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Fighting Chance

Chapter 1

"Hit it harder!" Tenzin yelled at his student. She obliged and did a round house kick on the punching bag. Tenzin did a gesture with his hands to show his approval, and she backed away. Korra was the best female street fighter; she even went up against men twice her size. She beat them all, in the ring she was; IceHeart. But outside the ring she was Korra Kuruk the woman who struggled to survive everyday. When she was a child she had run away from home since her parents had liven the same life she did. They were street fighters as well. They had destined her for greatness, but one night there was an attack on their home, and she ran away due to her parents orders. She was adopted by Tenzin and Pema, and later began to get into the secret life of street fighting. Pema did not know of Tenzin's life as a street fighting trainer the only one's who were aware were Korra, Tenzin, and Lin Beifong. She sat on the rusty bench and wiped the sweat off her face with a towel.

"Good warm up Korra. Now I want you to go out there and win this match!" Tenzin encouraged. She gave a nod of understanding and stretched her leg muscles. 'Let's do this!'


"Why are we here Bolin?" an agitated Mako Fire asked his over excited brother. They stood in front of a run down brick building. Bolin turned to his brother and smiled excitedly.

"This is where this fighter was! We could make great money if we signed with this dude! We could get publicity! It would be great!" he exclaimed pulling his brother into the packed building. He hated getting into these situations but did it only for his little brother. He paid attention as the lights dimmed. A spotlight was on stage and a man in a tuxedo stood there a microphone in hand.

"Welcome to this event! Here we have two of the best fighters going against each other," he screamed into the mic and pointed to the shadow that was coming into the ring.

"On this side is Tahno WhiteFalls!" he declared. Out came a man in black silk Everlast shorts and a wolf mask on his face. He dramatically whipped it off his face and revealed dark purple hair. He whipped his head for emphasis as his hair fell into place. The crowd booed him. The announcer pointed in the other direction.

"On this side with great honor please welcome IceHeart!"

Mako watched as the crowd went wild. Out came a beautiful woman. She wore a dark blue sports bra, and matching Everlast shorts, her hair in a foreign hairstyle that showed she was from the water tribe. She put in her mouth guard and got in a fighting stance. Mako looked intrigued; this woman who was extremely good looking was fighting a guy… twice her size. He looked disgusted as the fight began and the man quickly punched her in the jaw, making her do a back flip. She quickly regained her balance a deadly look on her face. She took a deep sigh and moved light on her feet and quickly delivered jabs in his face and shoulders. She delivered a deadly kick to his temple knocking him unconscious. The fight had been quick and easy as the crowd cheered and chanted her nickname over and over again. Mako watched as she was lead out of the ring. He saw his brother give him a suggestive look to go and check her out and he happily obliged.


The fight was a disappointment, Tahno was no opponent he was just a wuss that cared about his perfect hair. She took off her black fingerless gloves and put them away. She cracked her neck then her knuckles and sighed in pleasure.

"IceHeart! You were amazing!" a giddy voice exclaimed. Korra turned to see two men standing in back of her. She paid attention to the one with golden eyes. She folded her arms and put on her famous deadly look.

She didn't even know these punks dressed in suits. The one with green eyes looked friendly and didn't look much as a threat, but the one with copper eyes looked exactly like a threat to her she watched him closely. She ignored the two and put on a jacket and picked up her duffel. She suddenly knew who these guys were. The Future Industries Fire Ferrets. These guys have a world wide group of fighters from various colonies. It made her sick how they got rich off of another person's hard work. She gave them both hard looks.

"I'm not interested." She said and quickly left out the door.

"Well you heard the lady." Mako said giving up easily. He was a great fighter, but this girl could really kick ass, and could probably beat him up. Bolin only shook his head at his brother.

"No! There is something special about that girl! We need her!" Bolin growled.


Korra hated the lower parts of Chicago; it was a disaster, gun shots, sirens, that's what put you to sleep at night. She threw her duffel on the ratted chair, and plopped onto the decent futon. She let the sounds of disaster put her to sleep.

Next Day


Korra opened her eyes and sat up off the futon. She rushed into the bathroom and took care of her personal hygiene. It was time for her to go to the Famous Beifong gold medal gym. That's where the best trained, even Aang the greatest fighter in the world who had passed on. She put on a black sports bra, and some blue track pants, followed by black running shoes. She quickly put on a hoodie and pulled the hood over her head, grabbed the duffel and walked out the door. Little did she know green and gold orbs were watching her? Korra had become an excellent street fighter over the years; she could tell if eyes were watching her every move. She came across a fruit stand and smiled wickedly. She quickly paid the man one dollar for an apple. She turned around slowly and saw some bushes. She quickly threw the apple and heard a loud thud. She smiled in triumph as the same men from yesterday came from behind the bush. The man with copper eyes rubbed his head in pain. She put on her hard face once again. Remember no emotion, it shows weakness in the sight of others. She reminded herself.

"Do I have to knuckle you two stalkers down?" she questioned cracking her knuckles for emphasis. She smirked as Bolin gave a shallow squeak. She could tell he was a kind hearted man and showed a little bit of sympathy toward him by shaking his hand.

"What do you two want? I don't appreciate being followed like I'm some criminal." She said defensively. She remembered her parents treated her the same way, but found out later they were doing it to protect her. She folded her arms and sighed. She saw these men were not going to let up. She saw a bench nearby and gave a gesture for them to follow. She sat down on the bench, slouching.

"Okay you two punks have my attention. Now talk," she demanded.

"Well I'm Bolin and this is my brother slash business partner Mako. We see how you fight, your amazing." He started wholeheartedly. She gave a small smile she did enjoy praise. She nodded in understanding and gave a look that made him continue his story.

"We want you to join our force. The Fire Ferrets. It would mean a lot I mean you're the toughest woman I've ever seen. And my brother and I know how hard it is to be living like… this." He explained waving his arms in the air to signify his point. She gave a sarcastic chuckle and stood grabbing her duffel in the process. Of course another stuck up person telling her how her life sucked. She didn't need a constant reminder.

"No." she stated plainly and began to walk away.

"Why not? You're a great fighter." Mako finally spoke. She turned around and laughed right in their faces. Her aqua orbs hardened with hate.

"Let me make this clear to you two," she began. "you big shot rich kids always get what you want, people work hard for what they do in your industry and you're living it up off of their hard work. It's not fair. And if you think for one second that I'm going to be your puppet," she continued but walked in front of them, her eyes meeting theirs. Her eyes were like a knife slicing through them. They looked horrified as she finished her statement.

"you can go and buy a fancy gun and shoot yourselves in the ass." She snorted before she turned around and left.


"What took you so long?" Lin Beifong asked turning away from her students to see Korra.

"I'm sorry Lin, I was caught up." She said her voice shaky. Lin noticed this and took the girl to talk. Korra openly told her of the offer she had gotten from Mako and Bolin. She saw Lin have anger in her eyes as she grimaced at Korra. She looked disappointed?

"You're a dumb bitch." Lin stated. Korra stood meeting the woman's glare.

"Oh yeah, you know what's bitchy? Sleeping with a married man." Korra challenged. Lin immediately backed off. Lin had been sleeping with Tenzin for a couple of months now. Korra sighed and her shoulders drooped.

"I'm sorry Lin. It's just why would you say that?"

"You're a strong woman, whose hope and chances were stripped away. Now you have the chance of a lifetime to make your gift known world wide." Lin explained. Korra looked up at the woman in disbelief, slightly confused. All these years she didn't know or understand what her gift was. She stood and narrowed her eyes, tears threatening to fall out.

"Really? What is my gift exactly, knocking people unconscious? Hit them until they bleed non-stop? What is it! If I don't know then you tell me. What is my gift?" Korra asked sarcasm thick in her voice. Lin chuckled and placed her hands on Korra's shoulders.

"I know your story Korra. You shared it with me before, and I found pieces of your life. Your gift, you're a fighter. You have never backed down from a challenge in your life. Even when death was close by. So listen to me carefully, don't you dare waste this opportunity."

For once Korra noticed Lin had a vulnerable side and she acknowledged it to the fullest. Lin Beifong finally showing sympathy toward her. Korra walked toward the door beginning to leave.

"Where are you going?" Lin asked.

"I'm going to use my gift." She smiled sneakily before leaving. It was time her gift was known this would be her chance.

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