Edward, may have lived alone, but that will all change, after tonight. His destiny isnt over, yet. That night, Edward saw the girl who appeared a few nights ago. The one with short dark hair, and gentle blue eyes. She was staring, up at the windows where he stood, but saw nothing.

One night ago, the girl appeared to be alone, with no one around, as her hair swayed in the wind, this boy rode up beside her, he was tall and slinder, like... Jim. But unlike Jim, he was clumsy and unsure of himself. "Hey, Clair! Wait up." He called out to her. "When will you ever learn? We cant go up there!" He sighed.

As Edward, looked down upon the two of them, he started to get closer and closer to the "Moonlight"; the girl, Clair started to see something form in the window. "AAAAHHHHH!" she let out a loud and freaked out scream. "S-someones.. U-up there.. eh..ehe." She started to get goose-bumps. "Uh? Where? I don't see anything." Jim's passin' twin answered. "P-pale.. as.. the M-moon. D-dark hair! Close, too!" Clair, stamered.

The boy said "Alright, let's get you home." he pushed all the way home. The next morning, things were worse. Edward, didn't leave not once NOT even if he did or didnt SCARED her. She rushed up to the mansion to see if it was a dream or not.. and if it wasnt she was going to find out what was what.
She finidhed breackfast, then went to check it out. Through the gates, into the garden, past the hall, up the stairs. There she found Edward, snipping sounds feeled the quite room.

"Who.. are you? No.." Clair, asked. Edward, came closer into the light so she would see him; "I am,.. Edward. Im not finished." Edward, said in a soft voice. "Edward?!" Clair wondered.

Writes Note: NOT FINISHED!