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ShinraCorp HQ




"Good evening, this is DemyxNews and I'm your host as always, Vanille Oerba, tonight, a murder in Traverse leads police to an Unversed Family hotspot, and crowds gather in Radiant Garden for the premier of the movie AVALANCHE, based on the book series of the same name. But first, our top story continues to be the impending fall of ShinraCorp,"

"For weeks now, ShinraCorp has been under constant investigation concerning the rumors regarding illegal experimentation on humans, as well as several rumored projects considered completely dangerous. Sources close to the World Restoration Organization have stated that an internal investigation will begin within the next few weeks regarding ShinraCorp, and if the rumors are revealed to be true, ShinraCorp could be facing severe charges, and its CEO, Rufus Shinra the Second, could be facing a sentencing the likes of which Gaia has never seen before,"

"Despite the fact that ShinraCorp has yet to be Indicted for their supposed crimes, Stocks in the company has been decreasing for the past couple of weeks, and even if ShinraCorp is found innocent, it could be a while before their stocks-"

The television in the room instantly shut off, the office now only lit from the moonlight outside. It was quite large for an office, glass walls for a perfect view of the world below them, a desk with a computer on it near the far end, with a coffee table and lounge chairs of to the side and a television mounted to the wall near the door. In the office chair sat a man in his early 30's, dressed in a white suit and blonde hair, holding a glass filled with an alcoholic beverage as he stared at the tv, despite the fact that he had already turned off the television.

"Gran Pulsian Slut," The man muttered as he drained the glass and moved away from his desk towards a glass cabinet near the table and chairs, which was filled with many different poisons, he opened it and took out a bottle with a label that read M-potion. As he closed the cabinet, he caught his reflection. Was that really him? He was normally a lot calmer when he faced his reflection, despite what situation either himself or his company had gotten into, he could release a sense of confidence that would cause others who were fearful to instantly join the man in his calm state. But now, his pale skin and bags under his eyes would not bring that state to anyone, rather just cause panic throughout everything.

The man shut his eyes and dragged himself away from the reflection as he made his way to one of the many glass windows around as he looked out. It was night time, for this time people were returning home from work to greet their families, have a cooked meal, and maybe even squeeze in a television show before they went to bed. This was not the routine of the man standing in the grand office. He had no time for fresh cooked meals, or dramas on television, or even a family, not when he had a company as large as ShinraCorp to run. He couldn't afford to take even a seconds break from his job, for if he did, something like this would only be ten times worse.

He heard the door open slightly, as he drew his attention from the city below to the reflection of a young woman, dressed in a black suit, entering the room and looking at his back, "Professor Hojo is here to see you Mr. Shinra,"

"Thank you Elena," Shinra muttered as she walked out, leaving the door open for but a moment as the figure walked in. Shinra did not need to study the man that was walking towards him, as he had met with him many times before. He had memorized everything about him, from his long black hair tied in a ponytail to his square shaped glasses, and his lab coat that he had taken to wearing since his first day at ShinraCorp.

"Hello Mr. President," Hojo muttered as he walked towards the desk and helped himself to a seat.

"Formalities were always your strong suit Hojo, but i don't think we have time for them at the moment," Shinra stated as he walked to his desk and took a seat, pushing a glass that he had retrieved earlier and placed it in front if the man.

He looked at it for a moment before replying, "I make it a habit not to drink on the job, Rufus," and pushed the glass slightly away. Shinra shrugged as he took the glass back, but poured himself another glass of M-potion.

"So, how screwed are we?" Hojo asked as he leaned back in his chair, and Shinra waited until he had drained his glass, the burning sensation nothing compared to the situation they were in, "Well, if DemyxTime Media continue to report this rumor mishap we could find our stocks worth nothing more then toilet paper," Shinra wasted no time in pouring himself another glass.

"Stocks should be the least of our problems at the moment Rufus, we're about to be investigated, and if they find out about what we have been doing, you, me, hell the entire board could be indicted for illegal experimentation on humans, a charge that is just the tip of the iceberg of illegal projects and dangerous connections,"

Shinra held the glass with his fingers, as he began to think. Thinking was always his strong point. He had been able to quietly maneuver through the law for almost 5 years, he knew there was a way to still save his company and also his freedom. As he drained the glass, the effects of the drink still not hitting him, he looked up to Hojo.

"How long can we hold off the warrants for our labs?" Shinra asked, and Hojo began to think, trying to remember how well the District Attorney liked or was in debt to Shinra. Finally, he responded, "Anywhere from two to three weeks, depending on who they go through to get the DA to sign,"

Shinra nodded as he placed his empty glass down, too much in deep thought to ruin his brain cells. It took him a moment to speak, "Alright, I'll get in front of a camera tomorrow, i think we still have some friends in DemyxTime, ill tell them we have plans to renovate one of our labs to help the public, a psychological rehabilitation asylum to help those who have lost their minds, the renovation of one of our high tech labs into a public building should get the press and the people on our side and push our stocks up,"

Hojo looked at the man for a moment, before saying, "That's all good and well for the stocks, but what about when the WRO finds the projects Rufus, how are you going to get out of that one?"

Shinra already knew the answer to the question, it was just an answer that he did not like, taking a deep sigh and closing his eyes, the thought unbearable and yet necessary "Shut them down, all of them, destroy all records, all our research and finding, have the best of our people relocated, the rest let go and ensure they are paid handsomely so they keep their mouth shut. Numbers to our lawyers on retainer should go out to them, especially if the WRO begins sneaking around to them,"

Hojo jumped up, he couldn't believe what he was hearing, 5 years they had spent with the research projects, they were all going so well, and just like that he wanted to everything that they had worked so hard for for so long?

"But sir, we've spent hundreds of millions of dollars on these projects each, if you suddenly decide to cancel them theres going to be hell to pay!"

"We've survived through worse before, and as long as those Mako Reactor's continue to generate power, and our stocks are high, we will get the money back in no time," Shinra sighed as he poured himself another drink.

"Then think about the time and effort that went into these projects, think about the things we were doing, to create a better world sir,"

"I cannot create a better world while confined to a prison cell, if ensuring my freedom means getting rid of the projects, then so be it,"

"Sir, what about Jenova!? what about Vanitas? what about-"

"Enough!" Shinra slammed his fist on the table, which rattled the entire thing, and made Hojo step back just a bit, "You seem to be under the impression that I want to get rid of these projects, the truth of the matter is that we have been so close to success that I am tempted to risk indictment just to finish them, but the risk is too great, we need to put a stop to it as quickly as possible...now tell me, how long will it take?"

Hojo sighed as he took a seat slowly and removed his glasses to wipe them, revealing his brown eyes as he began to calculate statistics, before placing them back on and responding, "Well...if we hold the conference tomorrow that might get reporters to cease snooping...we could probably have all projects shutdown and erased within a week...maybe a week and a half," Shira nodded his head at the man, as he walked towards the window again.

"Good, i want you to return to our lab on Hallow Bastion to begin the reconstruction for the Hallow Bastion Psychological Rehabilitation Asylum, I'll get on the phone with the other project heads and get them decommissioning all projects, information and data, ill get on camera tomorrow in regards to the change, and if we're lucky, we can bounce back and have the WRO off of our skin,"

Hojo nodded his head as he stood up and made his way towards the door, before the voice of Shinra stopped him, "John...i'm sorry about this...I know how much time and effort was put into your project, but you must understand-" But Hojo put his arm up to silence his old friend as he began to talk.

"How long have we known each other Rufus?" he asked, and Shinra took a moment to respond, "Since I was a kid," Hojo nodded and smiled, expanding on his friends answer, "Since before you were in charge of this company, before ShinraCorp was one of the largest companies on the planet, and was merely a simple energy distributor called the Shinra Electric Power Company, i've known you for so long, and i know that you have good ideas, and are where you are because of them...I may not like the fact that I'm being shut down after working for almost 3 years on it, but if you feel that this is the right course of action, then I will follow you,"

Shinra looked at his, and before that his fathers, old friend and smiled as he nodded his head, "Thank you Hojo,"

Hojo nodded his head, and made his way out of the room, closing the door softly behind him. Shinra sighed as he looked towards the window. He had no idea what would become of his company without the Projects, he did not even know if his company would survive the investigations he knew were coming, but if he did everything right, then not only would he keep his company, but he would also keep his freedom.

Shinra poured himself one more glass and drained it just as quickly, before he slowly sat it down and got on the phone, calling himself a car to drive him back to his house, making a note to call DemyxTime while in the car. He knew that he would not get much sleep that night, and perhaps the next few weeks he would be living in the land of Insomnia, but that was the price he payed, that he had been paying since he had been made CEO of ShinraCorp, and had risked the company on multiple times, each one paying off.

Crossing the office, he took his coat and buttoned it up, before he looked back at his office before he closed the door, and smiled, "Maybe one day...Jenova can continue,"


Hello all you fine and beautiful readers, So it's been quite a while since i have posted...well, anything on here, a lot has changed and i've just gotten used to it. But im back, and hopefully for a while now. So heres the Prologue to my new story, which i hope you have enjoyed. But now you might be asking, what have you been up to Jared? well let me tell you...and if you haven't been wondering, then you can skip to the review section at the bottom of the page.

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8 months and 10 ideas later, i was giving myself writers block every few weeks, and i sat down and realized that i could get rid of the writers block by doing what i had been doing in the past, mainly fanfiction.

So using ideas that i had come up with over the past few months, Jenova was created, and hopefully you will be shocked as well as enjoy reading the story.

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