgakure.' She smirked, sending just the amount of chakra necessary to have the amount of normal person, before removing nearly all of her own.

The blonde watched as the fox got barely used to moving on two feet. Apparently, he never controlled a body like this before, even a clone.

"Welcome to Konoha, Ashen Kiragame." Most of the face was covered by a high rise black collar, but she could only guess how much he was smirking.

"I could get used to this." The heir merely raised an eyebrow.

"Funny, I thought that you thought lowly of humans."

"I do, but it's better than a cage that I am still trapped in." If she hadn't known better, she would have thought that the fox was almost warming up to her. She scoffed at the thought, before turning to the tower.

"Alright, let's do this." She grinned; the rush of adrenalin at the thought of out smarting Konoha's finest on a whim.

"Perhaps you would do better as a missing nin."The fox, now named Ashen, grinned maniacally. The blonde raised an eyebrow before dismissing the insane thought.

The two silently walked, now on the ground, until they approached the two guarding Anbu.

"Your business." One of the men, clearly a head taller than her, demanded. The heir pointed behind her naturally.

"Prisoner, seeing what the elders want to do with him." After a moment, the Anbu nodded and moved to the side accordingly. And a wave of excitement rushed through her as she calmly walked passed them. However, she knew better than to show anything but a calm demeanor.

'This place is crawling with these Anbu ants.'

'You're joking right? It's their HQ.' Spearing a glance behind her, she realized that the possessed clone had changed its eye color to a striking yellow, a sinister look in its eyes and a marking similar to Naruto's whiskers where beginning to appear. 'Since you are basically screaming Kyuubi already, we should hurry this up.' Not waiting for an answer, she turned to see that they were close to the door.

Three curt knocks on the door, the girl stationed herself for a reply.

"What do you want?" The raspy voice caused a pit of fire in her stomach. The always did act like they were better than everyone and everything.

"A prisoner needs to be sorted." She spat through gritted teeth, keeping her calm demeanor in case any Anbu show up.

"…Come in."

The girl didn't waste a second, opening the door to see the same woman that had caused her problems since she joined the interrogation department.

"Ah, Yamanka. Couldn't that have sent someone other than you? A real interrogator, perhaps?" The blonde clenched her fist, gritting her teeth. "Well, hurry up and tell me the information on this man, before I have you escorted out for wasting my time."

'I can see why you hate this hag, Blondie.'The heir was so close to groaning in frustration, but took a deep breath. Closing the door behind her, she knew that there was no backing down now, otherwise it will be pointless. Slowly approaching the only woman without her noticing, she breathed deeply.

Suddenly, the girl made a hand sign and placed her palm on the old woman's forehead. Her age nearly rendered her helpless, and her mind was as open as a clearing to get into.

'Quickly, I have to do this quickly.' She left no time for her own debate; she ran though the greenish field that made the woman's mind. Clicking her tongue she knew that the woman at least knew how to hide her memories. Sending chakra to her hands, she slammed it into the lavish field, and raised many silver capsules like tubes, stationed in the grass and as big as her. Turning her hand to the left, she watched as some of the capsules unlocked, while other farther back did not. Not that she needed them.

'All I have to do is find the memory of how she took up Sasuke and I's case, and manipulate it so that she wants to give it to another. She won't have control of us anymore, or Neji.' It sounded so easy, but she knew it wasn't. Quickly, she looked though the capsules that help more importance to the old woman. As she opened a particular capsule, she saw that Sasuke's image passed though the flashes that made the memory.


As she reached into the capsule, she felt the pull of the memory sucking her in.

Gasping, she looked around to see that Kakashi was in the Hokage's tower, next to Ibiki it was the Hokage, and Sakura.

They were in the Hokage tower the time of Sasuke's fate.

This was going to be more difficult than she thought.

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