Chapter 5

Kagome was backed up at the corner of the hut and growling at the others.

Everyone didn't know why she was alerted from them. Some of them are thinking like 'Doesn't she recognize us?' or 'Why is she alert and backing away from us.'


Kagome turned to look at the person that called her name and saw that it was Inuyasha.

Inuyasha tried to reach for Kagome and calling her name at the same time, "Kagome, it's alright. None of us will hurt you." But instead of calming down, Kagome growled a lot louder.

She didn't want any of them to come close to her because of what happened to her in the past that she now remembered.

When Inuyasha was only an arm length away from Kagome, he tried to reach for her slowly. Kagome saw that Inuyasha was almost close to reaching her so she frantically search for a way out.

There, she saw the door and no one was close to it. There was a wide opening for her to run out so she tried to use this chance to run out of the hut.

Inuyasha saw that Kagome was shaking and wanted to get out but he had to try and calm her down. When he almost grabbed her, Kagome was full alert and clawed at Inuyasha but being as quick as he was since he was a half demon, he quickly dodged the attack.

Once he dodged away from her, Kagome quickly ran out of the hut, not hearing the others calling her name, and into Inuyasha Forest towards the Goshinboku.

When Kagome ran out of the hut, Inuyasha didn't stop to think but instead ran out after her. The others followed as well. Inuyasha quickly followed Kagome's scent and knew that she was heading towards the Goshinboku so he quickly ran towards it.

Reaching the Goshinboku, everyone quickly stopped and was surprised to see that the tree was glowing. But that's not what surprised them the most; they saw a person or a demon that looks like a person was glowing and holding onto a sleeping Kagome in his arms.

The demon looked up from Kagome's sleeping face and onto the company that came after. He smiled at them, "so you have all come."

Inuyasha was the first to speak, "who are you? And what do you want with Kagome?"

The demon still has his smile on his face, "to answer your question, my name is Inumaru lord of the Black Dog clan and I don't want anything from Kagome."

Inuyasha and the others were taken by surprised because the only dog demon that they know and met were mostly only Sesshomaru and Inuyasha.

Miroku spoked up, "If you are a dog demon and not wanting anything to do with Kagome, then how do you know her?"

Inumaru smiled warmly and looked at Kagome's sleeping face, "that is because I am Kagome's grandfather."

Everyone gasped and turned to look at Kagome when she leaned more into her grandfather's chest and clutching on his clothes. She murmured, "Grandfather," a lone tear slid down her face. Inumaru wiped away the tear.

Inumaru looked back at the others but this time with a serious face, "Kagome has had a hard time in her past. Everyone rejected her because of what she is. So I have to ask you all something."

Everyone was quiet but Inuyasha stepped up, "what is it?"

Inumaru eyed Inuyasha closely and knew that he wouldn't let anything happen to his granddaughter. "Inuyasha I presume?"

Inuyasha just look at Inumaru and nodded.

"Kagome was born in this time and I want all of you to protect Kagome. Please, because she never had any friends and was always shun away and beaten."

Inuyasha and the others nodded their heads. But Kaede had a nagging question and wanted to find out so she spoke, "may I ask something?"

Inumaru looked from Inuyasha to Kaede, "of course elder priestess, what is it?"

Kaede look at Kagome and then to Inumaru, "how is it that Kagome is born in this time if she came from the well from the future?"

This question caught everyone's attention. Now that they think about it, they want to know the answer also. Of course, Inumaru knew that she would ask the question so he answered, "Before Kagome went into the future, she was just a child being chased a demon that wanted to kill her. Of course, being as young as she was, she fought the demon and killed it but then a group of villagers came and accused her of killing their love ones and losing their homes. What those villagers didn't know was that Kagome was there to get rid of the demon for them but knowing that she is a half demon, they started chasing her.

"Kagome, being as kind hearted as she is, never wanted to kill humans so she fled. While being chased by the villagers, Kagome tripped and didn't see the well so she fell into it and not knowing how, she was sent to the future."

Listening to how what happened to Kagome that got her sent into the well and others accusing her, everyone was sad and angry. But Inuyasha was angry the most because he knew how it felt. Being accused and chased just because of what you are.

Then a picture of the girl from his dream flashed in his head.

The girl looked familiar and Inuyasha felt as if he knew her but just can't remember. He shook his head to get the picture out of his head and look back at Kagome who was still sleeping.

He never knew that Kagome also went through the same thing like he did. Of course, that was because she was a human then but now she's a child who is a half demon.

Inumaru look back at Kagome and started to shake her awake, "Kagome, sweetheart, it's time to wake up." Kagome started to stir awake and everyone watch as she woke up. She slowly opened her eyes.

Her eyes weren't deep blue anymore; her eyes were now a bright dark blue but some tint of silver in her irises.

When Kagome fully opened her eyes, she looked up at who was holding her and saw that it was her grandfather. "Grand…Father?"

Inumaru smiled warmly at her, "yes sweetheart, it's me." Kagome didn't know whether she should be happy or sad. She thought that she lost him when he tried to protect her but here he is, holding her in his arms once more.

"Grandfather!" Kagome happily hugged him and cried. Inumaru kept smiling and hugged her to him.

They hugged until Inumaru backed away to look at Kagome, "Kagome, remember when I told you that you are not always alone?" Kagome look up to see her grandfather's deep but bright silver eyes, "Un, you said that there will always be others who will like and love me for me."

Inumaru nodded and was about to speak until Kagome spoke again, "but…there were no one there. Everyone, even other half demons, has rejected me."

This surprised everyone, even Inuyasha. They all looked at each other and then back at Kagome. Inumaru sighed and look closely at Kagome, "I know dear, but what about the other half demon that you have met before you met the others? You felt what he also felt and you both became friends."

Kagome looked down on her lap sadly, "I know but, he will never remember me because of what I did. Besides, he'll probably be mad at me because of what I did against his own will." Inumaru understood and smiled sadly at her, "Kagome, you know you did the right thing. You protected both him and his mother."

Kagome only nodded her head a little, until she finally smelled the scent of the others. She quickly looks up and turned towards them.

Inuyasha and the others saw surprise in her eyes and then she look back at Inumaru. Kagome and Inumaru were talking so quietly that not even Inuyasha could hear with his demon hearing.

They all watched as Kagome look back at them and then back at Inumaru. They were talking for a while until Kagome nodded and hopped off from Inumaru's lap and stood next to him while holding his hand.

Inumaru looked at everyone and then back Kagome who was standing next to him. "Kagome, don't ever forget, I will always be with you in your heart. I will always watch over you. Trust in your friends that you, and only you, have made."

Kagome look down on her feet and nodded sadly.

Inumaru started to disappear and the glow disappeared.

Now, instead of Inumaru and Kagome standing on the Goshinboku, there now stood only Kagome. Kagome started to jump down and safely landed on the ground until she felt a shock pain run through her body.

She fell onto her knees and started coughing. This alerted everyone. They quickly rushed to Kagome's side.

Kagome was still coughing but what she didn't expect was to cough up blood.

Inuyasha smelled the blood and started to worry. He was about to pick her up until Kagome pushed his hands away softly, "don't, I'll be fine."

"How can you be fine? You coughed up blood stupid!"

Kagome instantly glared at Inuyasha and started to take deep breath. Once she could breathe again she asked, "May I ask, was I given antidote to drink?"

Kaede stepped in front of her, "Aye that you did. We thought that it would cure the poison but your body has refused the antidote so you started coughing up blood along with the antidote."

Hearing what she wanted, Kagome nodded and started to stand up and walked towards the well.

"Hey, where do you think you're going?" Inuyasha asked in his usual tone.

Kagome stopped and look over her shoulders at the others, "I'm going back to the future to get what I had left there before I was brought there." After answering the question, she started walking again.

Inuyasha sighed, "I'm coming with you too Kagome." Kagome didn't stop walking but answered anyways, "then hurry up, I'm not going to wait for you."

He started walking with her and when they both arrived at the well, they both jumped in without hesitation.

When they both left, Miroku, Sango, Kaede, Shippo, and Kirara all left to go back to the village to sleep and wait for the two to come back.