Yo, Dom here! Yes, yes, I know, I know! I haven't updated in forever but there is a reason. Firstly the writing is shit until the more recent chapter, it doesn't flow like it should, it feels rushed, the writing quality suck balls until around the last few chapters(yes it said it twice), I have so many plot holes it isn't even funny, I made several mistakes and halfassed explanations, I let the fic lead me instead of me leading it for half the fic and frankly I KNOW that I can do SO much better than what I have. Secondly I've sort of been procrastinating debating on if I should continue the fic as it is or not. I am also unhappy with how I have written my fic thus far and sort of lost my inspiration to continue it. Now this doesn't mean this fic is dead or that I will be stop writing it! I will continue it... just not here. I will be rebooting it a new fic and doing a near complete rewrite. I want to go more in depth on so many things that I skimmed over in this thing alter plot elements that I don't like but did anyway. So I will be rewriting it as I said earlier as a new fic titled 'Fallen Hero' where I will flesh out the characters more and try to do a better job over all. I will leave this fic up so you all can see and compare the changes I've made and compare quality. So be on the look out for 'Fallen Hero' I will be working on and it should be out fairly soon.