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Chapter 37

A leaf is carried on by the wind; it falls from a tree until the wind picks it up and takes it away. Life is just like that leaf, sometimes it's up, sometimes it's down. It may look like it might all go down when the leaf is going to touch the ground, but soon enough the wind pushes it up and it carries on its course. Life can be very complex, it can be very satisfying or not at all. It is built on choices and it is because of those choices that it can be satisfying or not. Life is also about growing up and making the right decisions that eventually, lead you to the moment where you can look back and think that you actually made it.

Sometimes when you least expect it, you will end up on a place where you never imagined. And maybe that will make you happier than you ever thought being. There's always that one person who will be there to share all those experiences and sometimes it is that person that changes your path and makes your life even better.

Time is a relative thing. It heals, it makes you mature, it makes you move on. It may seem eternal or not slow enough. Again, it is based on those choices that your time on this planet may please you or not. But without that someone special, time will just be dreadful. That is why once you found "the one", stop looking. And rather focus on getting it right. That way the right decisions and time will just roll around, and without even knowing it, you'll be 99 and completely satisfied with how your life turned out to be.

People change, emotions change and as you grow up and you get married, you develop a routine. Maybe the butterflies and the passion will cease to appear but if it is the right person, the love you share will never burn down and every time you look at them, it will be like the first time.

That is how Naya and Heather felt about each other. And it didn't matter the adversities they had to overcome, for them, they were done being stupid because they had finally gotten it right.

After they got married they went on their honeymoon. For six weeks they traveled around Europe, starting in Greece and going on a cruise around the islands and then moving towards Italy where they shared a few afternoons walking hand in hand around the water streets of Venice. Germany was a pleasant stay as well as walking in the middle of the night just below the Eiffel Tower when they got to Paris. From cafes to pastries shops they moved west to Spain where they fell in love with Barcelona and Madrid. By now it had been a month and they took a plane to London to finish their amazing journey. It was one of Naya's favorite places in the world and she was thrilled that she could share it with Heather who hadn't been there since the Glee tour a couple of years before.

Every day they shared in Europe was amazing and as newlyweds they never stopped holding hands and stealing loving glances and borrowed kisses. But as magical as it was, they returned to LA and they got back to work because Naya's tour was just around the corner. They decided that Heather would accompany her because she didn't have any mayor projects in the door, but most importantly, she wanted to share those new experiences with Naya and being separated just wasn't their thing. When they were in smaller places, she returned to LA to keep working if something came up, but she was right there by Naya's side the entire tour.

30 shows in total around the US and 5 completely sold out shows in Madison Square Garden, was Naya's tour. Starting in LA and ending in New York she travelled all around the country and had the time of her life. When she was in LA she had special guests like Kevin and Darren or Amber and Dianna and when she was in NYC, Lea and Matt also showed up. It was an amazing show and Naya got to live her dream, with Heather by her side, of course. After 6 months of touring, they were back in LA and their life shifted unexpectedly.

Naya realized that her true passion was singing and making records, acting was also one of her favorite things but she would do it once in a while and dedicate her time to making albums and forming a family.

Heather and Naya talked about it for a while and at one point they just knew they were ready. It wasn't rushed, it was a decision that built up since they had been married for two years and things were going more than fine. They were both 30 now and they still had time to plan it. They considered all the options but Hemo really wanted to carry the baby so they were going to use a sperm donor. It was unfair that they couldn't make a baby in the natural way and at times it was frustrating but they knew that they couldn't do anything about it. Therefore, they went on the search for the perfect donor.

An agency offered a very discreet plan in which the donor wouldn't know who was using his sperm. This way, no one would want to take advantage of the fact that they were famous. They looked for a guy who would look like Naya and maybe have a somewhat similar personality, so in other words, caramel skin, dark brown eyes, dark hair but smart and healthy. They found the guy and knew that this was it. In February of 2017, Heather was implanted an embryo and got pregnant.

Everyone went crazy and was thrilled that this amazing couple was going to be blessed with a child. However, this was just part of the unexpected turn in their lives. The clinic they used was located in New York and also the company that signed Naya for her album. So after a huge talk over it, the couple decided to move to New York. It maybe wasn't forever because LA would always have a special place in their hearts, but right now it seemed that their life made more sense in New York.

They said goodbye to Naya's family and their friends who still lived there and moved to the Big Apple. Lea and Cory lived there now in an Upper East Side apartment and were happily married too. Cory had actually asked Lea in Naya and Heather's wedding and a year after that they were married. They had been married for almost a year and a half and were doing wonderfully. Lea's album came out and sold million copies and she kept on doing movies and Broadway. Cory became a huge movie star and did Broadway for a while. The lived officially in New York but they went back and forth from LA to NYC. Naya always thought that it was amazing that Glee had made both couples fall in love and they actually were married.

Dianna was living with Chace Crawford and made a beautiful couple. She did just fine with movie deal after movie deal and was very grounded which was really important. She remained living in LA but never lost touch with Heather or Naya, they were still best friends. Kevin did other TV shows and some movies and was a much more modest guy but still achieved his dreams that were very worthy of his talent.

All the Glee Cast did amazingly and they never broke their friendship which was the best part. They remained being an extremely supportive group and each and one of them was a witness of all the incredible things they all achieved.

Nine months passed and Heather's due date came and when her water broke, Naya was freaking out making sure that everything went according to the plan. It was actually Hemo who had to calm Naya down, squeezing her hand and telling her that everything was going to be perfect and that very soon they were going to be mothers. Naya smiled and squeezed back.

There weren't any complications and Naya never left Heather alone. In the waiting room sat patiently Lea, Cory, Kevin, Dianna, Heather's mom and sisters, Naya's parents and Nickayla. They waited and waited until Naya arrived still in her hospital gown because it had been a caesarean section instead of a normal birth. Two weeks before the baby was due, the doctor had said that the baby was wrapped up in the umbilical cord so it would need to be a C-section to avoid complications, but that everything was fine.

Naya went out and told everyone that it was a boy and that he was healthy. Nobody knew it was a boy except Naya and Heather. They decided that they wanted it to be a surprise for everybody when the doctor revealed them the sex, a few months before.

The moment their son was born, was one of Naya and Heather's greatest moments of their lives. When they finally heard the piercing cries fill the room, they knew they had made it. 9 months in which Naya needed to go at three in the morning for peanut butter to the grocery shop because of Hemo's cravings or when the hormones were making her cry, were over. It was the greatest experience of their lives and they grew so much as individuals, and as a couple and were prepared to be mothers. Their son was finally here and no one or nothing would take that joy away from them.

The doctor handed them the baby and Heather took him in her arms and rocked him softly to get him to stop crying. The blonde turned her head and saw that tears were falling off Naya's eyes as she looked at her son with proud eyes.

"You're crying" the blonde told her.

"I'm just so happy and proud of you" replied Naya taking her eyes briefly off the baby.

"We did this together and now we're parents" said Hemo.

"He's beautiful."

"He has your eyes" Heather added softly. "I know it's not technically possible, but he does".

Naya chuckled and wiped her tears, "I love you so much" she leaned down and placed a longing kiss on Heather's forehead.

"I love you even more" she moved her neck and met Naya's lips briefly.

"Hi, Joseph" Naya cooed and placed a kiss on her son's tiny pale forehead.

"I like Joey" Heather said.

Naya smiled tenderly at her wife and leaned down so she was close to them. "Thanks for coming to this world".

They were a family.

Life with little Joseph was crazy; he was actually a really active kid that kept both girls up all night. But soon enough they fell into a comfortable routine and things were great. They didn't need to work at that moment so it was fine. Heather took a year or so in between the pregnancy and after Joey was born, and Naya was currently working on her second album but it would still be a long process. They were happy being new parents and enjoyed every single moment in this new and fulfilling experience.

Their thirties suited them fine and both girls still looked amazing, even Heather after a pregnancy. Their lives were calmer, but they liked that tranquility, it was part of growing up. Not that being a part of Hollywood's circle didn't demand a glamorous and rushed life. But after Glee, their lives took a different direction and they found themselves doing what they really loved.

Heather kept doing movies but one day she realized that she still had one dream yet to come true. She had always wanted to put a dance academy so that girls and boys followed their dreams just like she did. Dancing was her true passion and it opened up so many opportunities for her. She was glad that even though she almost stopped for a while, she didn't because if that would have happened, her life would have never ended like this. She would have never met Naya.

She actually added a scholarship program where she helped underprivileged kids get to live their dreams of becoming dancers. She taught in it for a while and then she hired some professional dancer teachers as the business grew. After a year or so, it was pretty famous and had over 20 classes. She explored a new area of interest which was running a business and it wasn't that demanding so she still had time for Naya's pregnancy.

Three years after Joey was born, they talked about it again because they wanted to expand their family. Joey was getting older, and three years was a good age difference as they were sure he was going to be a great older brother.

They used the same agency but this time they used a guy similar to Heather. When they found him, they did the process but Naya wasn't pregnant. The doctors assured them that it was just bad luck but still they made fertility tests to check that everything was fine. It was, so they tried again and this time they were lucky and Naya got pregnant.

The couple was very happy and started the amazing process but now on the other side of the receiving end. Some things were similar and some weren't. Naya's cravings were different since her stomach seemed to agree that guacamole and brownies were the way to go. She had a lot more morning sickness and Heather kept telling her that it was because the baby did not like the guacamole brownies, but Naya just laughed and told her it was normal. They were definitely more relaxed after having had Joey. Who was a splendid little helper and really sweet when he spent his afternoons with his ear pressed to Naya's stomach trying to listen to the baby moving around. He also sang to the belly and that was when the baby kicked the most. Joey actually had a wonderful voice and Heather was sure that he would be just as talented as his mother.

When nine months passed, the due date came and Naya gave birth normally to a beautiful slightly tanned blue eyed baby girl. She looked just like the two of them, but then, Joey also did and they thought it was wonderfully weird that that had happened.

They fell into a similar routine like when Joey was born, but this time they had one happy helper who cherished every moment he could with his little sister, Sophie. Joey had chosen the name when Naya was about five months pregnant, and one day in the middle of the night he woke them up just to tell them that he had found the perfect name. The two girls sleepily agreed that it was and it got settled.

Their families and friends were again a great support system and by this time Dianna was living in New York as she was shooting a new TV series that was set in the city. Both she and Lea and Cory babysat when they could so that the two girls could go out for dinner or just a relaxing walk around the city. They loved being parents but they really enjoyed the moments they could have to themselves so they could feel like it was 10 years ago and they were just living together and working hard at Glee.

It felt like ages ago, and maybe it was. But they were growing up, and it felt great.

It was a crisp afternoon in the midst of November. The autumn air swept through the New York streets in the year of 2024 and it seemed that snow would be falling soon. Naya and Heather walked hand in hand along Central Park with Sophie and Joey at their sides. The paled skin, brown eyed and brown hair boy was seven years old already and was a great little boy. He was kind and helpful to his little sister and actually was really smart. And he had a killer voice too. Heather was sure that he got his mother's voice, if it were possible. Sophie was four and was a beautiful tanned skin blue eyed girl. She moved gracefully and had a lot of talent. Naya and Heather were amazed by how good she actually danced, considering she had just taken a few dance lessons in Heather's academy. It always intrigued them how Heather's son could be so alike to Naya and how Naya's daughter could be so similar to Heather. They guess fate had something to do there.

"Mommies, mommies! Look there's little ducks!" Exclaimed an excited Sophie.

"It's strange to see ducks at the park in November. Normally they've migrated by now" added Joey cleverly.

"Not these ducks though. The ducks in the park are almost all year round" replied Heather stopping right at the lake.

"But mommy, I read in a book that ducks migrate in winter to where it isn't cold" responded Joey intrigued.

"They do, but some in these areas stay. Although you are correct that ducks follow that type of migration" Heather answered.

"Maybe it's because of global warming" interjected Naya sarcastically.

Heather nudged her with her elbow at her remark and Naya laughed.

"Mama, what's golbal warming?" Little Sophie said.

Naya chuckled, "Its global warming, sweetie. It's a bit hard to explain".

"Oh, can I give it a try?" Joey asked excited. Naya nodded and smiled at her son.

"We as humans haven't been taking a lot of care of our planet so it is warming up 'cause it's getting sick. Do you remember the other day that you got sick and you felt very hot?" Joey asked and Sophie nodded. "Well that's because you had a fever and you're body was telling you that you were sick. Just like the Earth is telling us that he's sick and we should make him feel better" he concluded.

"Can we make Earth a get well soon card?" Sophie asked. Naya and Heather laughed out loud at how adorable their daughter was.

"I don't think it works that way baby, but we can sure try" Heather smiled crouching down so she was at eye level with Sophie.

"Hey, nice work explaining that to her buddy" Naya congratulated their son. "Where do you learn all that?"

"I read a lot."

"Just like your mother" Naya smiled at her wife.

"Joey's smart like mommy, right mama?" Little Sophie asked.

"Yeah he is" Naya answered ruffling Joey's light brown hair and giving her a wife a kiss on the cheek.

"He's gonna be a doctor or something really smart" Heather said.

"Can I be a doctor that sings? 'Cause I really like to sing" Joey stressed.

"Just like your mama" Heather said proudly.

"You can be whatever you want baby" said the brunette.

"I want to be a dancer!" Sophie contributed loudly.

Naya, Heather and Joey laughed and the blonde added, "You definitely have the talent for it Sophie".

"I'll never be as good as you mommy."

"With the right classes you will. You started younger than I did. But you're probably right" joked Heather.

"Stop being mean" Naya said with a slight smile in her face.

"I was just kidding, obviously" Heather rapidly responded when she saw a little pout in her daughter's lips. "You're gonna be the greatest dancer New York has ever seen!" Heather shouted picking up Sophie from the ground and spinning her around just before she waltzed around the park. Sophie laughed and shrieked in her mother's arms while they kept dancing. Naya and Joey followed along laughing as well.

"Look, it's starting to snow!" Joey suddenly said.

"Oh you're right" said Naya putting out her gloved hand to catch a snowflake.

"It's beautiful" Sophie said still in her mother's arms. Heather gave her a kiss on the cheek and put her down in the ground so she could catch snowflakes with Joey and got closer to Naya, linking their arms together.

"I'm so glad we moved to New York" she said to Naya.

"You are?"

"Yeah, when could our kids get snow in LA"

"It's too hot in there" Naya agreed.

"I like this weather. We get plenty of both"

"I like you" Naya said looking slightly up at her.

"You just like me? I thought we agreed on our wedding vows to love each other" Heather joked.

Naya turned so she was facing the blonde and she wrapped her arms around her waist. "I love you."

"I love you too." They leaned in and kissed until they were rudely interrupted.

"Ew gross. You're putting another dollar in the jar" Joey said looking up at them. Naya and Heather separated while they both chuckled.

"I feel like I'm giving away a fortune with that jar" Heather complained.

"That's 'cause you do it all the time" Joey retorted.

"No we don't" Hemo argued.

"Yes you do mommy" Sophie added.

"We don't! Naya, tell them we don't" the dancer turned to her wife.

"We do babe" Naya said. The kids laughed at Heather's surprised face.

"Oh, so you have sided with them? That's how it's going to be now? I thought we were a team, Naya. You're my wife!" Heather said dramatically.

"Oh come on drama queen, let's go home, Sophie's getting cold" Naya silenced the dancer playfully.

"Well we can't have that, can we?" Hemo asked looking at her shivering daughter. "I nominate a movie night with hot cocoa!"

The kids cheered and the blonde picked up Sophie and started skipping back to their apartment, leaving trails of laughter behind.

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow" Joey started to sing as he looked at the still falling snow.

"It's not Christmas yet, Joe. Your birthday is first." Naya said.

"I know. But we're getting there" he replied looking at his mother.

Naya smiled at him and leaned down to place a kiss on his hair, "C'mon my little genius singer". She extended her hand and he took it firmly.

"What's taking so long?" Heather shouted from a distance.

"Hurry up slowpokes!" Sophie said just as loudly. "We better hurry, or they'll make us watch the Little Mermaid again" Joey said as they started walking.

"Haha you're right. They never get tired of it do they?" Naya said swinging their joined hands back and forth.

"No they don't" Joey laughed.

They walked back to their apartment where they indeed watched The Little Mermaid again with hot cocoa in their hands and the fire crackling in the fireplace. When the fire burnt down, Heather and Naya carried both sleeping kids to their rooms and tucked them in. When they were done they finally had some alone time. They fell asleep on their bed, holding each other tightly, to keep each other warm. They slept peacefully until the sun woke them up with the start of a new day.

The sun was setting in the bright blue ocean, making the sky turn to shades from purple to orange. The reflection of the sun shone in the water making it glimmer and sparkle. A light wind swept through and it made it a bit cool despite of the summer's humidity. The beach was empty, a couple of miles away you could see some people, but at least in the hotel's perimeter, there was no one there. The only sounds available were the constant crashing of waves in the shore and the sounds of two pairs of footsteps in the sand.

"I can't believe we hadn't come back in thirteen years."

"Well we were busy, I guess" replied Naya looking at the horizon.

"Yeah but we still went on vacation" added Heather facing the shore too.

"We went to bigger and farther places" said the brunette.

"I suppose, but I think we didn't come back because we were afraid that it wouldn't be as perfect as it was thirteen years ago."

"But it still is" Naya replied her eyes set on the water.

"Yeah, it's just like I remembered it."

"I think it's even better now. Because we're here celebrating out ten year wedding anniversary" she said turning her back against the ocean and facing Hemo.

"It really hasn't felt like ten years though" answered the blonde.

"I know what you mean, it feels like just yesterday we walked down the aisle, and now ten years later, we have two wonderful kids and life just couldn't get any better".

Heather smiled and said, "Next time we're here, we're totally bringing Joey and Sophie".

"Totally" responded Naya. Heather took her in her arms and turned her around so her chest was against the brunette's back and they were facing the ocean.

"Do you remember when we were right at this beach and the wave dragged you to shore?" Asked Hemo laughing.

"Oh shut up, it was embarrassing."

"For me! I was the one who freaked out and started crying because I thought you were going to die" Heather exclaimed sheepishly.

"It was insanely cute and sweet. And I know I didn't say it then, but I'm so glad I didn't die. Because I would have never shared my life with you" Naya turned around once again to face her wife.

"Well if you would have died, I would have died too, so maybe we still would have ended together but on a whole different place."

Naya chuckled and put her arms around the dancer's neck "It seems that whatever we did, we would have ended together. One way or another".

"That's because we are meant to be together. And I know that at times it seemed like we didn't, but wherever I was, you pulled me like a magnet. Every aspect of you remained engraved in my mind and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't not need you again" Heather said as her hands rested on Naya's hips.

"It was a constant craving, wasn't it?"

"Considering you sang the song, I'd say that was accurate."

Naya laughed and rested her head on Hemo's clavicle. "God, it seems like forever ago. Fourteen years ago was when that storyline officially begun."

"The same storyline that made me fell in love with you."

"Thank god for Glee."


Naya broke apart and held Heather's hand as they started to walk down the shore. "The last time we were here, we had so much better bodies" Naya said suddenly.

"Well, we were 26 then."

"Now we're thirty-nine! Can you believe that? We're getting old!" Naya said dramatically.

"Come on, it's not that bad. You're totally a milf" Heather replied.

Naya laughed loudly, "You're just saying that because you're my wife".

"I'm saying that because it's true. You are the hottest girl to ever walk the face of the planet" Heather proudly said.

"You know you're getting lucky tonight even without all the compliments, right?"

Now it was Heather who laughed "I know, but it's still true".

"And that's why I will never stop loving you" stopped Naya to give a quick peck on the dancer's lips.

"How did we get so lucky? We messed it up so many times and we still made it through, how?" Heather asked.

"We worked really hard and somehow we got it right" Answered the brunette.

"And true love always triumphs."

"True love always triumphs" Naya agreed.

"Happy anniversary baby. Thank you for the best ten years of my life" Heather said softly.

"Thank you for our two wonderful kids" Naya continued.

"Thank you for all the love you give me, Joey and Sophie."

"Thank you for being the best mom."

"Thank you for your kind smile."

"Thank you for those understanding eyes."

"Thank you for your huge heart."

"Thank you for being the one."

"Thank you for being you."

Naya leaned in and kissed Heather firmly, all the passion and love overflowing from their bodies pressed against each other. The way their lips moved in unison, was only understood by them and it would forever stay like this.

"I love you so much" Naya said breathlessly.

"I love you too" Heather smiled.

Heather held Naya's hand as they kept on walking towards 'the Arc', the water touching their feet ever so gently. With the sun setting in their backs, they kept walking to somewhere only they knew, to someplace safe yet unknown. It took them time and some second chances, but they got it right. Sometimes it was hard, with those moments where it felt like everything could be lost. But they only strengthened their love, because they knew that what they had was special and would always be worth fighting for. They grew up and made it, because they understood that love is full of riddles, but once you find the answers, you just need to keep walking, until you find forever.

The End.