Constant Craving

"Cue music, cameras rolling…and…action!" yelled Brad Falchuck, the director of that episode.

Chord, Samuel, Amber and Dianna were singing "Cherish" as Naya and Heather danced in the background. The lights were dimmed while those four sung the beautiful melody with everyone watching. It was an important scene for Naya and Heather; it would be the first on-screen kiss for Brittany and Santana, their characters.

They had been talking about how they wanted to do the scene right because it was very significant to the fans that were going through the same thing, and wanted to give them something to hold on to. For both Naya and Heather, their fans were really important and since Glee always tackled the "non-discussed issues" that were always seen as taboos to some people, they had to do their best as actresses.

As the other four actors belted the last notes of the song it was their time to kiss. They had talked about it and knew it wouldn't be that awkward because they were best friends, but most importantly professionals who knew how to control their emotions in a scene. Naya was holding one hand with Heather as they danced with their bodies next to each other, hugging. Hemo mouthed the words "thank you" to Naya as the script said and she slowly reached to Naya while she tilted her head sideways so their lips could mash perfectly. As she smiled she lingered a bit before actually kissing her and rubbed her nose with Naya´s. She finally leaned in and brushed her lips against Naya's so that Heather's bottom lip and upper lip stayed in between Naya's bottom lip. They both smiled again and kissed briefly another time as Heather let go of Naya's hand and hugged her tightly.

They were committed actresses so when Brad said "Cut", they stopped kissing. As they broke apart Naya smiled to her best friend satisfied with their work and how the kiss had turned out. Heather faked a smile as she did not understand what had just happened.

She was just acting her part and she knew it would have not been a big deal to kiss her friend because it was part of her job, but as soon as she felt Naya's lips on hers, she felt weird, she felt butterflies in her stomach, nerves. Heather had never been nervous for anything, just the very important things, like when she auditioned for "So you think you can dance", or when she first did her live performance with Beyoncé, the first time she sang "Slave 4 you" in the Glee tour, the first time she kissed Taylor, her boyfriend. Heather could not figure out what had just happened but she didn't want to let Naya know that she was feeling weird so she pretended that nothing had happened.

"Wow that went great!" said Naya enthusiastically, hugging the blonde. "I think the fans will love it".

"Yeah totally, you did great Nay" replied Heather trying to hide her discomfort.

"Thanks, you did great yourself, you are quite the kisser Hemo, Tay is a lucky guy" said Naya teasing her best friend. Normally Heather would have just laughed and continued the joke but because of how she was feeling and that she couldn't explain to herself what it was, Heather felt embarrassed and blushed.

"Haha you blushed Hemo! It was just a joke" said Naya seeing how her friend responded to her comment.

"Yeah I know, haha", Heather said fake laughing. She couldn't take anymore the awkwardness and said, "I need to go to the bathroom, I'll be right back" as she rushed out of set to her trailer.

"Wait, what?" asked Naya confused by Hemo's reaction. "Well that was weird" said the brunette to herself as she joined her other cast mates that were still in the set.

After a little while Naya kept thinking that there was something weird with Heather so she went to her trailer when they had their lunch break. She knocked the door but nobody answered so she opened the door to see if her friend was in. Nobody was in the room but she heard noises in the bathroom, as she approached it she noticed that those noises were actually Heather crying.

"Heather? Are you crying?" asked Naya worried behind the bathroom door. When Heather heard this she quickly wiped her tears and flushed the toilet so that Naya thought she was actually in the bathroom and not only crying there.

She opened the door and said "Hi, no I was just in the bathroom" without looking at Naya she went to her dresser and grabbed her jacket.

"Hemo are you okay? You've been weird today? Is everything ok with Taylor?" asked Naya behind her tall friend.

Heather felt even terrible when she mentioned his name because of all the problems she had with him lately. "No, no everything's ok with him. I'm just tired" lied Hemo still not looking at Naya. "I got to go, see you later Nay" she said opening her trailer's door.

"Wait a second" said Naya as she grabbed Heather's wrist and stopped her from leaving. "Hemo you can tell me anything, what's going on?"

"Nothing, I'm just tired, I'll see you tomorrow" said Heather walking out of the trailer leaving Naya alone.

When Naya was lying in her bed before going to sleep that night, she couldn't help but think what was going on with Heather. She had been normal all day but after the scene with the kiss she started to get weird and then she heard her crying but when she asked what was going on she just avoided her and left. Heather had never been a person who was easy to read, she was really guarded, if she had problems she would hide them and no one would know if something was going on. She would put a happy face and pretended nothing happened, and people believed her. It needed to be something serious for her to show her emotions.

Although Naya did not know her for a long time, in the past four years since she met her, she had become her best friend and got to know all these little details that made Heather unique and be loved. Because she knew her so well, she knew something was making her upset. Naya couldn't figure it out, maybe she had trouble with her boyfriend, Taylor, since he lived far away from her and distance relationships aren't for everybody. But they had been dating for two years like this and they made it work. Still, Naya realized that Heather was avoiding her and if she had boyfriend troubles she would tell her and ask for advice. The brunette was almost certain that it had something to do with her and she was destined to figure it out the next day.