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Part two: What? No!

Himeko had the strangest urge to hug Chikane like it was her business to do so. She inched closer to Chikane, who seemed oblivious to her presence and watched the movie. Himeko frowned, now wondering what was so fascinating about the explosions and needless fighting in an action movie. But so far, her plan was readying itself, her arms snaked around Chikane's waist and pulled her close.

She closed her eyes, then sighed contently as she rested her forehead on Chikane's bare shoulder. The Himemiya didn't seem to mind much and responded in kind; putting her hand on Himeko's knee and rubbed soothingly. Only that it sent tingling sensations down her spine and made her body tremble, but Himeko relaxed against Chikane, loving the silence between them.

A few minutes later and she was disrupted from her lapse of relaxation as Chikane got up to take the disc out. Himeko was faintly disappointed at how short the moment lasted and vowed to get as many moments as she could, but … just discreetly.

"Okay, Himeko, now what would you like to do?" Chikane asked, standing up from her crouching position from the floor and stretched with her arms above her head.

Himeko was momentarily distracted by the flash of Chikane's taut abdomen. "What? No!" She hadn't heard what Chikane said and said 'no' in case it was something bad.

"Oh … I see then, so I shall choose?"

Himeko regretted not listening and wondered what Chikane said. "Um, well you can …?"

At that, Chikane smiled and laid her head on Himeko's lap as she settled down. "I choose to have a nap; you're going to be my personal pillow." Himeko hummed then nodded, feeling a fire tickle at her lower abdomen.

This is better than I thought it would be, Himeko was drowning in euphoria and combed her fingers through silky, dark locks.

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