There is a crash and the tinkling sound of glass hitting the floor.

Bolin's eyes spring open and he can feel Iroh bolt up in the bed next to him. Iroh places a finger on his lips and Bolin clamps his mouth closed, the question what was that? dying on his lips.

Quietly they climb out of bed and make their way to the bedroom door.

Another crash, and Iroh and Broh slip into the empty hallway, backs against the wall. Whoever has broken in has found their way into the general's study. Bolin makes a motion indicating that he will enter first. Iroh nods in agreement, and Bolin springs into the room.

The intruder, dressed all in black, is rooting through Iroh's desk, flinging things out of the drawers as he deems them unimportant. His back is toward the door and Bolin surprises him from behind, but his reflexes are quick and he still manages to let off two fire punches before Bolin pins him against the desk.

Iroh flicks the lights on and Bolin gets his first look at the intruder. He freezes.

That scar. Those dark, hooded eyes. It's a vision straight from his worst nightmares.

Bolin stands there, transfixed, unable to move. Out of the corner of his eye he sees the intruder's flaming fist coming towards him but finds himself unable to react.

But then a solid mass is knocking him out of the way and in a matter of seconds Iroh has the man's arms twisted behind his back. He kicks him down to his knees, effectively subduing him.

"I've got him, Bo," Iroh grunts. The intruder is still struggling but a few well placed jabs from Iroh render him immobile. "Go call the police."

Bolin just stands there, silent tears streaming down his face.

"Bolin, go call the police!" Iroh says urgently. "Bo?"

But Bolin doesn't hear him. He is suddenly unaware of anything except the anger that his burning him up from the inside out. His vision goes cloudy and before he knows what's happening, his right fist collides with the intruder's face.

There's the crunching sound as he breaks the man's nose but Bolin doesn't hear it over the sound of his own heart racing. His other fist connects with the man's face and suddenly he's letting out punch after punch after punch.

"How dare you?" he screams. "How could you? You filthy piece of scum! We were only kids!"

"Bolin, stop it!" Iroh yells but Bolin doesn't hear him.

There is blood on his fists, blood on the carpet, blood on Iroh's nightshirt, but still Bolin's fists are moving. Tears stream down his face and his words become unintelligible, though he thinks he is still screaming.

Sirens. The neighbors must have called the police.

Then there are arms around Bolin, pulling him backwards. There is a black figure collapsed on the floor, unmoving.

Bolin's senses come back to him all of a sudden. Yelling and sirens and blood everywhere, so much blood.

He blacks out.

The first thing Bolin sees upon regaining himself is Iroh's amber eyes hovering above him. He makes a move to sit up, but Iroh holds him down.

"Relax. You hit your head."

"Roh," he gasps. "My parents, he - "

"I know," Iroh says softly. "Cheif Bei Fong said there's been a warrant out for his arrest for nearly twenty years."

Bolin slowly props himself up on his elbow, and Iroh wraps his arm around him. "He's in prison, Bolin, and he's never getting out."

"You pushed me out of the way," Bolin says. "He was going to attack me and you pushed me out of the way."

"I had to protect you," Iroh says. "I couldn't let him hurt you, Bo."

Bolin buries his face in Iroh's shoulder and Iroh hugs him tighter.

"No one is going to hurt you ever again, Bolin. Not as long as I'm around."