Hey! This is my first chapter of "The Adventures of Andrew Fenton/Phantom" Lame name.. I'll make a story for each of Danny and Sam's children :3 Well Enjoy!

Normal POV

A 25 year old 9 month pregnant Sam was sitting on the couch with her 25 year old husband named Danny. Sam was due any day. And that any day, was today.

"Uh, Danny?" Sam asked nervously. Danny was now in the kitchen.

"Yeah Hun?" Danny asked.

"Uh, my w-water broke." Sam replied. It was just then you could hear breaking glass scatter on the floor.

"You're not joking, are you?" Danny asked nervously as he ran to Sam. Sam just glared at him.

"Does it look like I'm kidding? OF COARSE I'M NOT KIDDING JUST GET ME TO THE FREAKIN' HOSPITAL!" Sam yelled at him. Danny was a little offended from her words but just shook his head. She didn't mean those words. So Danny transformed into his ghost form, picked up Sam, and flew to the hospital.

When he got there, he transformed back into Danny Fenton and went inside.

"H-Hi, m-my wife's I-in l-labor." Danny stuttered. He was nervous than ever!

"Okay, I'll get her in the wheelchair and get her into the delivery room okay? You go and call your family. I'll tell you when its time." The nurse explained. The nurse put Sam in the wheelchair and pushed her to the delivery room, followed my some Doctors and other nurses.

Danny did what he was told and called his parents and Jazz.

"Hello?" Jazz asked.

"Jazz? What are you doing over at our parents house?" Danny asked.

"Oh just for a visit." Jazz replied. "So what do you need?"

"Jazz, you, Noah (Jazz's husband), Mom and Dad need to come to the hospital. Sam's in labor!" Danny admitted.

"Oh my gosh! Ok we'll be there! Also Tucker and Valerie. I'll call them okay? See you there!" Jazz said.

"Thanks Jazz. See you soon!" Danny said as he hung up. He then ran up to the delivery room. He saw Sam on the bed.

"Okay. Just wait till a couple of minutes. She's not ready to deliver yet." One nurse said. Danny nodded. He then walked up to Sam.

"You okay?" Danny asked as he held her hand.

"Never better." Sam replied sarcastically. They didn't know the gender yet. If it was a boy, Andrew. If it was a girl, Lilith. A Doctor came in after a couple of minutes and started talking.

"Hi, my name is Doctor Ned. So is this your first baby?" Ned asked. The couple nodded. "Well I guess this is really an exciting day for you two."

"Yeah, it is." Danny said giving him a nervous smile.

"Ok Sam, when I count to three, you need to push. Got it?" Ned explained. Sam nodded.

"Ok. 1... 2... 3.… PUSH!" Ned said as Sam pushed. Sam screamed bloody murder while clutching Danny's hand.

"You're doing good. Ok, 1.… 2.… 3... PUSH!" Ned ordered as Sam pushed again. Again, Danny's hand got clutched even tighter. He even screamed with Sam.

"I see the head! Okay Sam one more push! 1... 2... 3... PUSH!" Ned ordered the last time as Sam pushed, screaming bloody murder. Just then a cry was heard. Sam's face softened and so did Danny's when Sam stopped clutching his hand.

"It's a boy!" Ned said in joy. He then handed the baby to Sam. The baby looked so much like Danny. But instead of Danny's big blue eyes, he has Sam's violet eyes.

"Danny look at him. Is he just beautiful?" Sam asked as tears of joy flooded Sam's eyes. Danny looked at his son and smiled.

"Yes he is." Danny replied. Just then Danny and Sam's parents, Tucker, Valerie, Jazz, and Noah came in the room.

"Can I hold him?" Maddie asked. Sam nodded as she gave the baby to Maddie.

"So Mr. and Mrs. Fenton. What shall you name him?" Ned asked. Danny and Sam looked at each other.

"Andrew Daniel Fenton." Sam said.

"Aw, what a cute name!" Maddie admitted. Maddie and Jack handed the baby to Pamela and Jeremy. They looked at the baby.

"Look Jeremy, he has Sam's eyes." Pamela whispered to her husband.

"Oh, How cute!" Jeremy said. After a couple of minutes, they gave the baby to Jazz and Noah.

"Who iz dat Momma?" A little girl around four years old with orange hair and hazel eyes. Her name was Grace.

"Grace, this is your little cousin, Andrew." Jazz answered as Noah picked Grace up so she could see.

"Wow! He haz Auntie Sam's eyez!" Grace exclaimed. Jazz and Noah laughed. After a couple of minutes, it was Tucker and Valerie's turn.

"Aw, isn't he cute?" Valerie asked her husband. Tucker smiled.

"Yeah, he's adorable. I especially like his eyes." Tucker noted. Valerie nodded in agreement. They then handed him back to Danny and Sam.

"I think its Daddy's turn now." Sam said. Everyone looked at them.

"You mean he hasn't gotten a turn to hold his son?" Tucker asked.

"Pretty much." Danny and Sam replied at the same time. Sam then gave Danny their son. Danny the cradled little Andrew in his arms.

"Hey there buddy." Danny whispered. Andrew cooed. Danny thought it was the most cutest sound he ever heard. "I'll let nothing bad happen to you. I promise." He then kissed his son's forehead and handed him back to Sam. Keeping his promise no matter what.

But little did he know, it was going to be hard to keep that promise harder than he thought.

So how was this? Are you wishing for more? Well there will be! Andrew is going to be acting like my big brother Alex. (We're 6 years away and he's 17! Well 18 in November) I'm the youngest one in my family. So there will be A LOT of drama. And things happening not what you expected them to be. Well what will happen? Will Danny keep his promise? Will Andrew be in danger 'cause he's Danny Phantom's son? Find out in Chapter 2! :D