"Farewell my friends", Trunks said as he entered his time machine and began its launch sequence to return to his own timeline. As the machine began its ascent Trunks waved goodbye to Gohan and the rest of the Z fighters one last time, with the exclusion of Goku who sacrificed his life during the fight against Cell. The time machine began its final launch sequence but not before one of Dr. Gero's few surviving remote tracking devices, which had continued to observe the Z fighters up to and during their fight with Cell despite the destruction of Gero's super computer, attempts to land on the time machine but is plunged into the time stream along with Trunks. Almost as quickly as it happened it ended, the tracking device had been tossed into the vortex of time and fell into a hole in the time stream which had been created by Trunks and his multiple trips through time. It hit a stroke of luck and had fallen into the year 764 just as Trunks arrived to kill Frieza, his father Cold and warn the Z fighters of the android threat. Since it already had the data on Trunks' and Frieza's battle, it headed back to Gero's lab in the mountains north of North City and began to upload the data it had received from its own timeline into Gero's super computer.

"To think I'd have to deactivate them for their continuous rebellious behavior. I would be better off taking away their free will all together", Dr. Gero said angered and annoyed, as he set down the remote deactivation device for android 17 and 18.

"Dr. Gero, there is high priority data that requires you immediate attention" announced the super computer in a robotic monotone voice.

"It's been a while since I received any data worth looking at" Gero said slightly shocked and went over and began to watch the video feed which had just been transferred from the tracking device from the future,

"This can't be right. What is this?", Gero asked aloud, completely confused as to what he was seeing. He continued to watch and tried to make sense of what he was seeing,

"Can this be the future? But how is this…" Gero trailed off as he began to witness Goku's sacrifice. "Goku's power has become far greater than my calculations predicted but he was still killed by Cell and Gohan's power, Gohan's power is far more incredible that I thought possible. "Gero began to ponder his next move, "17 and 18 are far too rebellious to let them out of their stasis until I make further modification to them. Cell seems to be a failure in the long run since he is beaten by Gohan whose power is unrivaled according to this video and overall…", Gero thought to himself as he came to a realization, "That's it, Gohan's power in that form is far greater than even Goku's." he paused with a grin, "It could make my revenge that much sweeter if Goku, the great hero, were to be killed by his own son whom would be under my control." Gero said menacingly. "I think it's time to modify 17 and 18 and myself" he said as to himself as he activated android 19. "19, you are going to assist me in becoming android 20, and then I will put my plan into motion, and have my revenge!" Gero cackled as he prepared for his operation.

"As you command, Dr Gero" 19 said in his high pitched monotone voice.