A fanfic by Jashi

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Chapter Sixteen…


We're alive. And dammit, my shoulder hurts. Tasuki brought Mitsukake, and Chichiri, Chiriko, Tamahome, and Miaka had all 'sensed' it. Actually, Tamahome more than Miaka sensed it. But I don't really care about that at the moment. I put my hand on my shoulder, and realize something.

Only the front part of the bite is bleeding. My back isn't, as it should be. It must be…must be…

The scars on my back must be so thick and numerous that his teeth couldn't go through them.

Oh, sadness.

A wish for my back to bleed rings through my mind. A wish…a wish…

I unwrap the bandages around my hand, and open the collar of my tunic. I push the bandages in, and wrap it slowly around my collar and shoulder.

The other seishi finally reach the top. Mitsukake rushes over to Nuriko. The other seishi gather around us.

Chichiri eyes Nuriko and I, and the dead Ashitaire a few feet away.

"This looks interesting no da." he says jokingly, offering his hand to me on the ground. I grab it, and stand, trying to steady my feet on the snowy ground.

"It sure as hell was." I grumble slightly, and wince as my shoulder moves. I try not to yell as I shift it once more. My hand trembles as the wind bites it. The weird shape of the cuts reminds me again of a plant growing through my arm. At least it isn't too disturbing. The palm-hole healed up a bit.

But if you tried, you could easily poke a hole through my hand. Not that I want to think about it now, or the way their all going to ask what happened.

You are such a wimp, Jiang.

Shut up.

You're so weak, you can't even push away thoughts of what they do when they will feel me. You can barely stand pain, you weakling prophet.

I can't stand pain? YOU THINK I CAN'T STAND PAIN!!?? Damn you, you thing. You have no idea of anything that humans go through. You have no idea of sacrifice, or love, or pain to the human's soul or flesh. Mental pain is just as bad as physical pain, Naifu no Akuma.

That is why humans are so weak.

Believe in the weak.

I find that hard. Why not believe in the strong?

Because the strong will die one day. We all will. Everyone dies.

As will the weak.

The weak will learn to become strong. We all are strong. The weak are strong, yet the strong are weak.

Is this another example of a dream-seer's twisted logic?

I suppose so.

Mitsukake has healed Nuriko, and Miaka is asking him what happened. It's a scene I hoped would happen, as Nuriko is still alive to tell her, and I am not dead to tell her either.

"…then Ayako showed up. We defeated Ashitaire. And that's it, basically." he explains, as I nod slowly. A version of the truth. Nuriko defeated Ashitaire. I really didn't do anything other than go between them. And shove Ashitaire out of the way. But that's it. That's all I did. I didn't DO anything.

Or did I?

Did my interference in the lives and goals of these seven seishi and their one miko possibly alter the course of the future? Was Nuriko destined to die on this mountain, only I stopped it?

If future is altered, the one who altered it pays. Slowly, but surely, they will always pay.





What? What are these thoughts screaming suddenly through my head, vicious and wild like a thousand bloodthirsty horses, running for miles looking for a small human, so easily killed, to eat.

My hand begins to bleed at full force.

A scream dies in my throat as my knees hit the snow.

"Mitsukake…do you have any extra bandages?" I ask quietly. My friend nods, and proceeds to help me bandage my hand. The seishi are waiting, waiting for Nuriko to lift the rock so they may come inside.

Always they shall pay.

Shall I pay like they did?


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