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Young Justice: Shippuden

Chapter 2: Meeting and Greetings

(DC Universe)

Mount Justice

Naruto was remembering the missions and obstacles that his old team had endure before Sasuke's defection from the Hidden Leaf Village: their mission to capture Tora the cat, the land of waves, the Chunin Exams, and his battles with Gaara, Kabuto, and lastly Sasuke. He also remembered his two and a half year training with Jiraiya, the Konoha 11, Granny Tsunade, and the view of the village before he was enveloped by the strange light.

'What happened?' thought Naruto as he regained his consciousness and opened his eyes. He found himself in a room with medical equipment, and an I.V. in his left arm. He got off the bed and found his kunai holster, pouch and his chakra blade, which was a present from Tsunade. After Naruto gathered his equipment, he walked out of the room and proceeded down to the left side of the hallway and turned right.

" What do you think of our uninvited guest, Kaldur?" asked Robin. He and Kaldur were heading to the medical room to check up on the strange boy that appeared out of the strange light three weeks. The team faced new enemies; Bane, The Joker, Poison Ivy, Galatea, and rogue beastamorphs. Artemis wasn't with them because she got into trouble with the Green Arrow for a personal reason and won't be back for a month or two.

" I don't know," replied Kaldur. He, along with Robin, was very concerned about the boy. They don't know if he's an alley or a spy for one of the JLA's major enemies. The team told Batman about him and he said to keep quiet and to call him if their visitor wakes up, so he can 'persuade' him to answer his every questions.

" But I have a feeling that he can be a potential ally for us," said Kaldur.

" Maybe, maybe," said Robin still unsure about the boy. They made it to the room. As the doors slide open, their eyes widen when they saw an empty bed.

" We got to find him. We don't know if he's a spy," said Robin panicking a little.

" Let's tell the others," said Kaldur getting a nod from Robin. The duo sprinted to the living room. When Kaldur and Robin found their teammates, they told them about the boy went missing. After they finished explaining, there were looks of widen eyes, except Superboy with an angry look.

" We must find him, let's split up. If one of us finds him, do not attack, but he does, knock him out," said Robin getting nods from his teammates and went their separate ways.

" Wow, this is amazing," said Naruto in awe. He explored half the base and found himself in what looks to be a conference room with 3-D holograms of the Earth, which bewildered him because he wasn't familiar with the continents and didn't have the 5 Elemental Nations.

" Hey, what are you doing?" asked a voice. Naruto turned to the origin of the voice and see a teenager wearing a red suit with a R logo on the left side, red tights, black cape and a eye mask. Naruto raised an eyebrow seeing the attire. He then saw five more teenagers coming from the hallway and was confused by the strange attire. 'Okay, this is getting interesting,' thought Naruto.

"Hello," said Naruto sheepishly, waving at the new arrivals. The team fell anime-style upon hearing him and had frustrated looks on their face except Megan who was curious at the boy's gesture.

" Hello? That's what you got to say?" asked Superboy irritated.

" Um, yeah. I didn't do anything wrong," said Naruto.

" Would you tell us your name?" asked Kaldur politely after losing his frustrated look.

" My name is Naruto Uzumaki, a shinobi of the Hidden Leaf Village," said Naruto proudly, pumping his chest.

" Shinobi? What is that, a ninja? And I never heard of a place called the Hidden Leaf Village." asked Kid Flash confused as well as the team.

" That's because it doesn't exist, well not here, " said a voice. Naruto tensed up hearing the voice and turned to see a man wearing a bat-themed costume. He can tell that this guy is serious and covers his emotions, reminding him of Sasuke's attitude and personality.

" What do you mean, it doesn't exist here?" asked Naruto panicking.

" I saw the look on your face when you saw the map and assumed that you are from a different dimension," said Batman in a monotone tone.

" Oh, man. How am I going to get back home?" asked Naruto sadly. Kaldur can see that Naruto was hurting, and the fact that he can't get back home was familiar to him. Kaldur left the lost city of Atlantis for a reason and now see the boy going through the same thing, but he wasn't prepared for what happened next.

" Oh, well. Guess I'll hang out with you guys," said Naruto with his trademark grin. The team was stunned to Naruto's personality: one minute, he looked sad; the next he was cheerful despite his current situation.

" Wait, you can't hang out with us. We're not a social club," said Robin with Batman and the team agreeing to Robin's statement.

" Why not?" asked a confused Naruto.

" Because we're different from others," said Megan.

" How different?" asked Naruto being curious. The team looked at the dark knight, who was looking at Naruto as well, trying to find any sign of deception or malice, but to no avail.

Batman: " Tell him, he can be trustworthy."

" Okay, we are a gang of superheroes with super powers dedicated to preserving peace and justice," said Robin casually. They waited for Naruto's reaction, waiting for a sign of disbelief or rejection but Naruto said one word: " Cool."

" Cool?" asked Kid Flash

" Yeah, well I have abilities as well," said Naruto.

" Really? What can you do?" asked Kid Flash with the team wanting to know Naruto's abilities, instead they see Naruto sigh and sat down on the ground.

" You guys should sit down. This is going to be a long talk," said Naruto. The team sat down with Naruto as he tells them about his home, chakra, his childhood, the missions he had, and all events that occurred before his arrival to their world. When Naruto was finished telling his past, he was met with sad and angry faces.

" How can they treat a kid like that? You are not a demon," said Kaldur angrily.

" Well, they didn't see it that way. But I don't care about that, I'm a shinobi now," said Naruto proudly.

The team was stunned by Naruto's charisma. He went through a difficult childhood which none of their own problems can compare and shrugged it off as it was nothing.

" Well, What about you?" asked Naruto, waiting to hear their story. The team each told their own background; where they came from, what powers they have, who was their mentor and their enemies. When they finished, Naruto had a look on his face that had the expression: awesome.

" Naruto, can you show us this chakra that you were talking about earlier?" asked Megan. Robin and the others nodded in agreement, wanting to see what chakra can do.

" Sure," said Naruto.

The team waited in anticipation, but was bewildered when they saw Naruto formed a cross-shaped handsign. When Robin was about say something, they heard Naruto shouting:

" Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

As he shouted, a clone of Naruto appeared next to him, and the team had their mouths open in awe when they saw the clone.

" Chakra can allow us to create clones. There are different styles, but I'll show you guys later," said Original Naruto. The Clone Naruto was getting annoyed by Kid Flash who was poking him.

" It's real!" shouted Kid Flash.

" Are you done?" asked an irritated Naruto.

" Yeah, sorry about that," said Kid Flash sheepishly.

" Now, for my secret jutsu. Ready?" asked Original to the Clone who nodded. The team and Batman rose their eyebrows when Naruto extended his arm and their eyes widened when they saw blue energy being gathered onto his right palm by the clone. The clone stopped gathering the blue energy and disappeared, leaving Naruto with a high-speed spinning blue sphere on his right palm.

" This is the Rasengan and this is chakra in pure form," said Naruto with the team looking in complete awe of what's in front of them, a moment later the Rasengan dissipated.

" Dude, you got to teach me that," said Kid Flash eagerly.

" Sorry, it's my secret jutsu," said Naruto. Kid Flash slouched down with his hopes destroyed.

" So, can I join you guys?" asked Naruto. He and the team looked at Batman as he absorbed everything that just happened, hours seem to have passed. Finally, he answered:

Batman: " Normally, I wouldn't allow a stranger to join, but seeing that you are pure of heart and have great potential to be a hero. Yes, you can join the team."

Naruto and the others cheered, except Superboy and Kaldur who simply smiled. The team now know that Naruto Uzumaki, the boy who appeared out of the ceiling, is now their new teammate and ready for anything that the world throws at them.

Somewhere in Space

Two space pods are seen flying through space, and in each one are two humanoid aliens wearing strange armor. They're sleeping in hibernation and their screen shows their destination: Earth.