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Chapter 9

Trying to stop thinking about Arnold was much harder than Helga expected, any little thing reminded her of him. But she had to give up on him, she had wasted to much of her life on him. For years, Helga had dedicated her love to him, and frankly, she hadn't had enough for herself. Now, she would give herself that time to love herself, even if it meant avoiding Arnold as much as possible.

But what exactly was Cinderella to do when she found out the prince didn't want her?

Nothing. What else could she do? She would just have to go back to work, back to the real world, and forget any of it had happened.

Helga sat behind the counter of the shop for a while, just looking at the people outside the window walk past. Today was a slow business day, but most of the employees were on the job. Helga didn't speak to any of them, and they were smart enough not to say anything to her. Helga was done being sad over Arnold, now she accepted the fact that they were never going to become anything.

Alec came by Helga, with a smile on his face eventually. To be honest, she didn't really want to talk to him, but Alec was too nice for Helga to turn away. Helga looked around the store again, to see if she would get Alec to do something else, but she realized that most of the employees were heading out. The only one left were her and Alec, the rest had gone out back.

"Hey," Alec said while coming behind the counter beside her.

"Hi," she responded.

"What's up?"

Helga stared out the window, pondering that same question. She didn't know what was up, after her world had fallen apart in front of her eyes, what was there to say? Out the window she noticed a few couples walking across the street, hand in hand. For a minute she imaged herself as one of those couples. She was herself happy, holding hands with a boy that would make her feel like a princess. Yet when she envisioned that prince, all she could see was Arnold.

"Stuff," she managed to respond.

Alec studied her a bit, took her hand from the table and just held it. "What's wrong?"

Helga looked down at her hand on top of his palm, then back up to Alec. He looked so concerned for her, in a way that Alec never did before. Helga didn't dare move her hand, she was frozen there, wondering why she was about to open up to Alec, of all people. "Everything."

"What do you mean?" After a moment of not responding, Alec held her hand tighter. "It's Arnold isn't it?"

Helga nodded. "I guess it just wasn't meant to be."

Alec looked down at her, slowly moving closer. "Maybe you just need to move on."


"Maybe, you just need to go with it."

Arnold briskly walked down the street to, "Big Bob's Cellphone Emporium". He hadn't seen Helga at school at all that day, and he was worried about her. He knew it was probably a bad idea to go see her, after what had happened he other night, but at this point he had to make sure she was okay. It was crazy how Arnold was feeling about going to see Helga today, as soon as he thought of her, he just began to smile form ear to ear. He was going to see Helga, and even though she would probably yell at him again, just the thought of seeing her face brought butterflies to his stomach.

Arnold thought about that night again, how her lips had felt on his. It was weird, it felt so wrong and so right at the same time. He wondered if Bg Bob knew about what had happened, if he did, he would probably murder Arnold. He chuckled. Even if Bob killed Arnold for going to see Helga, it would be completely worth it. Helga was worth a lot of thing.

To be quite honest, Helga had always been worth the world to Arnold, even if he was never brave enough to say it. When they were younger, Arnold couldn't see it, but the reason he tried so hard to please Helga, was because he knew there was something special about. He never really thought that what was special was that he liked her liked her, he had just thought that maybe if she was nicer, they could be friends. Now, he wanted something more than friendship, as much as he would content being friends with Helga, he wanted to reenact that night over and over again (minus the yelling of course). He just hoped that after everything that happened, Helga would still want to be with Arnold. He wouldn't blame her if she didn't, who would have known she loved him since they were toddlers.

Arnold hoped for the best when he approached the store window. However, he wanted this to be special for Helga. Arnold was going to confess his feelings toward Helga. After hours of contemplating what he wanted from her, he finally came to the conclusion that he wanted to love Helga the same way she loved him.

Arnold stopped before he could open the door. Through the glass of the door, he could see two figures embraced in a warm kiss. When he looked closer his jaw dropped form the utter disgust, and quickly ran off.

Helga pulled away from Alec forcefully. "What the hell was that?"

Alec looked confused, as if he thought Helga would enjoy it. "I'm sorry?"

"You better be pal!" Helga cleaned her mouth on the sleeve of her shirt. "If you ever do that again, you better start looking for a new job."

"Look, I was under the impression that you felt something towards me."

Helga rolled her eyes. "I've been mopping around about Arnold, and you honestly think I would want anything to do with anyone? Get lost Alec!"

Before Alec could even move, Helga was racing out the front door. She didn't know exactly where she was going, but her feet seemed to take her where ever they wanted. Everything was taking a downward spiral. Why would Alec do that to her? All she wanted was a friend, she didn't need him sticking his tongue in her mouth to make her feel better. It occurred to her that boys seem to think that kissing her made everything better, when really it just made her more angry.

About twenty minutes later Helga was surprised to find herself standing in the alley of Arnold's boarding house. She hadn't been here in a while, and now it felt like she was a child again. Only this time she didn't want to go to his window. Helga just looked at his opened window wondering how her Arnold was doing. She was still mad, he was with Janet now, but she still wondered about him. Through the window she could faintly see Arnold pacing around his room, with his hands on the back of his neck. Then, he came closer to the window. Helga hid behind a near by garbage can and watched as he looked out the window. He look angry, but Helga had no idea why. She took another step back, but hit the trash can, that made a loud noise. Arnold jumped in his place. Helga gasped.

"Who's there?" Arnold asked in her direction.

She held her breath

"Who's there?"

Helga bit her bottom lip tightly just wishing Arnold would let it go. He didn't. Arnold was climbing out of his window on the the fire escape. He quickly climbed down the ladder and walked toward the garbage can. Helga closed her eyes as she felt him move closer to her. She wasn't ready to talk to him, she just wanted to be alone.

"What do you want?" Arnold's voice rang in her ears.

She looked up to him, saw him angry and wanting an explanation. "Nothing."

"So you're just hiding in the trash?"

Helga stood up quickly. "Yeah, don't flatter yourself, it's a free country."

They were face to face, neither of them saying anything for a while.

"Do you have anything to say?" Arnold asked.


"Then why are you here?"

Helga frowned. "Because I can. I don't need your permission to stand next to a trash can."

He rolled his eyes then in a way that Helga had never seen. "Whatever, do whatever you want Helga. Just leave, please."

Helga looked at him closer, the boy was seriously mad. It couldn't have been about the other night, she was suppose to be mad at him. But there was something in his eyes that read anger and rage even. "What's wrong with you?"

"What's wrong with me?" Arnold looked furious now, as if Helga was the grain of sand that tipped the scale. "I poured my feeling out to you and you just go and..." He trailed off wondering what to say next.

Helga knew what she wanted to say, after all he was the one kissing Janet in class, the ultimate betrayal. "And what? Why don't you just go off and talk to Janet about it. I'm sure she'd much rather play tonsil hockey with you than I do."

"What are you even talking about? Besides you were the one sucking some kid's face."

Helga's mouth dropped in horror. "What? Are you talking about Alec?"

"Ha!" He pointed at her, "so you admit it?"

Helga slapped his hand out of the way. "That Alec is an idiot for trying to get with me, or that you're an idiot for thinking I would make out with someone after what you did to me?"

"What I did to you?"

"Oh please, I saw Janet's tongue jabbed in your mouth this morning." Before Helga knew it she slowly allowed hot tears run down her cheeks. "You know, I was accepting the fact that you will never love me the way I've loved you, but then I saw you with Janet and I realized how stupid I am. That night for a brief moment, I thought that maybe you would finally accept me for who I am. I was wrong. Now I know that a guy as fantastic as you could never love a girl as pathetic as me."

Arnold came in closer, reach his arms to her. "Helga, wait-"

"Forget it!" She shouted as she pushed him away. "I'm done talking to you. I'm done feeling this way for a boy I know will never feel the same way."

"Listen to me!" They were both silent for a moment, they looked each other in the eyes like they were seeing each other for the first time. "I didn't kiss Janet, she kissed me. I swear. I would never kiss her after what you said to me." He placed his fingers under her chin, drawing her eyes closer to his. "Helga I thought about this a lot, and I can't stop thinking about it. I just want you to give me a chance. We can start all over, as just friends." He pulled her closer to her, bringing his own head forward. "Or we could finish what we started."

Before Helga and Arnold knew it they were kissing, not the way it was in the shop, but a soft sweet kiss, that Helga would envision only in fairy tales. Helga pulled away after a while and looked him. "So what does this mean?"

He smiled. "I guess it means we're a couple now."

"If you ever call me, 'baby' I will personally dig your grave and push you in it."

"Whatever you say, Helga."