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Worlds Collide

Chapter 1: Wish I May, Wish I Might.

Soon he would be sixteen, soon he'd find out just what the prophecy was about. Percy wasn't sure he wanted to know, last year he'd seen Kronos rise in the terrible form of an old almost-friend – Luke Castellan. The thought of having to be the child of prophecy now terrified him.

What could he possibly do when he turned sixteen to cause the gods to both need him and fear his loyalties?

"Are you worried?" Percy looked over to find his cousin.

Nico had been showing up randomly since his fifteenth birthday last year. Now come July he still showed up, trying to get him to agree to his crazy plan. Bathing in the River Styx really didn't sound like the best idea in the world, for one he was pretty sure he had a fifty-fifty chance of dying... maybe even a higher chance with his luck.

"Depends on what you mean," he answered, his sea green eyes turning from the unusually crystal clear skies. You could see the stars clearly in the dark sky, and from this spot in Manhattan it wasn't easy to get nights like this.

Nico looked from Percy to the sky, blinking. "Stars are bright tonight."

"Yep," Percy said. He turned to Nico a second later. "I am worried. I'll be sixteen in a few weeks, Kronos has a body now and we're facing the possible end of our lives."

"Who says we'll die?" Nico asked, arching an eyebrow.

Percy sighed. "I didn't say we would but isn't it kind of inevitable in a war that some of us will die?"

"Unfortunately, you're right," Nico said with a level of hesitance. "Don't you see though, all the more reason to go with my plan."

Percy snorted. "Right, bathe in the River Styx." He shook his head. "Sounds more like a suicide mission then a plan."

Nico sighed. "It may seem that way now, but can't you just trust me?"

Percy looked back to the sky, biting the inside of his cheek when he spotted the area Zoe's constellation would be – The Huntress.

"Nico, you're my cousin. I trust you, and Thalia more then anyone else other then Annabeth." Percy stopped, exhaling sharply. "But how can I be sure I won't die from this? If I die, then Kronos might win... you won't be sixteen for a few years and Thalia... she'll never be sixteen since she's a Hunter."

"That's not all is it?" Nico asked.

He had known Percy for close to three years now, and after he'd forgiven him for Bianca's death he'd bonded with his cousins. Not many seemed to see it, Percy, Thalia and him were as close as any cousins, maybe closer. They didn't get to see Thalia as often as they'd like seeing as she was a Huntress but sometimes she popped in, especially since the mission to return Hades' sword.

The children of the Big Three, actually having a better relationship then their fathers. Irony.

"I'm afraid. I've only been training for four years Nico. Kronos and Luke have years and years of experience on me. I can't fight and defeat that, I'm just a demigod. We need help, big help. Someone who could help us understand what we're doing," Percy said.

"Your right," Nico said. "But sometimes we have to make do with what we have. I'll see you around Percy, I can't be gone to long."

"Hades ground you again?" Percy ask and Nico rolled his eyes.

"Persephone's fault," Nico nearly spat as he shadow traveled away.

Percy was left alone on the fire escape, and as he gazed at the sky he caught sight of a shooting star. His mother had always said that if you wished on the shooting star, just right then that wish might come true. If not today then someday.

"I wish I had some help in this war, someone who 's done this before, who can help me make the right choice."

For a moment he thought he saw the star blink as it went out of sight but shook his head. That couldn't be possible, could it?

Turning around Percy went back through his window and into his room. Shutting the window behind him he took off his jeans and shit, leaving only his boxers and crawled into bed. He had no idea how things were about to change, that his wish was about to be granted.


Not all the Titans had been imprisoned, some had faded and become one with their domains. It wasn't commonly known that Titans could even fade, but everything has to die one way or another. Even primordial deities faded. Two such Titans were Astraeus and Asteria.

Asteria was a Titaness daughter of Koios and Phoebe, sister of Leto. She was the Titan goddess of nocturnal oracles and falling stars. It is written that Asteria flung herself into the Aegean Sea in the form of a quail in order to escape the advances of Zeus. She became the Island Delos, which Leto latter escaped to to give birth.

This wasn't completely true, Asteria did let some of her power form the island of Delos which latter allowed her sister refuge but she soon faded after escaping, and most her power left the earth for the stars which were part of her domain. The left over power which did not pass to the stars passed on to the power of nocturnal oracles.

Asteria is little more then a spirit among the cosmos and stars, outside the void where faded immortals rest, but able to go there if she wills. She has company though, Astraeus, Titan of stars and planets, and the art of astrology. When he faded he like Asteria chose to be with the cosmos, which housed his domain.

They are the beings that hear the wishes the mortals make on the stars, be it falling or shooting, and sometimes even grant them. It was rare, never very often but at times they can't help but take notice.

"I wish I had some help in this war. Someone who 's done this before, who can help me make the right choice."

Asteria stopped short as she saw the star falling, well shooting but there wasn't much difference in her mind. Taking a peak she noticed the wisher was a handsome teenaged boy, with sea green eyes and messy black hair. She instantly recognized him, he looked like a younger version of the sea god, Poseidon. Unlike some, or most Titans, Asteria did not hold any ill will towards the Olympians and gods.

Waving her hand towards the star it suddenly blinked out and appeared floating over her transparent hand. The star now sparkled with a sea green light, and if she listened she could hear the recording of Perseus Jackson's wish.

"Hello little wish," she whispered, holding the star up to her doe like clear blue eyes. "Now how should I grant you?"

"Asteria, what are you doing?"

Asteria turned in the blackness of space and stars. Behind her she found the handsome dark features of Astraeus. His dark hair, and charcoal colored eyes. Even his skin was a dark tanned. He too was as transparent as she herself.

"A wish Astraeus, from one of our family no less," she replied, smiling.

Astraeus raised an eyebrow. "Really? I've heard that Kronos had risen on earth, that one of the demigods was supposed to chose the fate of Olympus come sixteen."

Asteria nodded. "Yes, Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon."

"I see," Astraeus said, frowning. He unlike Asteria didn't hold any fondness for the gods or their children, but he didn't hate them either. At least not all of them and not the demigods. "What was his wish?"

"He wishes for someone to help him, someone who has done this before. To help him make the right choice," she answered. "His loyalty is admirable."

"It is, there are many ways to answer that wish you know," Astraeus said. "Time Travel being one."

Asteria frowned at the man in front of her. "Bring a future version of himself to help him? It has merit I suppose but that's not what you have in mind... is it?"

She'd been up here and had known Astraeus so long to not know he was mischievous. He liked to play cosmic jokes at time, the reason for the man on the moon or the demotion of Pluto as a planet. She rolled her eyes.

"I think we should talk to Ananke, and Chaos... maybe Chronos," Astraeus said.

Her eyes widened. "What!? Why?"

"Well, Perseus never said it had to be help from this universe or reality," Astraeus began.

She raised an eyebrow. "I can see why you'd need Ananke and Chaos for that, we don't have enough power ourselves but what world do you have in mind?"

She almost regretted asking.

"World 002," he said and she gasped.

"You're nuts! They'd never trust anyone from there, not with that worlds history," she argued.

He laughed. "All the more fun."

She sighed, looking down at the star in her hand and smiled. "He wished for help and that world does have a version of him with the experience he needs. She'll never come without her siblings though."

"The more the merrier," Astraeus said and took her pale hand in his and led her towards the void where Chaos, Ananke and others would reside.

It didn't take long. Soon they stood in front of two large thrones, with figures over thirty feet tall sitting in them. They were bigger then even the gods or titans. One was a woman with serpentine eyes which were as blue as the earth. Her hair was as black as the endless space and her clothes were floaty and silver like a sparkling star.

Beside her was a man with serpentine eyes but they were as gold as the Titan who shared his title and was often confused with him. He held a staff, and had a neatly kept beard of dark silver, his hair matching. His skin was as pale as his female companion and his body was toned, a toga like garment covering him. He looked old, kind, yet stern. The other motherly, yet just as stern.

They were Ananke, Primordial goddess of inevitability, the personification of destiny, necessity, and fate. She was the beginning of the cosmos along side Chronos. The mother of Chaos who bore the universe as it was today. The other was Chronos, primordial god of time, husband of Ananke, father of Chaos. Often confused with his descendant, the Titan Lord of Time, Kronos.

There was another throne farther down, smaller but still large, and in it was a woman with beautiful black hair and dark golden eyes that seemed to be black in the right light or lack thereof. She dressed in clothes similar to Ananke but as black as the cosmos and her skin was just as pale.

She was Chaos, mother to many, the nothingness from which all else sprang, creator of the universes, keeper of the void. The only being higher and more powerful then she was her parents, the very first.

"My Lord, my Ladies," Asteria said, and both she and Astraeus knelled.

"Stand children," Chaos said softly. "What do you bring with you this time?"

Asteria held up the sea green star. "A wish I believe should be granted, a wish made by the hero Perseus."

Chaos blinked. "Have you been fooling with the left over energy of my father in the cosmos to travel again? Or found a star that is older then most? I thought the hero Perseus had died many centuries ago?"

Astraeus bit his tongue not to laugh at the mother of the universe. "No my lady, Perseus Jackson. He is the son of Poseidon, child of..."

He was cut off by Chronos.

"...prophecy," the god of time spoke. His voice was nearly as soft as his daughters, but much deeper, and sounded as if he hadn't used his voice in a long time. In truth he had not. Neither he nor Ananke spoke often. They watched and left the talking to their daughter.

"You know of the prophecy?" Asteria asked, shocked that the great time god had spoken. It seemed Chaos was slightly surprised too from her rapid blinking.

"We do," Ananke spoke this time, her voice high and like a lullaby. "Perseus Jackson, his name is written in the stars. He has a great destiny, a great happiness yet a great deal of suffering to endure."

"He is the one who faced Atlas, and Iapetus is he not?" Chaos asked.

"He is," Asteria spoke, feeling a bit strange at the mention of her two fellow Titans. "He is destined to save or destroy Olympus. He turns sixteen in a month, he asks for help. Wishes for someone to help him make the right choice, someone who has been through it before."

The three powerful being in front of the two Titans frowned in thought.

"Help," Chronos echoed. "I believe we should grant his wish. Perhaps a version of his future self?"

Asteria and Astraeus exchanged looks.

"My lord, my ladies," Asteria began. "Astraeus has suggested a different root."

"Then speak it blood of my blood," Ananke said, nodding at them.

Astraeus took a deep breath. "Perseus needs some help, but we believe it best to look farther then his future. We think we should look sideways instead of in front of us."

Chaos raised an eyebrow.

"You speak in riddles," Chronos said, amused. "You wish our help, especially our daughters help in pulling a version of Perseus to this world to help. But which universe, if I may endeavor to ask?"

"World 002, my Lord," Astraeus said, speaking so low he thought they'd not hear. But they did and Chaos' eyes widened.

"Are you mental? This world would never trust nor accept their help!" Chaos exclaimed.

The two Titans flinched and Ananke and Chronos looked at each other.

"We think it is a good idea," Ananke said, making Chaos spin around in shock.

"Mother, father," Chaos began. "You can not be serious. I felt sorry for my children's children. They are my family, so I created this mirror world but the gods of that world were not like this one. What is a demigod here is not one there. Who rules here does not rule there. The Perseus of that world isn't even male!"

"All the more reason to grant his wish using that world," Chronos spoke sternly. "Maybe it will do some good. The gods here need to learn to trust their family more. Look at the few Titans who hide, or let themselves fade because the gods try to imprison them. Look at poor Calypso, banished for being loyal. The arrival of these counterparts – as I am sure Perseus' counterpart will not part from her siblings – will not only help Perseus but the Olympians to trust their blood."

Ananke nodded. "It shall be done," she said.

Chaos sighed. "My parents make good points and if they believe it for the best... then so be it," she said and held out a hand for the star.

Soon there was a flash of sea green light and in the center of the room stood three beings. Nearly twenty-five feet tall and dressed rather nicely in Greek inspired clothes and armor.

The one in the middle was female, she was very familiar to another in this world with black hair, long and silky looking. Her skin was sun kissed, almost considered pale. Her eyes were strange, they were bright startling gold, you would be able to see them in the darkest of place as if they glowed yet there was a single ring of sea green around the iris. Her expression was of shock, confusion and anger all at once.

On her left was a boy, probably a year younger with black hair as well, lightly tanned skin and large bright blue eyes. He was very similar to another on earth at this very moment, though his eyes were not the exact electric color as his counterparts. He looked angry and confused, ready to defend himself at any given moment.

On her right was another boy, maybe two years younger with black hair, olive skin and eyes as dark as night, though if you looked closely you could see a ring of dark brown at the iris. He looked nearly identical to another boy on earth at this moment, only older. They all had counterparts here but what made them different was their blood, their parentage, their history.

They were once demi-titans, now they were Titans, and they were the answer to Perseus Jackson's wish. Just not the one he would expect.